Using Your Dealer Management System

This book will detail how to use a Dealer Management System (DMS).

This original draft was created by Dealermade, for the purpose of catering to our clients preexisting DMSes. Specifically, with creating inventory export reports. The intention is to assist the users in the operation of these systems for exporting reports; and to permit the users to further clarify and expand on the donated content.

Please support this book through additions, corrections, and input on the Talk pages.

Book Organization edit

This book is organized in two fashions, one section has information prevalent to all DMSes. The other section is specific to each provider. Each one of the provider-specific sections is a sub-book named after the manufacturer of the system. No single dealer should employ more than one system, produced by a single manufacturer.

Table of Contents edit

  • DMS Providers
  1. DealerCenter DMS
  2. ADAM Systems (Adams)
  3. PBS Systems
  4. Automate
  5. Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
  6. Reynolds and Reynolds (ReyRey)
  7. Universal Computer Systems (UCS)
  8. DealerTrack (Arkona)
  9. Cps Cars Vehicle Inventory Software (CPS)
  • General
  1. Information used for VIN-decoding
  2. Field terminology