The Devonshire Manuscript/perdye I saide yt not

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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yf chaunse assignid patiens for my devise
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 70v
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 71r

f. [70v]

1    perdye I saide yt notand thys
2    nor never thought to do
3    as well as I ye wott
4    I have no powr thereto
5    and if I ded the lott
6    that first ded me enchaine
7    do never slake the knott
8    but strayter to my payne /

9    And if I ded eche thing
10    that maye do harme or woo
11    contynuallye maye wrin{_i}ge
12    my herte where so I goo
13    Reporte maye alwayes Rin{_i}g
14    of shame of me for aye
15    yf yn my herte ded sprin{_i}g
16    the worde that ye do saye /

17    Yf I saide so eche sterre
18    that is yn heven above
19    maye frowne on me toma [] rre
20    the hope I have yn love
21    and if I ded suche warre
22    as thy brought owt of troye
23    bring all my lyf a farre
24    from{_o} all this luste and Ioye /

f. [71r] 

25    and if I ded so saye
26    the bewtye that[[The Devonshire Manuscript/Appendix I: Paleographic Features|Template:Th+t+}]] me bounde
27    encresse from daye to daye
28    more cruell to my wounde
29    [[The Devonshire Manuscript/Appendix I: Paleographic Features|Template:Th+t+}]]{w+t+} with all the mone that maye
30    to playnte maye torne my song
31    my lif maye sone dekaye
32    with{w+t+}out redresse bye wrong

33    Yf I be clere for thought
34    whye do ye then com{_o}plaine
35    then ys this thing but sought
36    to torne me to more payne /
37    [[The Devonshire Manuscript/Appendix I: Paleographic Features|Template:Th+t+}]]{_e} thenthat that ye haue wrought
38    ye muste yt now redresse
39    of right therefore ye ought
40    yorsuche rigor to represse

41    And as I haue deser{{s}8}uid
42    so gra{gA}unte me nowe my hire
43    ye kno I nevr swervid
44    ye never fownd me lyre
45    for Rachell have I seruid
46    for lya carid I never
47    and her I have Reser{{s}8}uid
48    with{w+t+}in my harte for ever / s


Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. Wyatt adapts Petrarch's Rime 206, a canzone, for his poem. R. A. Rebholz notes that Wyatt, unlike Petrarch, "does not restrict himself to three rhymes in the entire poem and does not alter the length of the lines."[2] In both poems the lover protests against a charge that he loves another, but "Petrarch's poem is longer (59 lines) and more impassioned than Wyatt's."[3] The poem also appears in Tottel's Miscellany under the title “The louer excuseth him of wordes wherwith he was vniustly charged” (item 91).[4]

This poem is one of seventeen entries where Margaret Douglas marks “and thys.” Paul Remley has suggested that these annotations relate to another in-text annotation of hers, “lerne but to syng it” on "now all of chaunge" (81r), and may indicate a group of texts to be learned for entertaining.[5]

H8 does not mark stanzas clearly or consistently in this poem.

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Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit

