Julia for MATLAB Users/Core Language/Graphics


See Introducing Julia/Plotting for an overview of the plotting ecosystem in Julia.

2-D and 3-D PlotsEdit

Line PlotsEdit

plot 2-D line plotEdit
plot3 3-D line plotEdit
loglog Log-log scale plotEdit
semilogx Semilogarithmic plotEdit
semilogy Semilogarithmic plotEdit
errorbar Line plot with error barsEdit
fplot Plot expression or functionEdit
fplot3 3-D parametric curve plotterEdit
fimplicit Plot implicit functionEdit
LineSpec Line specificationEdit
ColorSpec Color specificationEdit

Pie Charts, Bar Plots, and HistogramsEdit

bar Bar graphEdit
bar3 Plot 3-D bar graphEdit
barh Plot bar graph horizontallyEdit
bar3h Plot horizontal 3-D bar graphEdit
histogram Histogram plotEdit
histogram2 Bivariate histogram plotEdit
morebins Increase number of histogram binsEdit
fewerbins Decrease number of histogram binsEdit
histcounts Histogram bin countsEdit
histcounts2 Bivariate histogram bin countsEdit
binscatter Binned scatter plotEdit
rose Angle histogram plotEdit
pareto Pareto chartEdit
area Filled area 2-D plotEdit
pie Pie chartEdit
pie3 3-D pie chartEdit

Discrete Data PlotsEdit

stem Plot discrete sequence dataEdit
stairs Stairstep graphEdit
stem3 Plot 3-D discrete sequence dataEdit
scatter Scatter plotEdit
scatter3 3-D scatter plotEdit
spy Visualize sparsity patternEdit
plotmatrix Scatter plot matrixEdit
heatmap Create heatmap chartEdit
sortx Sort elements in heatmap rowEdit
sorty Sort elements in heatmap columnEdit
wordcloud Create word cloud chart from text dataEdit
geobubble Visualize data values at specific geographic locationsEdit
geolimits Set or query geographic limitsEdit

Polar PlotsEdit

polarplot Plot line in polar coordinatesEdit
polarscatter Scatter chart in polar coordinatesEdit
polarhistogram Histogram chart in polar coordinatesEdit
compass Plot arrows emanating from originEdit
ezpolar Easy-to-use polar coordinate plotterEdit
rlim Set or query r-axis limits for polar axesEdit
thetalim Set or query theta-axis limits for polar axesEdit
rticks Set or query r-axis tick valuesEdit
thetaticks Set or query theta-axis tick valuesEdit
rticklabels Set or query r-axis tick labelsEdit
thetaticklabels Set or query theta-axis tick labelsEdit
rtickformat Specify r-axis tick label formatEdit
thetatickformat Specify theta-axis tick label formatEdit
rtickangle Rotate r-axis tick labelsEdit
polaraxes Create polar axesEdit

Contour PlotsEdit

contour Contour plot of matrixEdit
contourf Filled 2-D contour plotEdit
contourc Low-level contour plot computationEdit
contour3 3-D contour plotEdit
contourslice Draw contours in volume slice planesEdit
clabel Label contour plot elevationEdit
fcontour Plot contoursEdit

Vector FieldsEdit

feather Plot velocity vectorsEdit
quiver Quiver or velocity plotEdit
compass Plot arrows emanating from originEdit
quiver3 3-D quiver or velocity plotEdit
streamslice Plot streamlines in slice planesEdit
streamline Plot streamlines from 2-D or 3-D vector dataEdit

