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This series is designed to teach you everything you need to know about ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, the Hawaiian Language. In each chapter, you will learn a little bit to broaden your understanding of the language, and will be able to speak it fluently in no time at all. Assuming that you know nothing about the language, I recommend you start with the introduction, learning a little about the Hawaiian language, then proceeding to Lesson One, not necessarily jumping right in and teaching you an overwhelming amount of words, but just explaining the general things that you will need to know as a foundation for this beautiful language. Those things that will be taught in Lesson One will be carried on in later lessons, and will constantly remind you of the grammar until you know it by heart.

Lessons/Nā haʻawina edit

Introduction – ʻŌlelo hoʻākāka

Beginners Start Here

More Sentence Structures- Pepeke


  • Lesson Five - Verbs
    • Tenses

Beyond the Beginning

This section is for those who have gone through the above lessons and understand everything they have studied. These next lessons are for those who want extra learning and/or practice with their Hawaiian language studies, contain general information about nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, etc. and are designed to expand the learner's vocabulary with the language. Each lesson has three parts, so feel free to skip around to any particular section that looks interesting to you. You may go through it in order, backwards, every other one, every other five — I prefer in order — but these were designed to be read through in no particular order. Explore to your heart's delight, and happy learning!
Lesson Six
School Materials
Lesson Seven
Around the House
Countries and Nationalities
Nature Terms
Lesson Eight
At the Beach
Lesson Nine
Lesson Ten
Around Town
Body Parts
Lesson Eleven
Prepositions and Transitions
Lesson Twelve
Questions and Answers
Lesson Thirteen
Lesson Texts / Nā haʻawina