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Wikibooks edit

Projects edit

These are the WikiProjects that I am associated with.

I intend to assist with bringing all Esperanto and Japanese language books under the wing of WikiProject Languages.

Extensive contributions edit

These are the Wikibooks that I have contributed extensively to.

I am currently engaged in a long-term project – my main project on Wikibooks – to bring this wikibook up to featured book status.
I helped bring the Esperanto chapter up from developing status to publishable.

Minor contributions edit

These are the wikibooks that I am watching, and occasionally make minor edits to.

I have made a couple very tiny contributions – mostly adding external links.

Templates edit

These are templates I have made or contributed extensively to that are meant for Wikibooks-wide use.

{{lang eo}}
This template is for marking up Esperanto text.
{{User:Indiana/Templates/progress bar}}
This template is handy for marking up the progress of various tasks. Unlike the existing progress templates, it is not limited to fixed "stages", and can mark up any percentage from 0 to 100.

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