Scriptapedia/Readings in System Dynamics

Introductory Texts on System DynamicsEdit


  • Hovmand, P. (2014). Community Based System Dynamics. New York, NY: Springer. 
  • Meadows, D. H., & Wright, D. (2008). Thinking in systems: A primer. White River Junction, Vt: Chelsea Green Pub.
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  • Warren, K. (2002). Competitive Strategy Dynamics. John Wiley and Sons.

Classic textsEdit

  • Forrester, J. W. (1961). Industrial Dynamics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press.
  • Richardson, G. P., & Pugh III, A. I. (1981). Introduction to system dynamics modeling with DYNAMO. Productivity Press Inc.
  • Roberts, N., Andersen, D. F., Deal, R. M., Garet, M. S., & Shaffer, W. A. (1983). Introduction to computer simulation: the system dynamics approach. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Journal ArticlesEdit

  • Andersen, D. F., Richardson, G. P., & Vennix, J. A. (1997). Group model building: adding more science to the craft.
  • Black, L. J. (2016). From Situated Action to Model Abstraction—and Back Again.
  • Meadows, D. (1999). Leverage points. Places to Intervene in a System.
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  • Richardson, G. P. (2011). Reflections on the foundations of system dynamics. System Dynamics Review27(3), 219-243.