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This WikiProject aims primarily to organize books in the area of language learning and to provide a platform for communication between editors of books related to language learning. Primarily it serves to create some kind of coherence between the main language learning books, but will also encompass those such as French For Football.

The goals of this WikiProject are to:

  • provide a standard "bare bones" format for language learning books
  • provide useful links for module writers
  • provide a location to discuss issues relating to this section of Wikibooks
  • provide community support for writing language learning texts.

Why a Languages Project?


The goal of this WikiProject is to create some kind of general style of language learning book. Books should:

  • Teach both vocabulary and grammar through a series of lessons
  • Organize the lessons in a well-worked order
  • Provide the lessons in tiers of proficiency
  • Provide useful vocabulary lists by topic
  • Include a full and organised grammar guide
  • Include appendices suitable for the language e.g. a pronunciation index, lists of idioms, guide to slang etc.

Relevant Books and Pages for Authors


Active Books


Task forces



  • Italienmoose (talk) Joined Project: 5 June 2010 Native English. French preferred as foreign language.
  • Martin Kraus (talk) Joined Project: 6 June 2010 Native German. Speaks English and some Spanish and learns Danish.
  • Recent Runes (talk) Joined Project: 6 June 2010 Native English. Intermediate level student of French, with an emphasis on football!
  • Kayau ( talk | email | contribs ) Joined project: 14 June 2010 Native Cantonese Chinese. First cerificate for English. Intermediate Mandarin Chinese. An eensy weensy bit of French.
  • Internoob (Disc·Cont·Wikt) Joined Project: 24 June 2010 Native English. Proficient in French. Knowledge of Haitian Creole. Learning Spanish. Elementary understanding of other Romance languages.
  • Indiana (talk) Joined Project: 19 Jul 2010 Native English. Conversational in Esperanto, Spanish, French and Japanese.
  • Girdi (talk) Joined Project: 05 Feb 2011 Bilingual English and Icelandic. Conversational in Chechen and Finnish. Basics in Manx, Russian, Belarusian, and German.
  • ismailzali (talk) Joined Project: 13 Feb 2011 Native English. 4+ years as Spanish student. Basics of Classical, Romance, Semitic, and Slavic languages. Slowly learning Japanese and Sanskrit writing systems.
  • Readyokaygo ( talk | email | contribs ) Joined project: 8 July 2012 Native English. 6+ years of French and Spanish. University student of Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Herr Cambron (discusscontribs) Joined project 7 June 2017 Native English 7+ years Spanish. 2 years of intensive German, currently teaching High School German in the USA. Hopes to learn Latin someday.(UTC)
  • Chapka (talk) Joined project 7 June 2020. Native English speaker; student of German, Standard Chinese, Irish. Experienced professional writer and editor.
  • Sbb1413 (he) (talkcontribs) Joined project 28 March 2023. Native Bengali speaker. Also speaks English and some Hindi.
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