Scriptapedia/Full-day workshop sample

This full-day workshop sample is based on a research project to apply community based group model building to the implementation of pediatric critical care in resource limited settings. The first day of workshops were conducted with two separate groups consisting of a group of hospital staff in leadership positions, and a second group of front line/ direct service staff in the pediatric care team. The second day of workshop included participants from both groups.

Public Agenda - Day 1Edit

Activity Outputs Roles Time
Welcome, Overview & Introductions None Meeting Convener –   15 mins
Hopes & Fears (for the workshop) Clusters of hopes and fears Facilitator -

Wall-builder –

20 mins
Orientation to systems thinking None Presenter – 30 mins
Presenting initial causal seed structure (based on workflow example) None Presenter – 15 mins
Variable elicitation List of variables Facilitator –

Wall-builder –

40 min
Initiating and elaborating causal loop diagram   Causal Map Facilitator –

Modeler –

55 mins
Closing None Facilitator – 5 mins
Total 3 hours

Public Agenda - Day 2 (Joint Workshop)Edit

Activity Outputs Roles Time
Welcome and review of Day 1 None Reflector - 15 mins
Presentation of synthesized qualitative model & review List of main feedback loops and dynamics identified;

List of insights gained from causal maps

Modeler –

Reflector –

Note-taker - 

 40 mins
Presenting the concept model (simulating) - Presenter - 15 mins
Causal mapping with concept model (different problem)   Causal map Facilitator –

Modeler –

55 mins
Model Review List of main feedback loops and dynamics identified;

List of insights gained from new causal map

Modeler –

Reflector -

15 mins
Action ideas List of action ideas Facilitator –

Wall-builder -

30 mins
Dots (ranking) Prioritized list of action ideas Facilitator – 10 mins
Reflection List of key reflections/ insights gained by participants Facilitator - 20 mins
Next steps & closing Immediate next steps/ action plan Convener/ Closer – 10 mins
Total 3.5 hours