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Opening Scene

In the opening cinematic, Cecil and the crew of the Red Wings approach the city of Mysidia on a mission to take the Crystal of Water and return it to the empire of Baron. The crew objects to this theft of the Crystal, but Cecil ensures that they comply with their orders. Two Black Wizards, a White Wizard, and the Elder of Mysidia attempt to block the Red Wings, but the three wizards are slain and the Elder injured. The Red Wings take the Crystal.

The crew complains more, lamenting that the elite air force of Baron is reduced to looting missions. Cecil reminds them that the King of Baron's orders are absolute. The Red Wings are then attacked by monsters. Cecil blasts a trio of FloatEyes with the FireBomb spell and counters an attack by a Raven with the Lit-Bolt.

Upon the Red Wings' return to Baron, Cecil reports back to the King of Baron to hand over the Crystal. Chancellor Baigan picks up on Cecil's doubts about the morality of the mission, whispering about Cecil's disloyalty to the King. This leads to the King dismissing Cecil from his command. To demonstrate his loyalty, Cecil must hunt the Summoned Monsters of the Misty Valley and deliver a Package to the village of Mist. The Dragoon Kain protests this treatment of Cecil and is ordered by the King to accompany him.

Return to Final Fantasy IV

Beginning to Kaipo


File:FF4 WT 1a.jpg

The opening cutscene introduces you to Cecil, leader of the Red Wings of Baron. The Red Wings' morale is low, since they just completed a raid on the town of Mysidia, killing innocent, defenseless people in order to obtain a crystal. Cecil returns to Baron and questions the King's motive.

Angered at Cecil's perceived impudence, the king strips him of his title as Captain of the Red Wings and sends him and his friend Kain on a new mission: deliver the Carnelian Signet to the town of Mist and slay a Summon Monster.

Baron CastleEdit

File:FF4 WT 1b.jpg
Baron Castle Checklist:
  • Ether
  • Tent
  • 480 Gil

When you gain control of Cecil, exit the throne room through the south exit. You should be in a room with a few treasure chests behind a wall to the east. Press the switch on the wall near the eastern torch to access the treasure: Ether, Tent and 480 Gil.

You can explore the castle for more information, but that's it for treasure for now. To progress the story, go up the staircase on the west side of this room. In the next room, head south, and stop to chat with Rosa. After she leaves, go outside. Walk to the north, between the two parts of the castle until you are interrupted by Cid. After he leaves, go through the western door on the rounded tower. Climb the stairs until you are at the top, and climb into the bed.

Rosa visits you during the night and wishes you safe travels.


When you wake up, you will automatically meet up with Kain and leave the castle. After a brief cutscene, you appear on the overworld. At this point you can explore the town of Baron.

1 File:FF4 Overworld p1.png File:FF4 Overworld p2.png
2 File:FF4 Overworld p3.png File:FF4 Overworld p4.png

Town of BaronEdit

Town of Baron Checklist:
  • Potion x 3
  • Tent x 2
  • Bronze Hourglass
  • Maiden's Kiss (2D)
  • Ether (2D)
  • Gnomish Bread
  • Eye Drops
  • Gold Needle
  • Phoenix Down x 2
Item shop
Item Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Potion 30 30 30
Phoenix Down 150 100 100
Tent 200 100 100
Gysahl Greens 50 50 N/A
Remedy 100 N/A N/A
Ether 10000 N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 40
Eye Drops N/A 30 30
Gold Needle N/A 400 80
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 N/A
Bestiary N/A N/A 50

There are a few hidden items scattered around town. Check the two pots outside the inn and to the west of the house above the inn for two Potion. Follow the path to the north side of town and walk down the stairs into the water. Walk down through the waterfall and follow the waterway until you're in a pond outside of town. There are two invisible items hidden here: Tent and Bronze Hourglass. The first item is right outside the wall, and the other item is more to the south of the pond.

The last set of hidden items outside are a bit harder to find. From the building north of the Inn, cross the bridge to the east and then go north through an archway. There is a passage through the trees to the east - follow it north and then west to come out into a field. Keep going west and search for a Gold Needle. From that invisible item, go all the way south, to the wall, and then west until your character stops moving for a Phoenix Down. Then, go east, and down into a little nook to find another Phoenix Down.

Enter the inn and check the pot in the south side of the room before you get to the beds for a Potion. Go around to the east, and examine the crossed swords on the wall to open up a secret room with three chests: Gnomish Bread, Tent and Eye Drops.

The house north of the inn is Rosa's house. Chat with her family, if you like; they don't like Cecil and Kain too much. If you are playing the old 2D versions of the game, examine the pot and the bookshelf in the northern part of the room for Maiden's Kiss and Ether.

The weapon and armor shops here are closed for now, but you can enter the item shop and stock up on anything you might need.

Chocobo ForestEdit

If you'd like a free ride to the Mist Cave with no enemy encounters interrupting you, head to the Chocobo Forest to catch a ride. The Chocobo Forest is a small octagon-shaped forest, located southwest of Baron, just beyond the desert.

Search the tall grass inside for a hidden chest with Gysahl Greens inside. Interact with a yellow Chocobo wandering around to get a ride. There is also a white Chocobo, who can restore your MP, but the boys don't have any MP to restore.

Mist CaveEdit

File:FF4 WT 1c.jpg
Mist Cave Checklist:
  • Potion x 2
  • Tent
  • Eye Drops

Head northwest from Baron until until you reach a mountain cave.

From the cave entrance, head east and go up the stairs. Follow the ridge back to the west, and down a set of stairs. Take the stairs to the north, and continue up the next two flights of stairs as well. Open the chest for Potion. Go back down one flight of stairs, then east across a bridge. Take the first flight of stairs you come to and head east for a chest with Eye Drops. Go back down the stairs and head south, down two more flights of stairs. Then, go around to the northwest until you come to another set of stairs. There is a chest at the top of the stairs with Tent.

File:FF4 WT 1d.jpg

Go back around the lake to the east, and up one flight of stairs. Head east, picking up the Potion from the chest along the way. Head north, across a bridge, then head for the cave exit. Now would be a great time to heal up. Just as you are about to leave the cave, someone warns you not to go any further. When asked if you are going to ignore the voice's warnings, choose Yes to start the battle with the Mist Dragon.

Boss: Mist DragonEdit

Level 10 HP: 465 Weakness: - Gil: 200 Exp: 700
File:FF4 WT 1e.jpg
File:FF4 WT 1f.jpg

This battle is fairly simple: just attack with Cecil and Jump with Kain. However, when the dragon turns into mist as pictured to right, choose the Defend command or the dragon will retaliate with a Freezing Mist attack. You can also just wait on a menu for the dragon to reform.


File:FF4 WT 1g.jpg

After you exit the cave, head east and enter the town of Mist.

Cecil takes only a few steps into town before the ring begins to glow, summoning Bombs and destroying the town! While surveying the damage, they find a girl, who says that something happened to her mother since her Dragon died. Cecil lets slip that they killed the dragon, and the girl attacks.

The girl summons Titan, causing an earthquake. Cecil is knocked out, but awakens shortly, and finds himself separated from Kain - but still with the girl. The girl is safe, and Cecil decides to help her - it's the least he can do.


Kaipo Checklist:
  • Ether
File:FF4 WT 1h.jpg

Head to the east, through the desert until you reach a small oasis and a town. As soon as you enter the town, Cecil heads straight for the Inn. The Innkeeper generously lends him a bed, free of charge, so the girl can rest.

File:FF4 WT 1i.jpg

As soon as Cecil settles in for the night, soldiers from Baron invade the inn, demanding that he hand over the girl. Cecil refuses to comply, and is forced to fight off the soldiers. To maximize rewards, consider killing the general before all 3 of the guards so he does not flee the fight. This means you probably don't want to use darkness because it will kill all the guards and cause the general to flee.

After you defeat the soldiers, the girl asks Cecil if he was hurt fighting the soldiers. She makes Cecil promise to protect her, and tells him her name: Rydia. She will then join the party fully equipped. Note that her rod can be used as an item in combat for an effective attack, but she joins at level 1. It would be ideal to level her up around town before taking her to the next area. Make sure she is in the back row for combat.

File:FF4 WT 1j.jpg
File:FF4 WT 1k.jpg

Go to the house in the northeast part of town. The old lady inside the house tells you that a woman collapsed outside the town of desert fever, and only mutters Cecil's name. Speak to Rosa, and then the man in the room with her. You'll learn that you need to find a Sand Pearl to cure her desert fever, which you can find in the Antlion's cave.

Before you leave town, take some time to explore the town and stock up on any supplies. There is a single hidden item in a pot just north of the weapon shop: Ether.

Item shop
Item Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Potion 30 30 30
Phoenix Down 150 100 100
Tent 200 100 100
Gysahl Greens 50 50 N/A
Remedy 100 N/A N/A
Ether 10000 N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 40
Eye Drops N/A 30 30
Gold Needle N/A 400 80
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 N/A
Emergency Exit N/A N/A 200
Armor shop Weapon shop
Armor Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D) Weapon Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Leather Cap 100 100 100 Rod 100 100 100
Clothes 50 50 50 Staff 160 160 160
Leather Garb 200 200 200 Bow 220 220 220
Iron Armlet 100 100 100 Iron Arrows 10 10 50

Watery Pass & Antlion

Underground WaterwayEdit

Entrance to the Underground Waterway from the overworld
Entrance to the Underground Waterway from the overworld
Underground Waterway Checklist:
  • Iron Ring
  • Ice Rod
  • Feathered Cap
  • Shadow Blade
  • Hades Helm
  • Hades Gloves
  • Hades Armor
  • Potion x 2
  • Maiden's Kiss
  • Tent
  • 700 Gil
  • Phoenix Down
  • X-Potion
  • Dry Ether
  • Ether x 2
  • Bomb Fragment
  • Antarctic Wind
  • Bronze Hourglass
  • Hermes Sandals

Leave Kaipo and head northeast, through the desert, until you see a cave: the Underground Waterway.

