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The Tennis Tournament Software offers technology solutions for tennis clubs and tournaments with the objective of making tennis administration as friendly-user and organized as possible. Simplifying the manager's workload allows full focus on the main event's priorities [1]. Tennis organisations using this technological solution as a service include Tennis Australia.

As this software uses the same features as the Tournament Management Software, there are specific benefits tailored for the sport of tennis as enlisted below.

  • Custom Registration Form

This tool allows tournament managers to create questions to retrieve any information needed from tennis players. Tailoring the entry form is possible by including the organisation's logo and inserting the form on the website in order to retain all web traffic.

  • Event Advertising

Active Network offers their clients free publicizing for their tennis tournament as it is listed on their consumer website,, and in their online, searchable calendar, including a link to the tournament's registration form. The calendar listing is also optimized to appear on the first pages of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, being potentially exposed to millions of people around the world.

  • Participant Data and Online Payment

All major credit cards are securely processed online and registrants receive an immediate notification email after making their payment. Cancellations can be done and issue refunds, as well as partial payments and logging in later to pay the balance.

  • Registrant and Financial Custom Reports

Active Network's clients can access real-time participant information from any computer device. In addition, financial report templates are provided with the option of creating tailored templates to send them to staff members.

  • Off-Season Communication

Emails, newsletters and training tips can be distributed through Active's marketing tools, keeping tennis players engaged in the off-season and providing an update when registration becomes available in the new season.

Clients get instant access to a free account and a payment fee is applied only if they opt to implement the system for their tennis tournament.

References edit

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