Public Meeting Notices and Agendas/How to Publish an Online and Printable Public Meeting Notice with Agendas

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How to Publish an Online and Printable Public Meeting Notice with Agendas

  1. Principles:
    • Everything should be at a URL (time/date, location, jurisdiction, agenda items, people)
    • Every section of the page itself should be individually at a URL fragment and authoritatively citable and use embedded self-cite recommendation) so that each can have "Share-Like" functions.
    • Everything should cite to authoritative source and be citable (self-cites)
    • Standards for "Semantic" or "XHTML" for each component (e.g. RDFA for cal/time, microformats for events)
    • Include links to alternative standards (e.g. iCal, RSS, etc)
    • There should be a QR barcode for online, printed and mobile versions and other versions optionally.
    • Every page should use "pop-ups" recommendation ("Preview Online Page Universal Page Standard")
    • Point to the Rules under which the meetings will be held
  2. Processes:
    • Applicable Procedures (quorum requirements, other rules for each part of meeting)
    • Commenting on Items, etc in advance of meeting.
  3. Policies
    • Public vs. Private
    • Authenticated vs Psydonym vs Anonymous Participation and Personalization
    • Comment and Participation and Collaboration (including policy and process for entertaining contributions that are not directly germane - e.g. "out of order" or "out of scope" and how those determinations are made for comments and online participation rather than in-meeting live rulings on points of order)
    • Proprietariness and Propriety - gift-ban rules on free services? Need for RFP or Public Notice to use Vendor?
  4. Business and Functional:
    • Workflow for Public Employees and Officials (or authorized agents acting on their behalf) to auto-generate or manually create, amend or replace public meeting notices and agendas.
    • Required and Recommended Tasks: Publicize Broadly and Inform Relevant Constituencies, etc (check-list)
    • Role of "For Profit" "Non Profit" and other External Entities in Providing Services and in the Ecology of this information, communication and collaboration.
  5. Examples of Meeting Notices and Agenda
    • Notice
    • Agenda
    • Pre-Meeting Phase
    • Meeting Phase
    • Post-Meeting Phase
    • Archive and Access