Surfaces, Volumes, and PolygonsEdit

Surface and Mesh PlotsEdit

surf Surface plotEdit
surfc Contour plot under a 3-D shaded surface plotEdit
surface Create surface objectEdit
surfl Surface plot with colormap-based lightingEdit
surfnorm Compute and display 3-D surface normalsEdit
mesh Mesh plotEdit
meshc Plot a contour graph under mesh graphEdit
meshz Plot a curtain around mesh plotEdit
hidden Remove hidden lines from mesh plotEdit
fsurf Plot 3-D surfaceEdit
fmesh Plot 3-D meshEdit
fimplicit3 Plot 3-D implicit functionEdit
waterfall Waterfall plotEdit
ribbon Ribbon plotEdit
contour3 3-D contour plotEdit
peaks Example function of two variablesEdit
cylinder Generate cylinderEdit
ellipsoid Generate ellipsoidEdit
sphere Generate sphereEdit
pcolor Pseudocolor (checkerboard) plotEdit
surf2patch Convert surface data to patch dataEdit

Volume VisualizationEdit

contourslice Draw contours in volume slice planesEdit
flow Simple function of three variablesEdit
isocaps Compute isosurface end-cap geometryEdit
isocolors Calculate isosurface and patch colorsEdit
isonormals Compute normals of isosurface verticesEdit
isosurface Extract isosurface data from volume dataEdit
reducepatch Reduce number of patch facesEdit
reducevolume Reduce number of elements in volume data setEdit
shrinkfaces Reduce size of patch facesEdit
slice Volume slice planesEdit
smooth3 Smooth 3-D dataEdit
subvolume Extract subset of volume data setEdit
volumebounds Coordinate and color limits for volume dataEdit
coneplot Plot velocity vectors as cones in 3-D vector fieldEdit
curl Compute curl and angular velocity of vector fieldEdit
divergence Compute divergence of vector fieldEdit
interpstreamspeed Interpolate stream-line vertices from flow speedEdit
stream2 Compute 2-D streamline dataEdit
stream3 Compute 3-D streamline dataEdit
streamline Plot streamlines from 2-D or 3-D vector dataEdit
streamparticles Plot stream particlesEdit
streamribbon 3-D stream ribbon plot from vector volume dataEdit
streamslice Plot streamlines in slice planesEdit
streamtube Create 3-D stream tube plotEdit


fill Filled 2-D polygonsEdit
fill3 Filled 3-D polygonsEdit
patch Create one or more filled polygonsEdit
surf2patch Convert surface data to patch dataEdit


movie Play recorded movie framesEdit
getframe Capture axes or figure as movie frameEdit
frame2im Return image data associated with movie frameEdit
im2frame Convert image to movie frameEdit
animatedline Create animated lineEdit
addpoints Add points to animated lineEdit
getpoints Return points that define animated lineEdit
clearpoints Clear points from animated lineEdit
comet 2-D comet plotEdit
comet3 3-D comet plotEdit
drawnow Update figures and process callbacksEdit
refreshdata Refresh data in graph when data source is specifiedEdit

Formatting and AnnotationEdit

Titles and LabelsEdit

title Add titleEdit
xlabel Label x-axisEdit
ylabel Label y-axisEdit
zlabel Label z-axisEdit
clabel Label contour plot elevationEdit
legend Add legend to axesEdit
colorbar Colorbar showing color scaleEdit
text Add text descriptions to data pointsEdit
texlabel Format text with TeX charactersEdit
gtext Add text to figure using mouseEdit
line Create primitive lineEdit
rectangle Create rectangle with sharp or curved cornersEdit
annotation Create annotationsEdit

Axes AppearanceEdit

xlim Set or query x-axis limitsEdit
ylim Set or query y-axis limitsEdit
zlim Set or query z-axis limitsEdit
axis Set axis limits and aspect ratiosEdit
box Display axes outlineEdit
daspect Control data unit length along each axisEdit
pbaspect Control relative lengths of each axisEdit
grid Display or hide axes grid linesEdit
xticks Set or query x-axis tick valuesEdit
yticks Set or query y-axis tick valuesEdit
zticks Set or query z-axis tick valuesEdit
xticklabels Set or query x-axis tick labelsEdit
yticklabels Set or query y-axis tick labelsEdit
zticklabels Set or query z-axis tick labelsEdit
xtickformat Specify x-axis tick label formatEdit
ytickformat Specify y-axis tick label formatEdit
ztickformat Specify z-axis tick label formatEdit
xtickangle Rotate x-axis tick labelsEdit
ytickangle Rotate y-axis tick labelsEdit
ztickangle Rotate z-axis tick labelsEdit
datetick Date formatted tick labelsEdit
ruler2num Convert data from specific ruler to numeric dataEdit
num2ruler Convert numeric data for use with specific rulerEdit
hold Retain current plot when adding new plotsEdit
subplot Create axes in tiled positionsEdit
yyaxis Create chart with two y-axesEdit
cla Clear axesEdit
axes Create Cartesian axesEdit
figure Create figure windowEdit


