Julia for MATLAB Users/Core Language/Desktop Environment

Desktop EnvironmentEdit

Startup and ShutdownEdit

See Getting Started in the Julia manual.

matlab (Windows) Start MATLAB program from Windows system promptEdit

matlab (Mac) Start MATLAB program from macOS TerminalEdit

matlab (Linux) Start MATLAB program from Linux system promptEdit

exit Terminate MATLAB programEdit

quit Terminate MATLAB programEdit

matlabrc Start up function for MATLAB programEdit

startup Start up function for user-defined optionsEdit

Equivalently, the file ~/.julia/config/startup.jl is executed whenever Julia is run.

finish Termination file for MATLAB programEdit

Basic SettingsEdit

prefdir Folder containing preferences, history, and layout filesEdit

preferences Open Preferences dialog boxEdit

Platform and LicenseEdit

version Version number for MATLAB and librariesEdit

ver Version information for MathWorks productsEdit

verLessThan Compare toolbox version to specified character vectorEdit

license Get license number or perform licensing taskEdit

ispc Determine if version is for Windows (PC) platformEdit

ismac Determine if version is for macOS platformEdit

isunix Determine if version is for Linux or Mac platformsEdit

isstudent Determine if version is Student VersionEdit

javachk Error message based on Java feature supportEdit

usejava Determine if Java feature is availableEdit

Help and SupportEdit

doc Reference page in Help browserEdit

help Help for functions in Command WindowEdit

docsearch Help browser searchEdit

lookfor Search for keyword in all help entriesEdit

demo Access product examples in Help browserEdit

echodemo Run example script step-by-step in Command WindowEdit