Underground Waterway South

From the cave entrance, go north across a bridge and up a set of stairs for two chests with Potion and Maiden's Kiss. Return to the entrance, then head west, across a bridge. Take a detour to the south for another chest, with a Tent. Cross the bridge to the north to meet Tellah. He explains that he is on his way to Damcyan. However, he's not strong enough to defeat the monster blocking the way. He joins your party, figuring that if you combine your power, you can defeat it.


Now's a good time to familiarize yourself with how the front and back rows work in this game. Rydia has low maximum HP right now, so put her in the second party slot, which sticks her in the back row.

After Tellah joins your party, check out his equipment and have him equip anything you're not currently using that's better than what he has. Cross the bridge to the west after you've got him geared up. If you're playing the older 2D versions, the chest just across the bridge contains 120 Gil. Continue across two bridges to the east, then go down the stairs to the south, and back up through the waterfall for a chest with Iron Ring.

Head back down the waterfall and walk around to the west. There is a hidden entrance in the middle tile of the waterfall. Inside the Waterfall Grotto are three chests with Phoenix Down, X-Potion, and Dry Ether.

Exit the grotto, walk all the way back to the stairs on the eastern side of the room, and back to the west across the three bridges. Take the first set of stairs up and into the next area.

Underground Waterway
Underground Waterway

Underground Waterway B2

Follow the ridge to the north, across a bridge, then head down the stairs. At the first branching path in the water, go east and up two short flights of stairs for a chest with Potion. Go back down the stairs and continue south through the water. Take the longer set of stairs up, and continue west on the ridge. At the end of the ridge is a chest with Ether. Go back east, and cross the bridge to the south. After you cross the bridge, go west, and across another bridge. Enter the door in the wall.

When you enter this room, Tellah explains that this spot is a magic field that repels monsters, allowing you to rest in a Tent or Cottage, and save the game. He talks some about his daughter, Anna, who eloped with a Bard to Damcyan. Tellah talks about the monster blocking the way to Damcyan - a creature with eight tentacles - before it's too late. Too late for what? Tellah doesn't know; he only hopes his instincts are wrong.

Exit the room to the north to come back out into the main room. Cross a bridge to the west and take a short detour north for a chest with Ice Rod. Go down both flights of stairs to the south, then walk east through the water. Head up the flight of stairs to the north and through the door.

Ice Rod

The Ice Rod functions the same as other items with similar names in the previous Final Fantasy titles. During battle, you can enter the Item menu, press up, and use the Ice Rod to cast Blizzard for free. This is great for when your mages get low on MP.

Undeground Waterway
Undeground Waterway

Underground Waterway B3

Head south, then cross the bridge to the west. Go south until you come to a branching path. To the east you'll find two chests with 580 Gil and Bomb Fragment. Return to the branching path and continue west, then north up the stairs.

From the entrance of this room, go west into a secret passage. The passage goes north, east, then south, to a chest just on the other side of the wall from where you entered, holding a Feathered Cap. Head back to the main room through the secret passage, and continue north up the stairs from the entrance. Grab the Potion from the chest on the way, then continue to the next floor.

Underground Waterway North

Follow the path north, then take the staircase to the west down. Follow the path around to the west for a chest with Ether. Take the short staircase to the north and grab the Antarctic Wind from the chest. Head back to the east and cross the bridge. You'll see the stairs to the next area, but don't go through them just yet. Instead, head south, down three flights of stairs, and grab the two chests with Bronze Hourglass and Shadow Blade. Be sure to equip the new sword to Cecil.

Now, head back up the stairs and head to the next area. Tellah tells you that the stairs lead outside, and that the monster is in the cave beyond, reminding you that you can use a Tent on the overworld to heal up. And, don't forget to save, too!

Chests in the Underground Falls area
Chests in the Underground Falls area

Underground Falls

There is a large waterfall as soon as you enter. When you approach, you fall down the waterfall to the next level. Take the stairs and follow the path around to the south. When you come to a large staircase, go down it for two chests: Hades Helm and Hades Gloves'. Again, equip these to Cecil right away. Go back up the stairs and cross the bridge, then go through the door.

Underground Lake
Underground Lake

Underground Lake B1

Head east across the bridge and open the two chests for the last piece of armor for Cecil: Hades Armor. The other chest contains Hermes Sandals, which is not equipment, despite the name. Cross the brige to the north, take the stairs down into the water, and heal up before approaching the writhing mass of tentacles in the waterfall.

Boss: OctomammothEdit

Level 10 HP: 2350 Weakness: Lightning, Dark Gil: 500 Exp: 1200

The Octomammoth only looks intimidating! With two strong magic users and a strong physical attacker, he should be no match for you.

Rydia probably knows Thunder by this point, but she can do more damage Summoning Chocobo each turn. Have Tellah cast Thunder to exploit Octomammoth's weakness, and heal the party as needed. Don't forget you can heal everyone in the party at once by pressing right while selecting a healing target.

Octomammoth is weak to Dark. You might think that Cecil's Darkness ability can exploit this weakness as well, but despite the name, it only deals non-elemental damage. Just have Cecil attack with his sword.

As you wear down Octomammoth, he loses his tentacles until he has just one left. After you defeat the Octomammoth walk through the waterfall that it had previously been guarding.


Damcyan Castle Checklist:
  • Feathered Cap
  • Crossbow
  • Ruby Ring
  • Holy Arrows x 20
  • Iron Arrows x 10
  • Tent
  • Potion
  • Phoenix Down
  • Ether
  • Antidote
  • Eye Drops
  • Gold Needle
Damcyan Castle
Damcyan Castle

Walk around to the northeast, where Damcyan Castle comes into view. Before you get too close, airships fly in and bomb the castle! The party was too late!

Enter the castle anyway, and walk up a few flights of stairs. On the second floor, there is a single, unplundered chest with a Tent. Continue on to the third floor, where you spy a woman lying on the ground. It is Anna, Tellah's daughter. Furious, Tellah attacks the bard standing nearby, Edward. That spoony bard!

Anna is hanging on for life, and begs Tellah to understand her love for Edward. Edward explains that Baron's Red Wings, led by Golbez, attacked Damcyan and took its crystal. Anna passes on, and Tellah vows to get his revenge on Golbez, then storms out of the castle. Cecil convinces Edward to join the party to search for the Sand Pearl. Edward says you can find Sand Pearls in the Antlion's Den to the east, and even lets you use his hovercraft.

But before we go save Rosa, let's do a bit of looting, shall we? Head back into the castle, but don't go through the gate. Instead head around to the east and enter the small room - the Damcyan Castle Dungeon. Talk to the guard in front of the switch to open a room containing a secret passage that leads you into the dungeon cells. The chests contain Crossbow, Feathered Cap, and Ruby Ring. Exit the cells and head down the stairs for a whole lot more loot: Potion, Antidote, Eye Drops, Gold Needle, Phoenix Down, and Ether. All but one pot contain treasure too: Holy Arrows x 20 and Iron Arrows x 10.

If you return to the third floor of the castle, you can chat with a few of the survivors. There are also two magic pots in the east and the west wing. The east pot restores your MP and the west pot restores your HP and removes status effects.

Antlion's DenEdit

Antlion's Den Checklist:
  • Lamia Harp
  • Potion x 3
  • Spider Silk x 2
  • Tent
  • Gold Needle
  • Antarctic Wind
  • Emergency Exit
Shallows to the Antlion's Den
Shallows to the Antlion's Den

Use the hovercraft to fly to the northeast part of the desert, and travel across the shallow water to the other expanse of land. If you see a mountain with a curvy path leading up to it, you've gone too far east. The Antlion's Cave is in a mountain range just north of a desert. Save, and head inside.

Antlion's Den stairs to B2
Antlion's Den stairs to B2

Antlion's Den B1

Walk down the stairs, then go west, and north under a bridge for a chest with Potion. Then, pass back under the bridge and continue west, taking the stairs up to another chest with Spider Silk. If you're playing the SNES version of the game, you'll have to walk back up to the entrance of the cave and cross the bridge for that chest.

Head south, down a set of stairs, then around to the east and up another set of stairs for a Tent. Just beyond that chest is another, containing a Potion. Go back down the stairs, back to the north. Head east when you come to the staircase again, and continue east until you come to a path under a bridge to the north. The chest there contains Potion. Head south, then go east and up a set of stairs. All the way to the north is a chest with Gold Needle. Go south, and down the stairs to the next floor.

Antlion's Den B2

Go south, down two sets of stairs, and grab the Antarctic Wind from the chest. Continue down the next set of stairs, then go up the other set of stairs immediately to the east and through the door. Either staircase in this room takes you to a chest with Lamia Harp, a good harp for Edward that can cause confusion when used to attack. Exit the room.

From the main room, head east, then north up a long staircase. Continue north, and take the stairs to the next floor. Back on B1, follow the path to the east and go through the door. There is a rest area here, so heal up with a Tent, and save the game. There are three chests in the room as well, with Phoenix Down, Ether, and Emergency Exit. Exit the room, and go back to B2.

Back on B2, head north up a set of stairs, then east, for a chest with Potion. Go back down the stairs, and west across a bridge for Spider Silk. There are two areas that you could explore in this room, to the west and south, but there aren't any hidden items or chests to be found. From the last chest you opened, just go back across the bridge, then south down a set of stairs. Head west, and south down another set of stairs, then through the stairs to the next floor.

Antlion's Nest

Here, simply go south, down the stairs. Heal up before the fourth set of stairs, since you will be facing the owner of the nest soon...

Boss: AntlionEdit

Level 12 HP: 1100 Weakness: - Gil: 800 Exp: 1500

It's okay. Antlions are quite tame.


Any time you attack the Antlion with a weapon, it counters with a powerful needle attack. However, Rydia's magic and Edward's songs do not trigger the counterattack. Have Rydia use the Chocobo summon for a heavy-hitting physical strike that Antlion won't counter.

