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PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
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Table of Contents


Front Matter

  Book Abstract
  Cover Page
  Table of Contents
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Part I - The Shortest Route

About the Shortest Route

This section of the book, The Shortest Route, is the shortest sequence of pages that would as quickly as possible bring you to the point where you can start using PlanoTse effectively for either job search automation or any other application in the mining of global data from the World Wide Web. Tell me more


Chapter 1. Introduction

  What is web search?
  What is web search automation?
  What is job search automation?

Chapter 2. Getting Started

  Where to begin
  Download and Install

Chapter 3. Basic Concepts

  User Assistant
  Scripting Language in PlanoTse
  Data Holders
  Go Script & Startup Script

Chapter 4. Automation Wizard

  Automation Wizard - Automation Wizard Demo begins here
  Search Factors
  Factor Pages
  Inclusion Page
  Exclusion Page
  Preview Page
  Generation Page
  Execution Page - Automation Wizard Demo ends here

Chapter 5. PlanoTseScript



Part II - Mining the Web

  Part II Table of Contents
  Chapter 6. Web Search Automation Process
  Chapter 7. Discovering Search Boundary
  Chapter 8. Constructing Domain Templates
  Chapter 9. Developing Search Logic
  Chapter 10. - Driving Web Search
  Chapter 11 - Processing Search Results


Part III - Reference Materials

  PlanoTse Program Reference
  PlanoTseScript Language Reference
  Starter Kit User Data
  PlanoTse Use Cases
  Additional Reference Materials
  All Reference Manuals


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PlanoTse Handbook for Job Search Automation
Cover Page Table of Contents Dedication