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This book is (will be – it'll be ready for the 2020 Australian academic year, by the latest) a reliable free textbook for students studying physics as part of the Victorian Certificate of Education. It's also a useful resource for anyone helping those students (e.g. teachers, parents), and for anyone studying physics at a similar level.

The VCE Physics curriculum is detailed in the VCE Physics Study Design. The curriculum for all VCE subjects (including physics) is administered by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

For further information about this book, read the Foreword.

Safety First: If you carry out any experiments in relation to the VCE course, you must consider safety first. While this textbook will provide suggested experiments, and reminders about key points of safety, it is NOT intended to be a comprehensive resource in relation to carrying out experiments safely. You MUST use other resources. In deciding whether to carry out an experiment, or when carrying out an experiment, you must ensure you are supervised by someone with suitable expertise (e.g. an experienced and qualified teacher) as well as ensure you are aware of any relevant safety information from reliable sources. If you are not sure how to carry out a particular experiment safely, DO NOT DO IT.

Unit 1 : What ideas explain the physical world?Edit

Unit 2 : What do experiments reveal about the physical world?Edit

Unit 3 : How do fields explain motion and electricity?Edit

Unit 4 : How can two contradictory models explain both light and matter?Edit