When you have defeated the Antlion, use the Emergency Exit you found earlier, or save it and walk back out of the Antlion's Den.

Return to KaipoEdit

Shallows to Kaipo
Shallows to Kaipo
Giving Rosa the Desert Pearl
Giving Rosa the Desert Pearl

Fly the hovercraft west past Damcyan, and continue to the southwest of the desert. Cross the shallow water back to the desert where Kaipo is.

Back in Kaipo, go to the house where Rosa is staying, and use the Desert Pearl on her. When she awakens, she will tell you more about the newly appointed Red Wings captain, Golbez, who appears to be manipulating the king to claim the crystals for himself.

The party will rest for the night, but Edward decides to go for a nighttime walk.

Edward's fightEdit

Edward's battle with the Sahagin
Edward's battle with the Sahagin

Edward goes outside alone to play some music and mourn the loss of his beloved Anna. His rumination is interrupted by a Sahagin attack! Edward must fight off the Sahagin alone, but the battle is fairly simple. Just attack with the harp and you will win easily.

Mt. Hobs to Fabul

Mount HobsEdit

Entrance to Mt. Hobs
Entrance to Mt. Hobs
Mount Hobs Checklist:
  • Holy Arrows x 10
  • Tent
  • Potion
  • Gold Needle
  • 960 Gil

The party has a new mission: get to Fabul's crystal before Golbez does. First, you'll have to pass through Mount Hobs. To get there, board the hovercraft, and head back to the shallows to the northwest. Take a detour in Damcyan if you need to heal, then continue through the shallows in the northeast. Mount Hobs is in the mountains to the east of the Antlion's Den.

Mount Hobs West Slope
Mount Hobs West Slope

Mount Hobs West Slope

If you accidentally came here before while searching for the Antlion's Den, you may have already seen the wall of ice keeping you from going further. Once you enter, Rosa will coax Rydia into using Fire to melt the barrier of ice. Rydia is able to use the Fire spell in battle from that point on as well.

Head up the stairs to the west, and enter the first door you come to.

Mount Hobs Vista

There is a save point here - kind of soon, isn't it? There are also four chests to the south, holding Tent, Potion, Gold Needle, and 960 Gil. Head back to the previous area, and continue on the path to the east, and through the next door.

Yang fighting off monsters
Yang fighting off monsters

Mount Hobs Summit

From the entrance, head east, but skip past the stairs to get a chest with Holy Arrows for Rosa. Go up the first set of stairs, heal up if you didn't before now, and watch in awe as a single monk - Yang - takes out a group of enemies. However, the party decides to step in when a Bomb enters the fray. It's no ordinary bomb; get ready to face the Mom Bomb!

Boss: Mom BombEdit

Level 15 HP: 11000 Weakness: Dark Gil: 1200 Exp: 1900

Good grief! That's a bomb!

Mom Bomb
Mom Bomb

Simply attack Mom Bomb with physical attacks, and have Rosa keep the party healed up. Rydia's Chocobo Summon is effective here, and Rosa's Aim ability lets her do a bit more damage while she isn't healing.

After taking around 1,500 damage, Mom Bomb transforms and starts a countdown. At the end of the countdown, she explodes into 6 bombs. Try to take out all of the bombs at once, so use multi-target moves such as Yang's Kick and Cecil's Darkness.

Once you defeat the 6 smaller bombs, the fight is over. Now, you'll have to descend Mount Hobs into Fabul. Go through the door that the monsters blocked previously. Walk east across the bridge, then south down a slope to get back out to the overworld.



After leaving Mount Hobs, go east, then north. Follow the coastline around to the east until you see a break in the mountain range. Head east through this break, and work your way southeast until you see Fabul, a fortress with a moat and two bridges around it.

Fabul Castle Checklist:
  • Demon Shield
  • Hermes Sandals
  • Spider Silk
  • Ether
  • Zeus's Wrath
  • Bomb Fragment
  • Antarctic Wind
  • Potion
  • Tent
  • Bacchus' Wine
Item shop
Item Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Potion 30 30 30
Phoenix Down 150 100 100
Tent 200 100 100
Gysahl Greens 50 50 N/A
Remedy 100 N/A N/A
Ether 10000 N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 40
Eye Drops N/A 30 30
Gold Needle N/A 400 80
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 N/A
Armor and Weapon shop
Item Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Flame Claws 350 350 350
Ice Claws 350 450 450
Lightning Claws 550 550 550
Demon Helm 980 980 980
Demon Armor 3000 3000 3000
Demon Gloves 800 800 800
Fabul throne room
Fabul throne room

Go through the castle's courtyard and into the door. In the next room, there is an Inn and item shop to the west, and a weapon and armor shop on the right. Be sure to purchase sufficient healing items, and rest up at the Inn if needed. The Demon armor that is available for sale at the armor shop is an upgrade for Cecil if you have the money for it. Unequip all gear from Rosa and Rydia, and equip the best available gear to Cecil, Edward and Yang.

When your preparations are complete, head through the door in the north part of the room, up the stairs, and into the Fabul Castle Throne Room. The party made it just in time to join in the defense of Fabul's crystal! Edward, Cecil, and Yang head to the front gate to fight off Baron soldiers.

Defense of FabulEdit

File:FF4 WT 3h.jpg

During the defense of Fabul, you will be locked into a series of six battles, with no break in between. The enemies are fairly simple to beat; most of them you've already fought before. The Baron soldiers are slightly tougher since the unit in the back row can issue a Charge command to his cohorts, which gives each of the remaining units a priority attack. Be sure to keep your party healed with Edward's Salve ability.

Enemy waves during the defense of Fabul
Battle SNES/PS enemies GBA enemies 3D remake/PSP enemies
1 Officer, Fighter x 2 General, Baron Warrior x 2 Captain, Baron Marine x 2
2 Weeper, Water Hag, Imp Cap Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi
3 Gargoyle Gargoyle Captain, Baron Marine x 2
4 Officer, Fighter x 2 General, Baron Warrior x 2 Gargoyle
5 Weeper, Water Hag, Imp Cap Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi
6 Officer, Fighter x 2 General, Baron Warrior x 2 Captain, Baron Marine x 2

As frustrating as it is to easily take out enemies only for your party to retreat unnecessarily to the crystal room, just roll with it.

File:FF4 WT 3i.jpg

Suddenly Kain enters the room. You automatically enter into battle with him. You can attack him, but there is no way to win, and eventually he defeats you. Then, Golbez enters, taking the Crystal and Rosa. Rydia brings the remaining members of your party back to life, and motivates the party to search for Rosa and the crystal. First, though, let's search for hidden items.

Exit the Crystal Room, and go west to the end of a corridor with a pot, which is hiding Hermes Sandals. Then go east to another corridor. Step on the button at the end to open a hidden passage to a treasure room with Spider Silk, Demon Shield, and Ether. Exit the throne room to the south, then go around the stairs down to the next floor and through a door in the southern wall.

Out on the castle rampart, go through the door immediately to the west. The left pot on the northern part of the room holds Zeus's Wrath, and the three chests contain Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind, and Potion. All the way at the top of this tower is Yang's wife, Sheila. Once you're done, head back out to the castle rampart.

Next, go through the western door. Head up the stairs to the next room, and watch the entertaining dancer's dance. Then, examine the bottom-most pot on the east side of the room for Bacchus' Wine. Go up the stairs and open the chest for a Tent. The king encourages you to rest at the inn, so take his advice. Head back down the tower, and back through the middle door. Take the stairs down, and go to the inn.

The party formulates a plan to steal an airship from Baron, using a ship to travel there. Yang decides to talk to the king in the morning to arrange for a ship. Then, the party rests for the night. In the morning, the party goes to see the king, who readily agrees to lend you a ship. He also gives Cecil a powerful new sword. Exit the castle, and into the overworld.

File:FF4 WT 3k.jpg

To the east is the ship that the king prepared for you. Remove equipment from everyone except Cecil, then board the ship. The ship sails itself for now, so just enjoy the ride, and the ensuing cutscene.

Mt. Ordeals


Item shop
Item Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Potion 30 30 30
Hi-Potion 150 150 150
Phoenix Down 150 100 100
Tent 200 100 100
Cottage 1000 500 500
Remedy 100 N/A N/A
Ether 10000 N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 40
Echo Herbs N/A 50 50
Gold Needle N/A 400 80
Emergency Exit N/A N/A 200
Bestiary N/A N/A 50
Weapon and Armor shops
Weapon Cost Armor Cost
Ice Rod 220 Lustrous Shield 700
Flame Rod 380 Wizard's Hat 700
Healing Staff 480 Lustrous Helm 4000
Power Bow 700 Gaia Gear 500
Holy Arrows 20/500 (3D) Knight's Armor 8000
Silver Armlet 650
Gauntlets 3000

Cecil awakens all alone on an island, but fortunately there is a small town nearby. Enter the town to find that Cecil is no stranger here! This is Mysidia, the town the Red Wings attacked at the beginning of the game, after all.

As you can imagine, most of the villagers are quite upset to see Cecil. One of the Black Mages near the entrance goes so far as to turn him into a Toad on sight! (Just speak to him again to be un-Toaded). In the inn, a dancer's mesmerizing dance turns Cecil into a Pig. (Watch the dance again to return to normal.) The bartender serves him a spiked drink, and you will need an Antidote to remove that effect. But don't worry, they'll still sell you weapons, armor, and items as usual, even though you could - as one of the villagers put it - use the weapons to butcher the people of Mysidia.

Hall of Prayers
Hall of Prayers

Ener the Hall of Prayers on the north part of town. The elder recognizes Cecil as well, and Cecil apologizes for his actions. The elder tells Cecil to go to Mount Ordeals and attune to the light to become a Paladin. He even sends the black mage Palom and white mage Porom to assist on Cecil's quest.

