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The following people have helped significantly
giving time and knowledge to this Wikibook:
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Jolean Bradshaw
(jf2brunt) US content creator.
(john259) also needs to put some brief words here.
Lloyd Collins
(collinsl) Has been playing Trainz for years before joining in on the forum. He is currently studying IT, with an interest in UK and Western US trains.
Chris Sprague
(nawlins) Been involved with Trainz since TRS2004 came out. Now also have TRS2006 and TC. Primarily a route builder and re-skinner leaning toward UK stuff but not exclusively.
Don Watson
(doncraig) Been playing trains 2004 and 2006 Joined the forum as a newbie to test tutorials (If I can do it anyone can)
John Whelan
(johnwhelan) Has a background in computers including hardware and an interest in UK trains. He has been using Trainz for some time and does create content usually with other people and quite often reskins.
Mark A. Wilson
(mawilson) is a Trainz 2006 user just starting down the content creation path. His primary interest is in Monorails but he is growing an interest in narrow gauge.
Ben Kelly
(benk87) Has been playing Trainz since before version 1.3 and joined the Trainz community in 2003. He is especially interested in UK narrow gauge but likes to dabble in other areas too.
Frank Bartus
(fabartus) Acquired Trainz in the summer of 2004, and TRS2004 then TRS2006 in the successive summers at annual model railroad shows— but just played at playing with them a bit while encouraging his son Jon in that early era—too busy with his engineering career and Wikipedia contributions to muster much effort to surmount the learning curves. Subsequently he was wise enough to print the pdf manual one day, which was a transformative step—though he all but ignored it for nearly a year. With his son prepping to leave for college, he began systematic model railroading on Trainz on and off in the winter of 2007-08 to master Driver and by spring with baby steps began modifying stock routes to learn Surveyor in TRS2006. By the autumn he assayed serious route building projects as recreation when 'focus time' could be spared from his volunteer activities on nine Wikimedia Foundation projects works (including this one).
When his eyesight got too bad to edit Wikipedia with regularity in Fall of 2009 he made Trainz his most used application by far. When he'd run TRS2004 and TRS2006 unto exhaustion, he decided to upgrade the deplorable Trainz Wiki and upgrading which began with studying the evolution of the system by reinstalling Trainz 1.3 and UTC, moved onto downloading and error fixing early efforts through the three TRS2006 route/region specific expansions Trainz Classics (TC1&2, TC3—each a variety of T'06 with for-pay third party content extensions of that era), then continued studying the product. He's installed and keeps individual upgrade stages for TS2009, TRS2010, and TS2012 and various Service Pack and hotfix combinations so he can evaluate differences as a computer engineer in study mode.
He's currently the prime mover in the Wikibook reorganization by Yesterdayz Trainz and at any time is likely running Trainz (or 4-5!) on at least one of four computers with Trainz Installs.
John Citron
(Jcitron) Has been running Trainz since TRS2004 and is a familiar answers guy helping newcomers on the Auran forums where he was a moderator for a long stressful period. Currently disabled by Parkinson's he almost daily acts as a copy-editor, technical touchstone and proof reader for Frank when asked to check new page contents. Various others in Yesterdayz Trainz contribute similar services when their specialized knowledge is requested.