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Using Your Dealer Management System/Automate

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Automate uses modem dial-in, their preferred client is Anzio.

To pull a report a with Automate,

  1. Login with username and password
  2. Use 1 for Vehicle Merchandising
  3. Use 1 for Company Number
  4. Hit Enter (no text) to override password
  5. Use 8 to Export Files for Windows Applications
  6. Use 1 For Vehicle Inventory
  7. Pick whether you want New or Used, and Sold or Available, mash on enter a few times
  8. Use 99 to Exit
  9. Use 2 for Z-modem transfer file
  10. Transfer → Receive File (Anzio menu options)

Lot 0, will show all of the lots.

Contacting AutomateEdit

+1 800.371.3970