Before leaving town, stop by the armor shop and buy better gear and weapons for Porom and Palom. If you have the gil to burn, pick up the set of Paladin armor for Cecil to use later: Lustrous Helm, Lustrous Shield and Knight's Armor. Stock up on any healing items you might need, but especially Echo Herbs and Antidote. If you used your Emergency Exit in the Antlion's Den pick up a couple here in case of an emergency. Leave town when your preparations are complete.

Mount OrdealsEdit

Mount Ordeals
Mount Ordeals
Mount Ordeals Checklist:
  • Potion x 2
  • Ether x 2

Head east from Mysidia, following the eastern coast as it winds around to the north. There will be a circle of forest around a cluster of mountains, which is your destination: Mount Ordeals. There is a Chocobo Forest south of Mount Ordeals. Don't forget that you can talk to a white Chocobo to restore your MP.

Inside Mount Ordeals, a wall of fire blocks your path. Palom uses his powerful ice magic to destroy the wall, allowing you to continue. Meanwhile, we see Rosa all tied up, and hear some of Golbez' nefarious plans, namely, that he is sending the archfiend Scarmiglione to deal with Cecil.

Follow the path around to the east, past the staircase, and open the chest for Potion. Go up the staircase and head east again for another Potion. Take the stairs to the west, then go through the door to the next area.

Reunited with Tellah
Reunited with Tellah

The next area is fairly linear - simply head to the north. Just before you reach the door to the next area, a familiar face appears: Tellah! Cecil breaks the news to Tellah that Edward and Rydia died in Leviathan's attack, and that Golbez took Rosa. Tellah reveals that he is here to learn the powerful Meteor spell. After the chat, Tellah rejoins the party. Be sure to check his equipment, and equip anything that might be good for him.

In the next area, head west past the ramp up, until you see a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs is a chest with Ether. Return to the ramp, then go east and up two sets of stairs. Cross the bridge, then go south for a chest with Ether. Head north and through the door to the next area.

Battle on the small bridge
Battle on the small bridge

In the next area, the party hears a strange noise, which Porom dismisses as Palom messing around. Head north, cross the bridge to the east, and rest up at the save point. Then, cross back over the bridge and continue north. Porom hears the noise again, and Palom insists he's not doing it.

When you go to cross the bridge at the top of the stairs, the maker of the noise reveals itself: the archfiend, Scarmiglione!

Boss: ScarmiglioneEdit

Level 15 HP: 3500 Weakness: - Gil: 2000 Exp: 3200
Scarmiglione battle 1
Scarmiglione battle 1

Scarmiglione brought a few Undead friends, so use Fire or Cure and Cura to take them out first. Just note that Scarmiglione does not take damage from healing items or spells like his cohorts. Cecil should attack Scarmiglione, since his physical attacks are not very effective against the adds. Be prepared to heal through Scarmiglione's Thunder counter after Cecil attacks.

After you defeat Scarmiglione, backtrack to the save point to heal and save, just to be safe. You should also re-order your party so that tankier units such as Cecil and Telah are in the back row, and weaker units such as Porom and Palom are in the front row.

Sure enough, when you try to cross the bridge again, Scarmiglione, empowered in death, attacks again!

Level 15 HP: 3523 Weakness: Fire, Sacred Power, Thrown Gil: 2500 Exp: 3600
Scarmiglione battle 2
Scarmiglione battle 2

Scarmiglione is back, this time with exactly 23 more HP, and a new moveset. The battle is also a back attack, meaning the row formations are reversed. Fortunately, Scarmiglione did not bring any cohorts to this fight. He will often cast status effects such as Curse, Blind, and Poison, which Tellah can cure with Esuna. However, it may be easier to simply heal the party as needed, and focus down the boss.

The strategy is more or less the same from the first fight: have Cecil attack with his sword, and have the others cast Fire or Cure. Taking the time to have Porom and Palom use Twincast is quite effective; just have Tellah heal them so an untimely death doesn't cancel the spell.

After you have dealt with Scarmiglione for what will almost certainly be the last time, continue across the bridge and walk up to the tombstones. The party enters a room in the tombstone, and Cecil obtains a shining sword of light, which turns him into a Paladin. However, his Dark Knight self attacks!

Boss: Dark Knight CecilEdit

Cecil's battle against himself
Cecil's battle against himself

You may be tempted to attack with the shiny new sword, cast Cure, or try out the new Cover ability that Cecil gained, but resist the temptation for now. Do absolutely nothing in this battle, except sit on the action selection menu, taking the hits from Cecil's Dark Knight self. Eventually, your enemy stops attacking.

After the battle, Cecil becomes a proper Paladin, as evidenced by the fanfare. Tellah also realizes that he now remembers all of the spells that he had forgotten. On top of that, Tellah also learns Meteor. Palom tries to tell Cecil something, but Tellah's excitement and desire to avenge Anna cuts her off.

You can ride a Chocobo all the way back to Mysidia to avoid battling. However, Cecil starts at level 1, so he could use the experience.

Head back down the mountain, saving and resting up at the save point if needed. If you picked up Paladin armor for Cecil before heading to Mount Ordeals, be sure to equip it now. Once back on the overworld, make your way back to Mysidia to report Cecil's success to the Elder.

The Devil's RoadEdit

Entrance to Serpent Road
Entrance to Serpent Road

Return to Mysidia, and speak with the Elder in the Hall of Prayers. The Elder recognizes the sword that Cecil obtained on the mountain, and tells him the legend of the sword. Palom and Porom reveal that they had been spying on Cecil, but that with his transformation into a Paladin, he has redeemed himself. The Elder opens the entrance to the Devil's Road, so that the party can make their way to Baron. The twins decide to tag along on Cecil and Tellah's quest for revenge.

If you didn't pick up Paladin armor for Cecil, make sure you do that now, since he cannot wear any of his old Dark Knight gear anymore. There are a few items that Tellah would benefit from wearing as well.

Now that Cecil is a Paladin, some of the villagers react differently. Some recognize his brilliant light, and forgive him of his actions as a Dark Knight. Others still cannot forget so easily. However, Cecil no longer gets turned into a toad by the villager outside, or poisoned at the bar. The dancer still turns Cecil into a pig, though.

After your preparations are complete, go to the northeast part of town and enter the building - the entrance to the Devil's Road. The party follows the path all the way to Baron.

Return to Baron

Town of Baron, revisitedEdit

Battle against Yang
Battle against Yang

Before exiting the Devil's Road, take a minute to equip any Ruby Ring you might have to your party. Head up the stairs to emerge into the town of Baron. Villagers talk of the rowdy soldiers that have taken over the pub. Head to the Inn to bust up the Baron baddies.

When the party enters the pub, who else do they find but Yang, sharing a table with the Baron soldiers! Cecil approaches Yang, but upon recognizing Cecil, he orders his companions to attack the party.

The soldiers are no huge pushovers, thanks to their ability to cast Pig and Mini. However, anyone you equipped with the Ruby Ring gains resistance to the Pig status. All you should need to worry about is casting Esuna on any party members afflicted with Mini.

After you defeat the soldiers, Yang will step in to finish the job himself. Just keep attacking him and keep your party healed. Even if you got a bit roughed up by the soldiers before, Yang shouldn't be too difficult to beat.

Once Yang is defeated, the mind control that Golbez had placed on him is released. As the party is planning their raid, Yang realizes he literally holds the key to a silent infiltration of the castle: the Baron Key, which can unlock the Ancient Waterway. Now that the party is also back in the area, you can return to Mist to, well, loot the smoldering remains.

The Baron KeyEdit

Town of Baron Checklist:
  • Zeus's Wrath
  • 2000 Gil
Weapon and armor shop
Weapon Cost Armor Cost
Thunder Rod 700 Headband 450
Healing Staff 450 (SNES)/ 480 Kenpo Gi 4000
Flame Claws 350 Silver Armlet 650
Ice Claws 450
Lightning Claws 550

Yang's key unlocks more than just the Ancient Waterway: it also unlocks the weapon and armor shop that was locked last time the party was in Baron. Despite being locked, the store is staffed, and you can buy anything that might be good for your party.

After you've made all your purchases, head down to the southeast corner of the weapon and armor shop. If you continue south of the stool in the corner, you'll enter a secret passage. Follow the passage around the east side of the room, and behind the counter of the shop. The two chests contain Zeus's Wrath and 2000 Gil.


Mist Checklist:
  • Gold Hairpin/Tiara
  • Clothing
  • Ruby Ring
  • Polymorph Rod
  • Bomb Fragment x 3
Weapon and armor shop
Weapon Cost Armor Cost
Whip 3000 Bard's Tunic 700 / 70 (GBA)
Dancing Dagger 5000

The only building that seemed to survive the Bomb attack from the beginning of the game is the house north of the Inn: Rydia's house. Walk into the fireplace, and east, to find three chests, with Gold Hairpin, Clothing and Ruby Ring. Step east to enter another hidden passage, and work your way south to a single chest with a Polymorph Rod. In the 3D versions of the game, the MP +50% augment can be found near the fireplace.

There is a Bomb Fragment hidden in the grass to the east of the pond outside Rydia's house. From the well outside the armor shop, head east through a secret passage to a little grassy clearing. There are two more Bomb Fragments hidden in the grass here.

If you have copious bag space and money, it may be a good idea to pick up the items from the weapon and armor shops; we have a Bard waiting in the wings after all. The Inn here is quite cheap as well - a paltry 50 gil - so stay the night, before heading back to the town of Baron to continue on your quest.

The Ancient WaterwayEdit

Using the Baron Key on the door to the Ancient Waterway
Using the Baron Key on the door to the Ancient Waterway
The Ancient Waterway Checklist:
  • Hi-Potion
  • Ether
  • Zeus's Wrath
  • Hermes Sandals
  • Bronze Hourglass
  • Spider Silk
  • Ether
  • 1000 Gil
  • Ancient Sword

The entrance to the Ancient Waterway is on the far west side of the town of Baron, through a door in the wall. When prompted to use an item on the door, select the Baron Key. Before you head down the stairs, go through the middle tile in the east wall and grab the chest with 1000 Gil.

