IB Psychology/Options/Developmental psychology

Developmental psychology is the scientific study of how our behaviour and psychological processes change as we pass through different life stages. There are 4 overarching headings in developmental psychology, which together contain 13 learning outcomes.

Developmental Psychology edit

General Framework
GF1: To what extent do biological, cognitive and sociocultural factors influence human development?
GF2: Evaluate psychological research relevant to developmental psychology.
Cognitive Development
CD1: Evaluate theories of cognitive development.
CD2: Discuss how social and environmental variables may affect cognitive development.
Social Development
SD1: Examine attachment in childhood and its role in the subsequent formation of relationships.
SD2: Discuss potential effects of deprivation or trauma in childhood on later development.
SD3: Define resilience.
SD4: Discuss strategies to build resilience.
Identity Development
ID1: Discuss the formation and development of gender roles.
ID2: Explain cultural variations in gender role
ID3: Describe adolescence.
ID4: Discuss the relationship between physical change and development of identity during adolescence.
ID5: Examine psychological research into adolescence.