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Modern Greek/Alphabet

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  • There are 24 letters in the greek alphabet
  • The greek alphabet has 5 vowel SOUNDS.
  • Some of them look like letters from this alphabet, but they are not to be confused (lowercase "ni" looks like "v" but it is said like "n").

The lettersEdit

Letter Name Name (transliterated) Pronunciation As in
Αα αλφα alfa /a/ aardvark
Ββ βητα beta /v/ van
Γγ γαμα gama /gh/ wool
Δδ δελτα dhelta /dh/ this
Εε εψιλον epsillon /e/ letter
Ζζ ζιτα zita /z/ ozone
Ηη ητα ita /i/ wing
Θθ θητα thita /th/ thanks
Ιι ιωτα yiota /i/ wing
Κκ καπα kapa /k/ cat
Λλ λαμδα lamda /l/ light
Μμ μι miu /m/ market
Νν νι niu /n/ not
Ξξ ξι si /x/ next
Οο ομικρον omikron /o/ pot
Ππ πι pi /p/ spit
Ρρ ρο rho /r/ right
Σσ, ς* σιγμα sigma /s/ sister
Ττ ταυ tho /t/ top
Υυ υψιλον iupsillon /i/ wing
Φφ φι fi /f/ foot
Χχ χι chi /h/(ch) loch (guttural)
Ψψ ψι psi /ps/ lips
Ωω ωμεγα omega /o/ pot
  • ς is used at the end of a word only.


Combination pronounced As in
αι /e/ tell
ει /i/ sting
οι /i/ sting
ου /oo/(ou) tool
αυ /av/ slav
/af/ foot
ευ /ev/ bevel
/ef/ left


Combination Pronounced
μπ- /b/
-μπ- /mb/
ντ- /d/
-ντ- /nd/
γκ- /g/
-γκ- /ng/
-γγ- /ng/
τζ- /dj/
τσ- /ts/