Hawaiian/Lesson Two Quiz

For this quiz, the following table will help you as your "cheat sheet". Practice on memorizing the vocabulary, and remember, this is only a quiz.

Personal pronouns
Singular (1) Dual (2) Plural (3+)
1st 2nd 3rd incl. excl. 2nd 3rd 1st incl. 1st excl. 2nd 3rd
Case Nominative au 'oe ia kāua māua 'olua lāua kākou mākou 'oukou lākou
Genitive a-class ka'u kāu kāna kā kāua kā māua kā 'olua kā lāua kā kākou kā mākou kā 'oukou kā lākou
o-class ko'u kou kōna kō kāua kō māua kō 'olua kō lāua kō kākou kō mākou kō 'oukou kō lākou
affectionate ku'u Only used in 1st and 2nd person singular.
ia'u iā 'oe iā ia iā kāua iā māua iā 'olua iā lāua iā kākou iā mākou iā 'oukou iā lākou

Remember!!! Capitalize and punctuate all sentences.

Also!!! When you want to write a kahakō, (the line over a vowel making it longer) just add slashes around the letter you wish to lengthen. Ex: for "ā", write "/a/". Kāne=K/a/ne. etc.

Important!!! Did I remind you to punctuate all sentences?


1 Translate:

My friend is sick.

2 Translate:

His house is big.

3 Translate the underlined phrase:

Our father found little use for his old surf board, so he gave it to all of us.

4 Translate:

They two are tired.

5 Bonus Question! Translate into English:

Māluhiluhi 'oukou ma ke hale.