colormap View and set current colormapEdit
colorbar Colorbar showing color scaleEdit
rgbplot Plot colormapEdit
Colormap Editor Open colormap editorEdit
brighten Brighten or darken colormapEdit
contrast Create grayscale colormap to enhance image contrastEdit
caxis Set colormap limitsEdit
spinmap Rotate colormap colorsEdit
hsv2rgb Convert HSV colors to RGBEdit
rgb2hsv Convert RGB colors to HSVEdit
parula Parula colormap arrayEdit
jet Jet colormap arrayEdit
hsv HSV colormap arrayEdit
hot Hot colormap arrayEdit
cool Cool colormap arrayEdit
spring Spring colormap arrayEdit
summer Summer colormap arrayEdit
autumn Autumn colormap arrayEdit
winter Winter colormap arrayEdit
gray Gray colormap arrayEdit
bone Bone colormap arrayEdit
copper Copper colormap arrayEdit
pink Pink colormap arrayEdit
lines Lines colormap arrayEdit
colorcube Colorcube colormap arrayEdit
prism Prism colormap arrayEdit
flag Flag colormap arrayEdit

3-D Scene ControlEdit

Camera ViewsEdit

view Viewpoint specificationEdit
makehgtform Create 4-by-4 transform matrixEdit
viewmtx View transformation matricesEdit
cameratoolbar Control camera toolbar programmaticallyEdit
campan Rotate camera target around camera positionEdit
camzoom Zoom in and out on sceneEdit
camdolly Move camera position and targetEdit
camlookat Position camera to view object or group of objectsEdit
camorbit Rotate camera position around camera targetEdit
campos Set or query camera positionEdit
camproj Set or query projection typeEdit
camroll Rotate camera about view axisEdit
camtarget Set or query location of camera targetEdit
camup Set or query camera up vectorEdit
camva Set or query camera view angleEdit

Lighting, Transparency, and ShadingEdit

camlight Create or move light object in camera coordinatesEdit
light Create lightEdit
lightangle Create or position light object in spherical coordinatesEdit
lighting Specify lighting algorithmEdit
shading Set color shading propertiesEdit
diffuse Calculate diffuse reflectanceEdit
material Control reflectance properties of surfaces and patchesEdit
specular Calculate specular reflectanceEdit
alim Set or query axes alpha limitsEdit
alpha Add transparency to objects in axesEdit
alphamap Specify figure alphamap (transparency)Edit


imshow Display imageEdit
image Display image from arrayEdit
imagesc Display image with scaled colorsEdit
imread Read image from graphics fileEdit
imresize Resize imageEdit
imwrite Write image to graphics fileEdit
imfinfo Information about graphics fileEdit
imformats Manage image file format registryEdit
frame2im Return image data associated with movie frameEdit
im2frame Convert image to movie frameEdit
im2java Convert image to Java imageEdit
im2double Convert image to double precisionEdit
ind2rgb Convert indexed image to RGB imageEdit
rgb2gray Convert RGB image or colormap to grayscaleEdit
rgb2ind Convert RGB image to indexed imageEdit
imapprox Approximate indexed image by reducing number of colorsEdit
dither Convert image, increasing apparent color resolution by ditheringEdit
cmpermute Rearrange colors in colormapEdit