The Ancient Waterway
The Ancient Waterway

In the first area, follow the path south over a bridge, and continue south at the intersection. There are three chests, holding Hi-Potion, Ether, and Zeus's Wrath. Head back to the north, east at the intersection, and then north. Cross the three bridges, follow the path around to the east, then cross three more bridges. Take the stairs to the next area.

In the second area, take the stairs down into the water, and walk all the way to the south. Follow the secret passage into the next room, and take the Bronze Hourglass from the chest. Go south in this room again, and follow the secret passage to another room with another chest at the top of the stairs, this time with Spider Silk. Go back the way you came until you're in the first room of this area. Head east through a secret passage, then through another secret passage in the east wall in the next room. There is a chest in the middle of an island in this room, with Hermes Sandals.

Secret passage in the Ancient Waterway
Secret passage in the Ancient Waterway

Four rocks on the east side of this room point to a secret passage. Head through it, then climb the stairs to the next area.

The third area is fairly linear: simply follow the path, and take the stairs up. Before you head to the next floor, go west for a chest with Ether. Then, continue on to the next floor.

The fourth floor has a save point through the door to the west. Save your game, but hang on to your Tent unless you're in dire straits - a free heal is just around the corner. An Ancient Sword is hidden in the top of the right wall of the room. Exit the safe room and take the stairs in the eastern part of the room to officially start the invasion on Baron Castle.

Baron CastleEdit

Baron Castle
Baron Castle

The party emerges from the Ancient Waterway into the moat of Baron castle. Follow the moat around to the west, and enter the castle courtyard through the arch. If you chose not to use a Tent in the Ancient Waterway, head for Cecil's room in the rounded tower in the northwestern part of the castle, and sleep in the bed.

After healing up, exit Cecil's tower, and go south, then into the door in the southeast. Take the stairs up to come out on a rampart, and take the stairs across the way back down to enter the castle.

Baigan approaches the party, seemingly eager to assist Cecil in his fight against Golbez. The twins, however, sense Baigan's evil intent and warn Cecil. His true nature revealed, Baigan attacks!

Boss: BaiganEdit

Level 9 HP: 4444 Weakness: - Gil: 3000 Exp: 4800

Baigan's two arms can attack independently, and regenerate after being defeated. The arms can cast Paralyze and Drain. Baigan's main body should be focused down since the arms regenerate too quickly to be worth too much effort. The arms are fortunately susceptible to Slow, so you can at least reduce the amount of spells hitting the party.

Attacking Baigan with a spell causes a reactionary cast of Reflect. To get around this, have Tellah cast Reflect on your party to put up your own reflective barrier, then cast magic on the protected party member. The magic will bounce off the party member's shield and hit Baigan. Palom and Porom's Twincast can be effective here, since Comet goes through Reflect. However, Pyroblast does not, so weigh the risk before casting.

Keep the party healed up, because Baigan's arms each explode after the body is defeated. You may have a short window to cast a big heal after one Self Destructs.

After you defeat Baigan, you can backtrack to the Ancient Waterway to save if you'd like, or simply heal up in the bed in Cecil's tower. You can also take this opportunity to grab some extra loot that wasn't accessible at the beginning of the game.

Looting Baron CastleEdit

Baron Castle Checklist:
  • Ether x 4
  • Unicorn Horn x 2
  • Phoenix Down x 2
  • Hermes Sandals x 2
  • Bacchus's Wine x 2
  • Hi-Potion x 2
  • Tent x 2
  • Elixir

From where you fought Baigan, continue east and up a set of stairs. Continue east to another set of stairs back down. In the next room, there is a hidden switch on the wall to the west of the torch, which opens the treasure room. There are six chests, holding two Ether, two Unicorn Horn and two Phoenix Down. Return to the room with the hidden switch, then continue south to come out on the eastern castle courtyard. Head north, under the gate, and enter the tower.

In the tower are four chests, with two Hermes Sandals and two Bacchus's Wine. The second chest is a bit tricky to grab; take the stairs down, then back up, and orient yourself north to open the chest. Take the stairs to the second floor on the east side of the room, and open the chests for two Hi-Potion. Go up to the third floor, and open the three chests for two Tent and one Ether. There is a second Ether hidden in the pot to the east. Head back down the stairs to the first floor.

Take the stairs down and check the second pot from the left for an Elixir. There's nothing else to the east for now, but you can return after the next boss.

Once you're ready to progress the story, take a minute to check everyone's equipment. Equip two Ice Claws, if you have them, to Yang. Unequip everything from Palom and Porom, and stick them in the back rows for safety. Then, head back into the castle, and continue north into the throne room. The King welcomes Cecil back to Baron, but quickly reveals his true identity: the Fiend of Water, Cagnazzo!

Boss: CagnazzoEdit

Level 16 HP: 5312 Weakness: Ice, Lightning Gil: 4000 Exp: 5500

Since Cagnazzo is weak to Lightning and Ice, and you have two very powerful magic users in your party, this fight should be a cinch. Have Tellah and Palom cast the strongest Thunder spells they know. Porom can cast Protect on the party to shield them from the few hits Cagnazzo will dish out. Yang's Ice Claws should be hitting Cagnazzo fairly hard each turn, if you equipped them.

When Cagnazzo puts up a wall of water, you can dispel the wall by casting a Thunder spell - but you should be casting Thunder every turn anyway. However, if for some reason you do not dispel the water, he casts a heavily damaging Tsunami on your party.

Once Cagnazzo's health is low, he retreats into his shell for more defense. He will also cure himself in this state. You can wait for him to come back out of his shell, but he really should go down fairly quickly at this point despite the high defense, unless your mages ran out of mana.

Palom and Porom turn themselves to stone
Palom and Porom turn themselves to stone

After you defeat Cagnazzo, Cid rushes into room and curses Cagnazzo for locking him up. The party introduces themselves to Cid, and he takes the party to the place where he hid his airship to help them on their quest.

When the party follows Cid out of the throne room, Cagnazzo returns with a venegance, and causes the walls to close in. Palom and Porom turn themselves to stone to save the party. Despite Tellah's best Esuna, nothing turns them back. The party reluctantly leave the twins, grateful for their sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Golbez admits that the Earth Crystal is proving difficult to obtain. Kain suggests having Cecil to retrieve the Earth Crystal, with the false promise of exchanging Rosa for the crystal. Golbez agrees to the plan and sends Kain to intercept Cecil.

Back at Baron castle, Cid takes the party through a hidden passage that not even Cecil knew about. The airship surfaces near the town of Baron, and Kain's airship quickly approaches, white flag drawn. Kain conveys the terms of the deal, and Cecil accepts, wishing to save Rosa, even at the cost of the final Crystal.

Toroia and the Dark Elf

Exploring in the airshipEdit

Now that you have an airship, the entire world is now open to you. Well, sort of. The airship can land in any plotch of green. You cannot land on mountains, forests, buildings, water, or deserts. This section covers are a few places you can explore if you'd like. If you'd rather not, skip ahead to Troia to continue the walkthrough.


Mythril Checklist:
  • Mythril Knife
  • Mythril Staff
  • 5000 Gil

Weapon and armor shop
Weapon Cost Armor Cost
Mythril Knife 3000 Mythril Shield 1000
Mythril Sword 6000 Mythril Helmet 3000
Mythril Staff 4000 Mythril Armor 17000
Mythril Hammer 8000 Mythril Gloves 2000
Item shop
Item Cost (SNES) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Diet Ration N/A 100 100
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 60
Mallet N/A 80 80
Bomb Crank N/A N/A 1200
Arctic Wind N/A N/A 1200
Heavenly Wrath N/A N/A 1200

As the name implies, Mythril is a town with some seriously great Mythril equipment. However, if you have the Gil to burn and decide to buy a full set of Mythril armor, do not sell your old armor just yet. Leave it in your inventory.

To get to Mythril, head east from Baron Castle until you hit land. Then, continue north. You should see a town on an island, with a small area for you to land your airship.

Mythril is town populated by pigs, toads, and Mini people who are great at making equipment out of mythril. Just outside the armor and weapon shop is a trio of brothers who will perform for the party on request. Before you go in to the weapon and armor shops, though, you can find some equipment for free.

Search in the grass behind the weapon and armor shop for a hidden chest with 5000 Gil. Then, head east and search the north part of the next patch of grass for Mythril Knife. Go back around the house and south, then follow the path east until you're in another patch of grass. There's a hidden chest here with Mythril Staff in it.

In case you want some mythril pieces for your party but can't afford them yet, spend some time outside of Mythril grinding. Don't waste your money on the Inn - 500 Gil a night! - instead, follow the chain of islands northeast of Mythril to Fabul, then continue northeast to the Chocobo Forest. Heal your party with Cure spells, then talk to the White Chocobo as many times as you need to restore your MP. There's another Chocobo Forest south of Mythril, to the southwest of Mount Ordeals, in case you get bored of Fabul's forest.


Agart Checklist:
  • Antarctic Wind

Item shop
Item Cost (SNES) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Potion 30 30 N/A
Phoenix Down 150 100 N/A
Tent 200 100 N/A
Gysahl Greens 50 50 N/A
Remedy 100 N/A N/A
Ether 10000 N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 N/A
Eye Drops N/A 30 N/A
Gold Needle N/A 400 N/A
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 N/A
Bomb Fragment N/A N/A 200
Zeus's Wrath N/A N/A 200
Antarctic Wind N/A N/A 200
Bestiary N/A N/A 50
Weapon shop Armor shop
Weapon Cost Armor Cost
Spear 60 Iron Shield 100
Rod 100 Iron Helm 150
Staff 160 Iron Armor 600
Bow 220 Iron Gloves 130
Power Bow 700 Iron Armlet 100
Iron Arrows 10/50 (3D)
Holy Arrows 20/500 (3D)
Boomerang 3000

To get to Agart, head south from Baron Castle until you come to an island. The enemies on the island are a bit harder than what you might be used to, so be careful on your way to town.

