User:Indiana/Templates/progress bar


{{User:Indiana/Templates/progress bar
| <number>
| width
| height
| text-size
| as-of
| progress-done-colour
| progress-tbd-colour
Parameter Description Default Notes
The percentage done you want to display (between 0 and 100). <none> REQUIRED
width The width of the progress bar. 200px
height The height of the progress bar, in pixels. 5
text-size If set to a non-zero value, it causes the value of the progress to be displayed over the progress bar. The font size of the text is the value of text-size. 0
as-of If set, it causes a line of text to be displayed after the progress bar. The text is "(As of <as-of>)". <none>
progress-done-colour The colour of the "done" part of the progress bar. #7fff00
progress-tbd-colour The colour of the "to be done" part of the progress bar. #ff7f50