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Thanks to the efforts of the, a project of This effort is funded by the Ford Foundation.

The eCitizen Foundation is helping to research and use its methodologies to create a checklist of open standards that municipalities and other organizations can use to better enable citizens to participate.

Slideshow explaining process of building the checklist: Slideshow about Project

Book Mission and Guidelines

Create a checklist for publishing a meeting notice with an agenda that makes it easier for citizens to learn about and participate in public meetings, especially for meetings that municipalities and communities. The checklist will stress methods and incorporate standards that are inclusive and as open as possible (OPIA- Open, Public and Integrated Architecture). Specifically, the requirements gathering will concentrate on three aspects of any public system architecture: the business layer, the legal issue layer and the technological implementation layer (BLT methodology). In addition, there will be a focus on the sociological aspects such as marketing and social networking.

How to Publish an Online and Printable Public Meeting Notice with Agendas
Integration with Other Systems
Calendaring/Busy Services
Social Media
Search Engine Optimization SEO
Legal/Auditing Systems
Printed Material
How Do Hybrid Meeting Venues Impact Public Meeting Notices and Agendas
Business Layer
What business processes and procedures for publishing
Legal Layer
What Types of Legal Issues Must be Considered and Represented
Technology Layer
Standards that Implement the Notice
Sociological Components
How to Market and Publicize the Notice
Appendix A: Cited Standards
Appendix B: Examples of Actual Public Meeting Notices
Appendix C: Examples of Existing Systems and Software
Appendix D: List of Organizations and Efforts


For further information on this exploration see the Public Meetings main page with the Participation 3.0 initiative. Join the Public Meetings Online Technical Working Group to participate more actively.