Introduction to Psychology/Child and Adolescent Psychology

Child psychology is a field of study in which researchers work to understand and describe changes that take place as children grow. Some sections within this wikibook are translations from a French wikibook.


Childhood: a concept at the crossroads of science

  1. Childhood and History
  2. Childhood and Sociology
  3. Childhood and the Law
  4. Childhood and Theories of Communication

Childhood through history and the methodology of psychology

  1. Experimental Psychology
  2. Clinical Psychology
  3. Research Methods

Psychological approaches to children

  1. Observation of Children
  2. Children and Games
  3. Psychoanalytic Reconstruction

Heredity and environment - development throughout the lifespan

  1. Common Issues
  2. Push and Pull Factors
  3. Separation and Individuation
  4. Genes
  5. Conception
  6. Prenatal Environment
  7. Birth
  8. Infants and Toddlers (0-2 years)
  9. Early Childhood (3-6 years)
  10. Middle Childhood (7-11 years)
  11. Adolescence (12 years +)

Understanding development: cognitive and psychoanalytic theories throughout the lifespan

  1. Contributions of Wallon
  2. Contributions of Piaget
  3. Contributions of Freud
  4. Contributions of Erikson
  5. Behavioral and Social Learning Theories
  6. Biological Theories
  7. Psychoanalytic reactions to research
  8. Current developments in psychological research
  9. Adolescence - a period of transition

Psychology in everyday life

  1. Emotional Disturbances
  2. Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
  3. Special Education
  4. Psychological Therapies

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