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Scriptapedia is an introduction to group model building that uses structured small group exercises called scripts. Scriptapediais intended to be a freely distributed book and easily edited to support the creation of new scripts, discussion of what works and what doesn't, and internationalization of group model building practice.

Introduction to System Dynamics and related concepts


Offline Scripts

Primary Purpose Name of Scripts
Planning Scripts
Follow-up Scripts

Scripts for Using in Group Model Building Workshops

Primary Purpose of Script Name of Scripts
Introducing SD Concepts
Forming Goals
Eliciting Variables
Eliciting Structure
Reviewing Artifact(s)
Eliciting Interventions

(P) indicates that this script is a promising script.

(D) indicates that this script is under development.

Where no symbol is indicated, this script is considered a "Best Practice" script.

Workshop Design Samples

Advanced Topics

Supplemental Materials