There's admittedly not much to do in Agart yet, besides view the two moons through the observatory telescope and find the single item hidden here. The Antarctic Wind is located inside the little building with the well, in an invisible chest northeast of the well.

We'll be back...

Eblan CastleEdit

Eblan Castle Checklist:
  • Silencing Arrows x 10
  • Sleep Sword
  • Blood Lance
  • Bomb Core
  • Bacchus's Wine
  • Coeurl Whisker
  • Emergency Exit
  • Hi-Potion x 3
  • Hermes Sandals
  • Ether x 2
  • Elixir/Silver Apple
  • Unicorn Horn
  • Alarm Clock
  • Gold Needle
  • Maiden's Kiss
  • Cottage
  • Silver Hourglass
  • 10,000 Gil

To get to Eblan Castle, head west from Agart until you reach some mountains and desert. Head south to a castle on a peninsula. You may be a bit weak for the monster-in-a-box encounters at this point, so be sure to save before you go inside. However, there's still some worthwhile loot to find that isn't guarded!

Inside the castle the path splits three ways. First head west, down the stairs, under the gate, and into the tower. In the first room, position yourself one square north of the door, then walk east, and around to the room with the chest. This chest is guarded by a Steel Golem and some Skuldiers, but if you win, you receive a Sleep Blade. Afterwards, head for the stairs to the next floor. Examine the pot in the northwest corner of the room for Bacchus's Wine. Then, head south, between the two pots, and follow the secret passage in the wall east to two chests with 10,000 Gil and Silencing Arrows. Head back through the secret passage, then go to the east side of the room and continue walking south into the wall to go back down to the first floor. The chest on the first floor holds a Bomb Core. Exit the tower by going back through the secret staircase, and back down the normal one.

Go back out into the castle courtyard. There's a secret passage to the east just before the stairs, which leads to a chest with Hi-Potion. Take the stairs to the next floor. There are quite a few chests on the next floor, but no way to get to them here. Continue to the next floor. If you're playing the 3D versions of the game, examine the throne for a Ninja Sutra - no real point to this item though. Otherwise, head directly west of the throne, through a secret passage that takes you to a staircase. The staircase leads to the treasure room from the previous floor, allowing you to open the chests with Unicorn Horn and Alarm Clock. Back in the throne room, head east of the throne to get to the eastern treasure room. The eastern treasure room holds three chests with Gold Needle, Maiden's Kiss and Cottage. Head back out into the courtyard when you're finished here.

Now go east, down the stairs, under the gate, and into the tower. In the first room, go behind the northwestern column, walk through the wall, and around into the treasure room. The chest here contains Couerl Whisker. Take the stairs up to the next level. Press the switch just east of the stairs and go through the door into the main part of the room. The two chests to the west contain Emergency Exit and Hi-Potion. The chest not blocked by a hole in the ground contains Hi-Potion. Check the pot positioned between the two torches for Hermes Sandals. Continue walking east from that pot and around the outside of the walls to get to that other chest you couldn't get to before. This chest is guarded by two Coeurls and a Lamia. You win a Blood Lance upon defeating them. Walk back around the secret passage, and drop down the hole. Grab the Silver Hourglass from the chest and continue south.

Follow the path in the next area until you get to an area with three chests. Open the two on the west side of the room for two Ether. The third chest is guarded by three Mad Ogres, which are highly resistant to magic, so take them down with your strongest physical attacks and keep the party healed. Your reward for taking them down is a Silver Apple. Follow the path to pop back out on the overworld.


Suitable location to land the airship outside of Troia
Suitable location to land the airship outside of Troia
Troia Checklist:
  • Ether
  • Dry Ether
  • Decoy
  • 1,000 Gil

Kain stated that the Earth Crystal could be found in Troia, so head there when you're ready to move on in the story. Troia is located to the northwest of Baron, nestled between a lake with a waterfall and some forest. You can land in a small strip of green between the town of Troia and the castle.

You can go straight to the castle if you're in a hurry, but there's some fun - and loot - to be had in town.

Weapon shop
Weapon Cost (SNES) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Wooden Hammer 80 80 80
Great Bow 2000 2000 N/A
Fire Arrows 350 30 N/A
Ice Arrows 450 30 N/A
Lightning Arrows 550 30 N/A
Fireshard N/A N/A 300
Frostshard N/A N/A 300
Thundershard N/A N/A 300
Armor shop
Armor Cost (SNES) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Leather Cap 100 100 100
Feathered Cap 330 330 330
Clothes 50 50 50
Leather Garb 200 200 200
Ruby Ring 1000 1000 1000
Item shop
Item Cost (SNES) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Potion 30 30 30
Hi-Potion N/A N/A 150
Phoenix Down 150 100 100
Tent 200 100 100
Gysahl Greens 50 50 N/A
Remedy 100 N/A N/A
Ether 10000 10000 N/A
Antidote N/A 40 40
Eye Drops N/A 30 30
Gold Needle N/A 400 80
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 60
Pub item shop
Item Cost (SNES) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Bomb Fragment N/A N/A 200
Zeus's Wrath N/A N/A 200
Antarctic Wind N/A N/A 200
Gysahl Greens N/A N/A 50
Member's Writ N/A 10000 100000

Check out the weapon and armor shops, and consider picking up a Fireshard if you're playing the 3D version of the game. Next, head towards the Inn and enter the water. Follow the river around to the north, and go up a set of stairs. There is a hidden passage in the forest to the west, with four hidden treasures in the grass. Immediately north, and facing west of where you entered the hidden passage, you can find 1,000 Gil. Stand in the square south of this hidden chest and go south for another hidden item: Dry Ether. Head west from where you're standing and examine north, then south, for Decoy and Ether, respectively.

That's all for hidden items, but there's still some stuff to explore if you're interested in lore or the game world as a whole. First, enter the house in the far northeast corner of the town. Examine the cowskull on the wall to open up a secret passage to some stairs down. This quite busy room is the Black Chocobo stables, and you can even get around into the stable by going through the secret passage north of the pot on the east side of the room.

The other point of interest in this town is the King's Bounty pub. There's a person on a stool near the entrance who will sell you a Member's Writ for either 10,000 Gil or 100,000 Gil depending on what version of the game you're playing. It's not really worth the purchase on the 2D versions of the game unless you are super interested in the scene that follows. You could also just save on the overworld, buy the Writ, and then close your game without saving to get your money back. However, in 3D versions of the game, entering the dressing room after the scene grants you the Gil Farmer augment, so consider making this purchase if you have a lot of Gil and want to earn more.

That's it for the town, though! Head back onto the overworld and enter the castle.

Troia CastleEdit

Troia Castle Checklist:
  • Ruby Ring x 2
  • Bacchus's Wine
  • Tent x 2
  • Hi-Potion x 2
  • Ether x 2
Edward's plea
Edward's plea

Enter the castle, and continue north into the throne room. When you speak with all of them, you'll learn that the Dark Elf stole the Crystal. However, they're willing to lend the Crystal to Cecil to save Rosa if he can retrieve it.

Exit the throne room, and head to the east, then through the door to the south. Walk through the courtyard south, and enter the door. You'll see three sets of stairs. The first stairs lead to a room that eventually will give you a lot of treasure, but we don't have permission yet. The middle set of stairs leads down to a whole lot of nothing, but there is Bacchus's Wine hidden in the pot in the lower east corner of the room. The rightmost set of stairs takes you to a room with a button. Step on the button and enter the door that opens. As you collect the treasure, each of the doors open up. In total, you'll find two Tent, two Hi-Potion, two Ether, and two Ruby Ring.

Head back to the main part of the castle, and go west. You'll find Edward in bed, his injuries being attended to a by a doctor and a nurse. Edward is eager to join the party again, but is too injured to do much. He may not be able to do much for the party now, but he presses Whisperweed into Cecil's hands.

Preparing for Lodestone CavernEdit

The magnetic field bars the party from using metallic equipment
The magnetic field bars the party from using metallic equipment

Before you leave town, do a quick check of everyone's equipment. You won't be able to use your metallic equipment due to a magnetic field. And after you bought all that good armor in Mythril, too.... However, if you didn't sell any of your equipment, you should still have everything you will be able to wear in Lodestone Cavern. Take your metallic equipment with you; do not leave it with the Fat Chocobo.

  • Right hand: None or Fireshard (3D)
  • Left hand: None
  • Head: Feathered Cap
  • Body: Leather Clothing, Bard's Tunic, or Prison Garb
  • Arms: Ruby Ring
  • Right hand: Flame Claw
  • Left hand: Flame Claw
  • Head: Feathered Cap
  • Body: Kenpo Gi
  • Arms: Ruby Ring
  • Right hand: Wooden Hammer
  • Left hand: None
  • Head: Feathered Cap
  • Body: Leather Clothing, Bard's Tunic, or Prison Garb
  • Arms: Ruby Ring
  • Right hand: Polymorph Rod or Healing Staff
  • Left hand: None
  • Head: Feathered Cap
  • Body: Gaia Gear
  • Arms: Ruby Ring

With that out of the way, exit to the overworld and head to Lodestone Cavern.

Lodestone CavernEdit

Lodestone Cavern Checklist:
  • Faerie Claws
  • Hi-Potion x 2
  • Unicorn Horn
  • Ether
  • Spider Silk
  • Bronze Hourglass
  • Emergency Exit
  • 2000 Gil
Chocobo forest
Chocobo forest

Leave the castle and walk north - you won't be able to land your airship where you need to land. Walk into the middle of the thicket nestled against the mountains and the coast. Catch a Black Chocobo, and fly across the river to the east, between two mountain ranges. You should see a cave to the north in the mountains, which is the Lodestone Cavern. Disembark your Chocobo and head inside.

