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Character specific movelistsEdit

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Easter EggsEdit

Easter eggs are hidden objects in video games that are only unlockable or visible if certain things are done. Super Smash Bros. Melee has some Easter eggs.

  • If you view the trophy of Metal Mario in Trophy Mode and remove the menu screen on the right, there is an Easter Egg visible. If you zoom in on his back, then the shiny metal surface reflects an image of Yoshi's Stage.
    • NOTE: This is the Super Smash Bros. Melee stage.
  • If you view the trophy of Ganondorf (where he's holding his sword to the ground), and you press START for the dark color scheme background,

his eyes will glow. This can, in a way, be done with the master sword trophy: select a certain color scheme and the triforce will glow.

  • When playing as Samus jump then do an air dodge with L, then quickly rotate the D-pad once counter-clockwise very quickly and press A. If done correctly your grapple beam should be about 2/3 longer and it has a homing effect if you hold L and press a to grab. Note that the beam will not automatically grab the opponent when it crosses over them, you have to press A a second time.
    • NOTE: This was removed in the Player's Choice and PAL versions of Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • While playing as Fox or Falco on Corneria or Venom in vs. or training mode, rapidly mash left and right on the d-pad. Fox or Falco will eventually spin around quickly and hunch over with a clenched fist. After holding this position for about ten seconds, a conversation among the other three Star Fox members will triger. If Fox or Falco is hit during the hunch, it will be interupted. This can be done only once per battle, whether it is fully executed or not.

How to Add a MovelistEdit

In the interest of consistency, please use the template that is already being used in the Samus section. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.