Public Meeting Notices and Agendas/Requirements Gathering

Public Meeting Notice and Agenda Requirements Gathering ProcessEdit

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List of RequirementsEdit

  • Find examples of online and offline public meeting notices
  • Find examples of online and offline public meeting agendas and minutes
  • Find examples of laws, regulations and bylaws that oversee public meeting notice requirements and how the meeting agenda is set, how the meeting is conducted and how the meeting proceedings are to be made public
  • Identify accessibility provisions to all of the above both in terms of notice and meeting accommodations
  • Identify online standards that meet the needs for meeting notice and agenda with a special concentration on standards that are open and both human readable and machine processable
    • Jurisdiction
    • Date and Time
    • Busy time and registration (if needed or required)
    • Location and Directions
    • Legal requirements and citations
      • Cite laws (e.g. sunshine, accessibility, jurisdiction, times)
      • Quorum requirement
      • Rules of the meeting/procedural rules (e.g. link to Roberts Rules, etc.)
      • Archival requirements/notice/minutes/motions considered/approved
    • Aggregation and syndication techniques (e.g. RSS)
    • Agenda items and meeting notes/minutes
    • Media considerations (e.g. published documentation, video/audio, broadcasting, online participation)
  • BLT analysis of public meeting notice and agenda (models of the Business requirements, Legal issues and Technology implementation)
  • How to check with