STC13860_21, DBLa15

Collation edit

1 perdye] Perdy DBla15 PErdy STC_13860_21 saide] sayd DBla15 STC_13860_21 yt] hytt DBla15 it STC_13860_21 not] nott DBla15 not: STC_13860_21
2 nor] Nor STC_13860_21 never] newer DBla15 neuer STC_13860_21 thought] thowght DBla15 do] doo DBla15 do. STC_13860_21
3 as] As STC_13860_21 wott] wot: STC_13860_21
4 have] haue DBla15 STC_13860_21 powr] power STC_13860_21 thereto] thertoo DBla15 therto, STC_13860_21
5 and] And STC_13860_21 if] yff DBla15 ded] dyd DBla15 did, STC_13860_21 lott] lot, STC_13860_21
6 that] That STC_13860_21 first] furst DBla15 ded] did STC_13860_21 ded me enchaine] dyd chayne DBla15 enchaine] enchayne: STC_13860_21
7 do] May STC_13860_21 never] neuer STC_13860_21 knott] knoott DBla15 knot, STC_13860_21
8 but] But STC_13860_21 strayter] strayght STC_13860_21 to] it to STC_13860_21 payne /] payn DBla15 payne. STC_13860_21
9 And if I ded] and yff I dyd DBla15 ded] did STC_13860_21 eche] ech DBla15 STC_13860_21 thing] thyng DBla15 thing, STC_13860_21
10 that] That STC_13860_21 maye] may DBla15 STC_13860_21 harme] harm DBla15 woo] wo: STC_13860_21
11 contynuallye] contynually DBla15 Continually STC_13860_21 maye] may DBla15 STC_13860_21 wringe] wryng DBla15 wring STC_13860_21
12 my] My STC_13860_21 herte] hart DBla15 STC_13860_21 where so] wherso DBla15 I] hytt DBla15 goo] go. STC_13860_21
13 Reporte] report DBla15 Report STC_13860_21 maye] may DBla15 STC_13860_21 alwayes] always DBla15 Ring] ryng DBla15 ring STC_13860_21
14 of] off DBla15 Of STC_13860_21 of] on DBla15 STC_13860_21 aye] nay DBla15 aye: STC_13860_21
15 yf] If STC_13860_21 yn] In DBla15 in STC_13860_21 herte] hart DBla15 STC_13860_21 ded] dyd DBla15 did STC_13860_21 spring] spryng DBla15
16 the] theys DBla15 The STC_13860_21 worde] wordes DBla15 STC_13860_21 ye] you STC_13860_21 saye /] say DBla15 STC_13860_21
17 Yf] and yff DBla15 And if STC_13860_21 saide so] dyd DBla15 did STC_13860_21 eche] ech DBla15 STC_13860_21 sterre] starr DBla15 starre, STC_13860_21
18 that] That STC_13860_21 is] ys DBla15 yn] In DBla15 in STC_13860_21 heven] hevyn DBla15 heauen STC_13860_21 above] aboue DBla15 aboue, STC_13860_21
19 maye] may DBla15 May STC_13860_21 frowne] frown DBla15 tomarre] to mar DBla15 to marre STC_13860_21
20 the] The STC_13860_21 have] haue DBla15 STC_13860_21 yn] In DBla15 in STC_13860_21 love] loue DBla15 loue. STC_13860_21
21 and] And STC_13860_21 if] yff DBla15 ded] dyd DBla15 did STC_13860_21 suche] such DBla15 STC_13860_21 warre] war DBla15 warre, STC_13860_21
22 as] As STC_13860_21 thy] the DBla15 they STC_13860_21 brought] browght DBla15 owt of] In to DBla15 vnto STC_13860_21 troye] troy DBla15 Troye, STC_13860_21
23 bring] bryng DBla15 Bring STC_13860_21 lyf] lyfe DBla15 life STC_13860_21 a farre] afar DBla15 as farre STC_13860_21
24 from] From STC_13860_21 this] hys DBla15 his STC_13860_21 luste] lust DBla15 STC_13860_21 and] & DBla15 Ioye /] Ioy DBla15 ioye. STC_13860_21
25 and] And STC_13860_21 if] yf DBla15 ded] dyd DBla15 did STC_13860_21 saye] say DBla15 say: STC_13860_21
26 the] The STC_13860_21 bewtye] bewty DBla15 beautie STC_13860_21 bounde] bownd DBla15 bounde, STC_13860_21
27 encresse] Incresse DBla15 Encrease STC_13860_21 daye] day DBla15 STC_13860_21 daye] day DBla15 STC_13860_21
28 more] More STC_13860_21 wounde] world DBla15 wounde: STC_13860_21
29 with] wyth DBla15 With STC_13860_21 maye] may DBla15 may, STC_13860_21
30 to] To STC_13860_21 playnte] playnt DBla15 plaint STC_13860_21 maye] may DBla15 STC_13860_21 torne] turn DBla15 turne STC_13860_21 song] song: STC_13860_21
31 my] My STC_13860_21 lif] lyfe DBla15 life STC_13860_21 maye] may DBla15 STC_13860_21 dekaye] decay DBla15 decay, STC_13860_21
32 without] wythowt DBla15 Without STC_13860_21 bye] my DBla15 by STC_13860_21 wrong] worng DBla15 wrong. STC_13860_21
33 Yf] yf DBla15 If STC_13860_21 I] DBla15 clere] cleare STC_13860_21 for] from DBla15 STC_13860_21 thought] thowght why do ye then complayn DBla15 thought, STC_13860_21
34 whye] why DBla15 Why STC_13860_21 ye] you STC_13860_21 complaine] complayn DBla15 complayne? STC_13860_21
35 then] Then STC_13860_21 ys] is STC_13860_21 this] thys DBla15 thing] thyng DBla15 sought] sought. STC_13860_21
36 to] To STC_13860_21 torne] put DBla15 turne STC_13860_21 me] my hart STC_13860_21 more] STC_13860_21 payne /] payn DBla15 payne, STC_13860_21
37 then] Then STC_13860_21 that] this STC_13860_21 ye] you STC_13860_21 wrought] wrowght DBla15 wrought, STC_13860_21
38 ye] You STC_13860_21 muste] must DBla15 STC_13860_21 yt] hyt DBla15 it STC_13860_21 redresse] redresse, STC_13860_21
39 of] off DBla15 Of STC_13860_21 right] ryght DBla15 therefore] therefore DBla15 STC_13860_21 ye] you STC_13860_21
40 yor] DBla15 STC_13860_21 suche] such DBla15 Such STC_13860_21 rigor] rygor DBla15 rigour STC_13860_21 represse] represse. STC_13860_21
41 And] and DBla15 deseruid] deseruyd DBla15 deserued: STC_13860_21
42 so] So STC_13860_21 graunte] grant DBla15 graunt STC_13860_21 nowe] now DBla15 STC_13860_21 hire] hyer DBla15 hire: STC_13860_21
43 ye] You STC_13860_21 kno] know STC_13860_21 nevr] never DBla15 neuer STC_13860_21 swervid] swarvyd DBla15 swerued, STC_13860_21
44 ye] You STC_13860_21 never] neuer STC_13860_21 fownd] found DBla15 founde STC_13860_21 lyre] lyer DBla15 lyer. STC_13860_21
45 for] For STC_13860_21 rachell] rakhell DBla15 Rachel STC_13860_21 have] haue DBla15 STC_13860_21 seruid] seruyd DBla15 serued, STC_13860_21
46 for lya] For Lea STC_13860_21 carid] caryd DBla15 cared STC_13860_21 never] neuer: STC_13860_21
47 and] And STC_13860_21 her] her DBla15 have] haue DBla15 STC_13860_21 Reseruid] reseruyd DBla15 reserued STC_13860_21
48 within] wythIn DBla15 Within STC_13860_21 harte] hart DBla15 STC_13860_21 ever /] euer DBla15 euer. STC_13860_21