VCE Physics/Unit 4/AoS 3 : Practical investigation

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A student-designed practical investigation related to waves, fields or motion is undertaken either in Unit 3 or Unit 4,or across both Units 3 and 4. The investigation relates to knowledge and skills developed across Units 3 and 4 and is undertaken by the student through practical work.

The investigation requires the student to develop a question, formulate a hypothesis and plan a course of action to answer the question and that complies with safety and ethical guidelines. Students then undertake an experiment that involves the collection of primary quantitative data, analyse and evaluate the data, identify limitations of data and methods, link experimental results to science ideas, reach a conclusion in response to the question and suggest further investigations that may be undertaken. The student is expected to design and undertake an investigation involving two continuous independent variables. Results are communicated in a scientific poster format according to the template provided on page 13. A practical logbook must be maintained by the student for record, authentication and assessment purposes.

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