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Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees
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Purpose of TRS-hdrbox
This is the base (edit in one place) Trainz pages header template
This template is used by {{FUN-top}} with {{ORP-top}} and similar Trainz box templates to set off Trainz book divisions into various Tabbed Divisions such as
  1. Beginner oriented (category:Introductory Trainz (Trainz basics)
  2. and category:Trainz AM&C (beginner classed asset reference topics) topics in the Trainz Wikibook and those organized for the more advanced users such as topics listed in
  3. category:Trainz references — Trainz Wikibooks lengthy topic HowTo pages about working with assets,
  4. category:Trainz reference pages —annotated references corresponding to the N3V Wiki pages and the similarly paired
  5. category:Trainz Content Creation —HowTo pages on Asset creation matters mirroring a page topic based on the TrainzOnline Wiki and
  6. category:Trainz content creation pages — Trainz Wikibooks lengthy topic HowTo pages and threaded chapters of multi-page tutorials about generation and modification of 3D graphics assets in general or particular to the Trainz family of simulators.
Page threading
This template is the workhorse template for threading the prev-next-grouped pages of the Trainz Wikibook.

Usage edit

This template while it can be called directly, is usually called as sub-template by a mnemonically named book division header template with the proper default display options handled by the calling template.

  • Parameter alttitle1 can be defined to replace the Main title line.
  • Parameter CO1 can be defined to replace the Main title line color, normally defaults to blue.
  • Parameter refs2 can be defined to trigger display of the second title line which defaults to "Trainz Annotated Reference Pages".
  • Parameter alttitle2 can be defined to replace the Second title line. This generally will not show unless the pass parameter 'both' is set.
  • Parameter CO2 can be defined to replace the Second title line's color.
Threading controls
It is also used to thread related pages together based on the placeholder parameters equated with named parameters such that: { 1=p, 2=n, 3=h, 4=rh }, where
  1. 1 or sort is a sort pipetrick parameter for the autocategories threaded and unthreaded
  2. p pr pr is a link template call building the page link to the previous page of a threaded group.
  3. n is a link template call building the page link to the Next page of a threaded group.
  4. h is a link template call building the page link to the Head page (subdivision or topic head) of a threaded group. This allows a threaded tutorial to refer back to a Tutorial Start or index page.
  5. rh is a link template call building the page link to the right side of the header link, normally a Head TOC page (division or subdivision head) of the threaded group. Because of the sort use of {{{1}}}use of placeholder parameters is discouraged.

The link bar is always generated if any of the four (X2) parameters are defined, and the h parameter (may) default to the Book Master table of Contents page: Trainz Wikibook with a pipetricked link title "Wikibook TOC".


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