Julia for MATLAB Users/Index

MATLAB-to-Julia Functions MappingEdit

The following index is based in part on the MATLAB Product Family section of the MathWorks® Product Family page; the core MATLAB language is covered, as are the MATLAB first-party toolboxes, as well as a section for third-party toolboxes.

There's a MATLAB-to-Julia syntax translator available online.[1]

There are also tools to access Julia from MATLAB.[2]

MATLAB Core LanguageEdit

Functionality available in all MATLAB installations, i.e. not requiring any of the below toolboxes. Organized according to the corresponding MATLAB documentation page:

MATLAB ToolboxesEdit

Parallel ComputingEdit

Math, Statistics, and OptimizationEdit

Control SystemsEdit

Signal Processing and Wireless CommunicationsEdit

Image Processing and Computer VisionEdit

Test and MeasurementEdit

Computational FinanceEdit

Computational BiologyEdit

Code GenerationEdit

Application DeploymentEdit

Database Access and ReportingEdit

Third-Party ToolboxesEdit

The Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)Edit

The Multi-Parametric Toolbox (or MPT for short) is an open source, MATLAB-based toolbox for parametric optimization, computational geometry and model predictive control.

There is a relevant discussion thread on the Julia Discourse forums.

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  1. matlab-to-julia: Translates MATLAB source code into Julia
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