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Using Your Dealer Management System/Field terminology

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Here is a quick overview of some of the ambiguous vehicle terminology:

All capital, 17 character value, which passes a VIN-check.[1]
examples include: 2GTEC19J571626723, 3GTEC13J07G553731, 2CKDL63F876006392
Also known as Manufacturer or Division. This is the producer of the vehicle.
examples include: Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep
Also known as Subdivision. This is the largest sub-category of the vehicle.
examples include: Sebring, Ram, Wrangler
The package the model comes in.
examples include: LT1, LT2, 1LS
Option Code(s)
These are the factory-provided option-codes that the vehicle is equipped with. They are often specific to the style; and often 3 characters.
examples include: KA1, LNJ, MX0, R9N, UE1, YF5, A48
These are the factory-provided options that the vehicle is equipped with.
examples include: Floor mats, Sunroof, Air conditioning, Fog lamps
Model Number
This often corresponds to only the Model, however some models, have numerous Model Numbers.
examples include: CK10543, CG13405, CC10753, CG13405
The Body is most simply a very broad and naked definition of the vehicle; however, many vendors opt to include other things, such as drive-train, and wheel base. This is said to be a consumer-friendly body.
examples include: Crew Cab, Sedan, Classic Crew 5 3/4', Sport Utility 4D, 4 DOOR EXT CAB PK


^ A VIN-check is a check on the VIN's 9th character. If any one character is off in the VIN the check digit will indicate that.