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Talent Identification Network (TTIN.COM) edit is an online talent identification network that enables all aspiring and existing athletes with a platform to gain direct exposure and contact with sporting organisations and sponsors from all around the world. It also serves as a worldwide talent pool database for sporting organisations and sponsors. intends to create an online network for athletes to list their portfolios and achievements, which are exposed to sporting organisations from all around the world. The main aim is to enable sportsmen and women with a unique platform to display their employability as an athlete.

In today's sporting world, vast amounts of gifted and talented athletes go unnoticed due to lack of information or networks at their disposal, or purely due to lack of opportunities available to them. intends to combat this shortfall in talent by empowering athletes with a direct link to sporting organisations with one click.

Key Activities of TTIN.COM edit

Profile Creation

- Bio

- Achievements

- Video Posts

- Updates and alerts

Athlete Profile Filtration System

- Link opportunity with profile

Athlete Ranking System

- Align most suitable candidate with job opportunity

Training and Trial Information System

- Constant updates of employment opportunities (tryouts) for organisations looking for full-time additions or part-time replacement due to injury.

Career Mapping

- Assist with the development and available options athletes have from ages 14+ with regards to their sporting interests and careers.

Sponsorship Liaison

- Putting sponsorship entities in touch with an athlete (mainly professional) in order to create the desired synergy between the company’s brand and the athlete’s public image.

Customer Discovery Process Outline edit

Target Audience edit

Amateur Sports Clubs

- Robina Dolphins Cricket Club

- Bond University Baseball Club

- Amateur Indian Cricket Club

Professional Athletes

- Shiv Kapur (Professional Golfer Indian Tour- Rank 3)

- Shamim Khan (Professional Golfer Indian Tour- Rank 5)

- Rahul Bajaj (Professional Golfer Indian Tour- Rank 31)

- Karan Vasudeva (Professional Golfer Indian Tour- Rank 40)

- Arjunveer Singh Chugh (Professional Golfer Indian Tour- Rank 90)

Research Method edit

Face to Face Interviews

- Conduct 18 face to face interviews with amateur athletes from Robina Dolphins Cricket Club and Bond University Baseball Club. Approach these amateur athletes to gain an understanding of how they feel they could best use this service as well as gain a glimpse into how receptive these athletes would be towards the website.

- Questionnaires consist of topics such as athlete's sporting background, Internet accessibility, sign up fee amount, free trial period duration, and knowledge of social media outlets and other recruitment websites.

- The responses from the amateur athletes will be beneficial to as this demographic is considered a large customer segment with regards to our Business Model Canvas and the future of the company. From their responses, will be able to adjust the recruitment service and Business Model Canvas to effectively meet and exceed amateur athletes' expectations of around the world.

Email Questionnaires

- Distribute 12 email questionnaires to professional Indian golfers and amateur Indian Cricket players. Approach these professional golfers to gain an understanding of how professional athletes can best utilised the website to their benefit in comparison to amateur athletes. Approach these amateur cricket players to gain a better understanding and more diverse customer discovery feedback from the viewpoint of amateur athletes from a less developed country.

- Questionnaires will be emailed to the professional athletes consisting of topics focused more towards the sponsorship opportunities the website offers in addition to questions such as athlete's sporting background, Internet accessibility , sign up fee amount and free trial period duration. As for the Indian amateur athletes, the questionnaire remains similar to the questionnaires that will be conducted to the Australian amateur athletes.

- The responses from the professional athletes will be beneficial to as it will provide the company with an idea of what similarities professional athletes and amateur athletes expect from the website as well as were the two customer segments differ. As for the Indian amateur athletes, their responses will either support the Australian amateur athletes' responses or condtradict them, thus allowing to understand that adaptation to different regions will be critical for success.

Customer Discovery Activities and Results edit

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 Professional Athletes

Week 3 Amateur Athletes

Week 4

Evolution of the Business Model Canvas for Talent Identification Network(TTIN.COM) Pre-Customer Discovery edit


Evolution of the Business Model Canvas for Talent Identification Network(TTIN.COM) during Customer Discovery edit

BMC Week 2

BMC Week 3

BMC Week 4

Evolution of the Business Model Canvas for Talent Identification Network(TTIM.COM) Post Customer Discovery edit


Conclusions and Future Steps edit

Customer Discovery Process Summary

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