Public Meeting Notices and Agendas/General Requirements

General Requirements

This portion of the book will be based on the requirements gathering process. Each potential requirement must include the following:

  • Requirements will be "tagged" with at least one of the following: B (for business process), L (for legal issues/laws/requirements), T (for technological implementation issue) and S (for any sociological aspect such as marketing and perceptions).
  • Any inclusion must cite with links to the original material which is the basis of the requirement and supporting material. If the information is new or previously unpublished, the link should be to the author of the idea as a reasonable substitute for the citation.
  • Any costs or use restrictions must be explicit. For example, if the there is a specific technology that is made a requirement, there must be an explanation of it. Or if part of the business process requirement entails having a paid position necessary, that must be fully explained.
  • Requirements may be specific to different jurisdictions may be included, however, there must be a fully explained and cited description of it.
  • Accessibility