When you enter, the party realizes that there is a magnetic field that makes it impossible to use metallic objects. Good thing someone warned you ahead of time, right? Yang remarks that his claws still seem to work fine. While in this dungeon, you may want to just think of Cecil as your healer for now, since he won't do much damage bare-handed. You could also technically give him a bow, if you must have the extra attacker.

Lodestone Cavern bridge
Lodestone Cavern bridge

Head across the bridge to the east, ignoring the bridge to the south for now. At the end of the path is a chest with Hi Potion. Head back across the bridge, and continue south until you reach the stairs down. Continue to the west just past the stairs down, and grab the chest for Unicorn Horn. Then, proceed to the next floor.

On the next level, head north, then bear west at the crossroads. The chest here holds an Ether. Grab it and head back to the east, and north across a bridge. Enter the doors at the northern part of the room and open the two chests to the east and west for Ether and 2000 Gil, respectively. Exit this room, and continue west, through the stairs to the next room.

Lodestone Cavern passage
Lodestone Cavern passage

On the next level, head south. The door just southwest of the stairs back up to the previous floor leads to a save point, so save, and rest up if needed. Continue across the bridge to the south. There is a door in the very southern part of the wall that leads to three chests with Hi-Potion, Spider Silk and Bronze Hourglass.

Cross the bridge to the west, then go north through the cave opening, between the two torches. Enter the door at the far north side of this passage, which leads to a room with Faerie Claws to the north. Head south from the chest and continue down to the next level.

Lodestone Cavern door to boss
Lodestone Cavern door to boss

Head west across the bridge, then to the north. Go east across the bridge to find yet another room with a save point. Head back across the bridge and north between the torches, but go east and around the rock formation instead of through the door. There is a chest to the west with an Emergency Exit inside. Head back to the save point if you want, and go through the door when you're ready.

The party will find themselves in a room not unlike Troia's crystal room. Continue north and you'll find the Dark Elf! He pulls the party into battle, but his magic is too strong, and the party is defeated. (If it takes a long time for your party to get defeated for whatever reason, or you're super impatient, re-equip all your metallic armor before talking to the Dark Elf.)

Just as the party has given up hope, we see Edward, back at Troia Castle, struggle out of his bed to play his harp for them. The Whisperweed carries the sound of Edward's harp into the cave, causing the Dark Elf to drop his guard and break the magnetic barrier. The party gets a second wind, and stands up to fight the Dark Elf once again.

Feel free to equip all of your strongest equipment again - except the Ruby Ring - and talk to the Dark Elf when you're ready to fight!

Boss: Dark ElfEdit

Level 15 HP: 23890 Weakness: Sacred Power Gil: 4000 Exp: 100
Dark Elf in dragon form
Dark Elf in dragon form

Now that Edward's song is distracting him, the Dark Elf is much less powerful. He starts the fight with the same Fira, Thundara, and Blizzara sequence, so be sure to have Tellah or Cecil heal up the party afterwards. The Dark Elf can also cast Tornado, which brings a party member's health to single digits, and Pig, which obviously can turn a party member into a pig. The Ruby Ring you equipped before should help you avoid that annoying status, however. The Mythgraven Blade is useful in this fight since the boss is weak to Sacred Power.

Keep attacking the Dark Elf and healing through the damage, until he changes forms and becomes a dragon. Now, let's pay the Dark Elf back for casting Tornado on us earlier, shall we? Have Tellah cast the spell, and finish him off with an attack. Burn an Ether if you went overboard on Tellah's MP usage, because this spell is the difference between this fight being easy and dragging on forever.

After you've defeated the Dark Elf, take back the crystal, and exit the cave via Teleport, Emergency Exit, or old-fashioned walking. If you choose to walk, you won't have to worry about your metallic equipment anymore.

The Black Chocobo is waiting patiently outside the cave, and once you get back on it, it flies automatically back to the Chocobo Forest. Head south, back to Troia Castle.

Return to Troia CastleEdit

Treasure Room Checklist:
  • Great Bow
  • Fire Arrows x 20
  • Ice Arrows x 20
  • Lightning Arrows x 20
  • Hi-Potion x 2
  • Remedy x 2
  • Ether x 2
  • Dry Ether x 2
  • Elixir
  • Echo Herbs x 2
  • Silver Apple

Return to the throne room, where the Epopts wait for you. An ominous darkness appears and Kain will once again instruct you to bring the crystal in exchange for Rosa.

As promised, the Epopts will allow you to keep the crystal. Make sure you speak with all of them to get permission to take the treasures in the basement of the castle. Head back to the eastern wing of the castle, and down the far left staircase that we skipped before. Talk to the guard, and she will grant you access to the treasure. Head down the stairs to find the chests, which hold two Hi-Potion, two Remedy, two 'Ether, two Dry Ether, Elixir, two Echo Herbs, Great Bow, Silver Apple, 20 Ice Arrows, 20 Fire Arrows, and 20 Lightning Arrows.

Exit the castle when you're finished, save on the overworld, and board the airship. Kain flies up and escorts the party to the Tower of Zot.

Tower of Zot to the Underground

Tower of ZotEdit

File:FF4 WT 7a.jpg

In the room where you regain control of your party, go to the north-west and follow the corridor to the top. The chest there contains Fire armor. Head to the north-east corner and go through the door you find there.

On the second floor simply go south as far as you can, and when you reach the southern edge, head west. Then go up to find the door. The chest that's visible a bit to the east contains a FlameDog and a Fire Sword.

To return to Toroia, head back to the starting location in the bottom-left corner of the first floor. While you can explore the world using the Black Chocobo, the airship will only be a route between the city and the tower.


File:FF4 WT 7b.jpg

In this room, take the bottom path and go as far to the east as possible. Then you will head north, and then west again, and you will come the next door. In this room, you will head to the south, and then as far east as possible. Now head north and go through the door.

On the fourth floor, you can opt to go directly to the right, or visit the rooms to the north for some items. The left door contains a poison claw and a fire shield. The middle door contains an earth wrench, and the right door contains a wizard robe.

Save Point and Magus SistersEdit

File:FF4 WT 7c.jpg
File:FF4 WT 7d.jpg

The first door is a save point. After saving, go toward the next door. You will be interrupted by the Magus Sisters and a boss fight will begin.

The key to defeating this trio is to target the one in the middle sister, Cindy, who can heal and revive the others. Her sisters will protect her by casting Wall on her, but they are all weak enough that it does not really matter. The trick here is to not cast reflectable spells on Cindy. Don't bother casting Wall on your characters, as it will just waste a turn. The sisters are very easy to defeat with normal attacks. Make Tellah cast Berserk on Cecil and Yang and then target one of the other sisters with direct damage spells. Have Cid repeatedly use his hammer to cast Quake and the sisters will be killed in no time.

If you slay the front or back sisters (Sandy or Mindy) first, Cindy may revive them in a single move.

Tellah Fights GolbezEdit

File:FF4 WT 7e.jpg

You should return to the save point because you will have to fight in the next room. Unequip any desired items from Tellah, and proceed to the final room. First, a cut scene will begin in which Tellah fights Golbez. Tellah dies because of the battle. Go speak to Kain and he will join you as does Rosa when you save her.

Equip Rosa with the best items, and try to leave the room, but before you can leave, Valvalis will fight you.

Barbariccia (Valvalis on SNES)Edit

File:FF4 WT 7f.jpg

When she starts to spin around you must have Kain jump to stop the spinning, weakening both her attack and defenses. Otherwise, just have the rest of your party attack, and have Rosa heal.

Once you defeat her Rosa will warp you back to your room in Baron. Kain will give you the Magma key so that you can reach the underground.

Go UndergroundEdit

File:FF4 WT 7g.jpg
File:FF4 WT 7h.jpg

Exit Baron castle and the airship will be outside. Get in and fly directly south of Baron. You will come upon an island with a cluster of mountains and the town of Agart. Go into the town and walk to the well in the middle of the town. When you approach the well, choose the Magma key and it will fall in, opening up the underground. Fly in with the airship.

Dwarf CastleEdit

File:FF4 WT 7i.jpg

When you fly into the Underground, a cut scene will begin and you will be attacked by the Red Wings. Once it is over you will be right next to the Dwarf Castle. Unequip Cid, as he will be leaving your party soon. Keep going straight ahead until you reach the throne room. Speak with the king, Cid will leave your party and you will see dolls bouncing in the background. The king will have you check it out.

Calcabrina (CalBrena on SNES)Edit

File:FF4 WT 7j.jpg
File:FF4 WT 7k.jpg

If you are able to kill all of the little dolls quick enough, the battle will be simple. Otherwise you will have to fight the large Calcabrina. Be sure to fight this quickly, because otherwise, she will split apart again and you will start the cycle over again. After defeating the dolls you will be led directly into another battle.


File:FF4 WT 7l.jpg

Golbez will attack you to the point of near death, but Rydia will come in and save you. Quickly revive one of your party, and have Rydia use a call magic (Titan is pretty effective). Golbez will be defeated fairly quickly if you survive long enough. If Kain is airborne (from Jumping) when Golbez uses Hold Gas, he won't be affected or killed with Rosa and Yang, which lets you fight with three people instead of just Cecil and Rydia. Once you defeat him, the king will open up the underground passage for you to go after the next crystal.

Note: If you cast Warp in the Throne room, you will return to the secret crystal room where you can collect the Dark Crystal. This crystal identical to the crystal found in the Sealed Cave, and allows you to skip past that entire area.

Tower of Babil

Underground PassageEdit

File:FF4 WT 8a.jpg

Leave the throne room, then in the next room head to the staircase on the right. In that room you can buy some upgraded weapons and armor if you would like. After you do that, head to the stair case in the upperleft of the room. In this room go left and in the middle of the room you will see a Gnome in front of a secret room. Speak to him and he will open up the Underground Passage for you. Continue through the passage and you will eventually find yourself outside.

Find Tower of BabilEdit

File:FF4 WT 8b.jpg
File:FF4 WT 8c.jpg

Once outside, go to the left of the door and head along the coast as far as possible. Now head straight up (ignoring all splits in the road and continuing north) until you can see some tanks. Head to the right side of the tanks. The tanks will attack the tower, allowing you to get through.

Ice Spear and SwordEdit

File:FF4 WT 8d.jpg

Inside the tower head straight through into the door ahead of you. In the next room follow the path until you get to the first door you come to. Go inside, the chest contains monsters, who drop a Blizzard Spear when you defeat them. This will be important for fighting Rubicant. Continue on to the door above you to the right. This will be a chest with monsters who drop the Ice sword. Continue on to the only other door in the room.

Next LevelEdit

File:FF4 WT 8e.jpg

In the next room you will need to go to the right and take the first path north available. Continue all the way around until you reach the next door.

Save PointEdit

File:FF4 WT 8f.jpg

In the next room is a save point directly to the left when you enter. Use the opportunity to save your game and continue on past the next 3 doors, across the bridge and into the final door. In the next room, go all the way to the bottom, all the way to the right and all the way up to the next door. When in the next room, there is only one door to enter, so go through it.

Save Point #2Edit

File:FF4 WT 8g.jpg

In this room there are two paths on the right. If you take the top path you will get to a save point. The bottom path will take you forward in the tower. Continue on to the middle of the room where you will see Dr. Lugae speaking with Rubicant.

Dr. LugaeEdit

File:FF4 WT 8h.jpg
File:FF4 WT 8i.jpg

After some dialogue, Dr. Lugae will attack the party. You'll be faced against the doctor and his robot. If you beat the doctor first, the robot will self destruct and bomb one of your characters for far more damage than they're probably able to survive. Attacking him first is thus not recommended. If you beat the robot first; the doctor will take direct control of it to continue fighting. Either way; once the fight is over, the doctor will turn into a new boss for you to fight. In his new form, he mostly prefers to drown the party in sleep and poison status effects.

Stop The CannonEdit

File:FF4 WT 8j.jpg

Go backwards, down several levels and you will find the room with doors on the left and right side, and in the middle a bridge leading to a locked door. Use the key on this door, and you can get inside to stop the Cannon. After a few simple battles with guards, Yang will sacrifice himself to stop the cannon. Now you can continue all the way to the entrance of the tower.

Saved By CidEdit

File:FF4 WT 8k.jpg

When you are about to exit the tower, Golbez tries to kill you, but Cid saves you with his airship. Once You are in his ship, he will jump out of the ship, sealing the entrance to the underground, letting you escape. He tells you to return to Baron and speak to his engineers.

Hovercraft AttachmentEdit

File:FF4 WT 8l.jpg

In order to reach Eblana, your next destination, you must use the hovercraft. Go into Baron Castle, and go down the stair case on the right. When you find yourself on the interior of the castle, speak to the engineers who will adjust the aircraft for you. Using the new airship, locate the hovercraft, which probably is still at Mt. Hobs. Position the airship above it and press the action button to pick it up.

Tower of Babil - Part 2

Move HovercraftEdit

File:FF4 WT 9a.jpg

On the map find the Tower of Babil. At the bottom left of this island, you will see some shallow water and Eblana Cave. Drop the Hovercraft on land near the cave, and ride it to the entrance.

Cave EblanaEdit

File:FF4 WT 9b.jpg

In the first room of the cave head immediately south, as far as possible and you will reach the next door. The next cave is the hideout of Eblana. Continue to the left, and you will see a staircase toward a door. Go through this door. In the next room head north, and the only door will take you onward through the game.

Find EdgeEdit

File:FF4 WT 9c.jpg

For this room, head to the fork in the path and take the one to the lower right. In the next room follow the path down, to the right, then up again and into the next cave. In this cave, the first door you see is a save point. Continue to the left of that door and you will come upon Edge. He will lose a battle with Rubicant only to join your team.

Re-enter the Tower of BabilEdit

File:FF4 WT 9d.jpg

This cave leads to the edge of the Tower of Babil. Edge will jump over the side, letting you in. In the first room of the tower. Follow the horseshoe pattern of the room, and enter the next door you come to. The next room also takes a large horseshoe pattern, so follow this around as well. Enter the first door you come to in the next room.

Through the TowerEdit

File:FF4 WT 9e.jpg

In this room go immediately to the right, and it will loop around to another door.

Save PointEdit

File:FF4 WT 9f.jpg

Upon entering this room go immediately to the right and you will see 2 doors. The first is a save point. The second will take you further, so enter this door. In the next room, just go through the door, then you will reach final room, where you will find the King and Queen of Eblana.

King and Queen of EblanaEdit

File:FF4 WT 9g.jpg

The King and Queen are being controlled by Rubicant. Just fight these guys for a little while, and a cut scene will take over, and they will die. After defeating them Rubicant will appear. He will give you a chance to equip yourself properly (Ice Weapons and Fire Armor). Before attacking he will heal you completely.


File:FF4 WT 9h.jpg
File:FF4 WT 9i.jpg

Rubicant can be difficult. He will rotate through spells (Fire 2, Fire 3, and Glare) Use ice weapons, Rydia's Ice or Shiva, and Edge's Flood for most effective attacks. However, when he hides behind his cloak Ice attacks will actually heal him, so wait for him to drop the cloak to attack.

Crystal RoomEdit

File:FF4 WT 9j.jpg

After defeating him a messenger from Eblana will come in and speak with you. After leaving head toward the door that Rubicant blocked, and you will be in the Crystal Room. When you try to take the crystal, you will fall into a trap. Continue along the path of the tower through 2 levels.

The UndergroundEdit

File:FF4 WT 9k.jpg

When you reach a room with a fork in it, take the path on the left. Through that door you will find an airship. After the cutscene, use it to reach the Gnome City. Speak with the King and he will tell you that the final crystal is in the sealed cave. Luca will give you the key.


File:FF4 WT 9l.jpg

Go to the basement of the castle, and you will find Cid through the door. He will fix your airship so that it can fly over the lava. Now you can reach the Sealed Cave.


Tomra is in the south central part of the underworld, and has new equipment. Skip Diamond Armor and Shields, but buy Diamond Gauntlets and/or Helmets. Diamond gear protects against lightning. If Cecil or Kain have at least one piece each of Fire, Ice and Diamond gear, they'll be protected against all three elements. Because Fire and Ice gear are both only a shield and body armor, the Diamond gear has to be the helmet or gauntlets. It's the best setup for them until they get their best armor in the final dungeon.

The Tiaras also protect against lightning, and grant a big boost to Rydia's black magic. A nice piece for Rosa, and a must have for Rydia (but you should already have found one Tiara in Mist).

Optional SidequestEdit

This would be a good point to attempt the Cave of Summoned Monsters. In order to do this easily, either Rosa should have learned the Wall spell or you should have the Mage Masher knife, but neither is actually required.

Sealed Cave

Locate Sealed CaveEdit

File:FF4 WT 10a.jpg

To the south in the underground is a cave which is completely surrounded, and can only be entered from above. This is the sealed cave, so land the airship and enter the cave.

Note: if you already obtained the Dark Crystal by having Rydia cast Warp in the Dwarven Castle throne room, you do not have to complete the Sealed Cave. This only works in the SNES version.

It would be prudent to carry at least 15+ Phoenix Down/Life items into this dungeon, just in case.

Enter the CaveEdit

File:FF4 WT 10b.jpg

When you enter the cave, approach the door. Use the Luca key on it and it will be unsealed. In the next room follow the path all the way around the room, until you reach the second door in the room. Like almost every door in the cave, this door is a trap, and you will have to fight it in order to pass through.

Trap DoorEdit

File:FF4 WT 10c.jpg

TrapDoors attack using a combination Search, then Disrupt. They will first use Search, then about 2 rounds later they will use Disrupt which will automatically kill that member of your party. If you have not defeated the TrapDoor past a certain point, it will change into another monster, which you will have to defeat also in order to pass.

Many DoorsEdit

File:FF4 WT 10d.jpg

In the next room you can ignore all the doors, and continue into the next room. In this room, go to the right, then up and you will reach a long stretch with many trap doors. None of them are necessary to continue, but some contain chests, and one has a save point. Continue past them to the door at the bottom left of the room to continue through the cave.

Keep MovingEdit

File:FF4 WT 10e.jpg

The next two rooms are small, continue through them, ignoring the trap door in the second room. In the large room you next reach, cross the rope in the center of the room, then go to the left and down the staircase.

Save PointEdit

File:FF4 WT 10f.jpg

Use the savepoint in the next room, then continue on. The next room is a large circle. Ignore the ropes and go all the way around the edge and down the stairs in the middle. In this room you will see a bridge with one final trap door. Enter it and defeat it.


File:FF4 WT 10g.jpg

Retrieve the crystal, and attempt to leave the cave. When you try to cross the bridge, you will be interrupted by another trap. This one is a Wall that will move toward you as you attack, killing you if it gets too close. You must defeat it as quickly as possible. Cast Berserk on Cecil and Edge (and maybe Kain), and have Rydia cast Virus/Bio.


File:FF4 WT 10h.jpg

Now you can leave the cave (Exit and Warp will not work so you have to walk). Just as you are about to exit the cave, Kain will steal the crystal and leave your party. After this occurs, leave the cave and fly back to the Gnome City.

Visit CidEdit

File:FF4 WT 10i.jpg

First, go visit the king, and he will tell you that you must return to Mysidia to get the ship necessary to fly to the moon. Cid will enter the room then attach a drill to your airship. Finally, get in the airship and go to the circle in the northeast part of the underground, place your airship above it, then press the button to land, and you will drill your way out of the underground.

Optional SidequestEdit

This would be a good point to attempt the Sylph Cave.

To The Moon

Fly to MysidiaEdit

File:FF4 WT 11a.jpg

Once in the overworld fly immediately to your right and you will reach Mysidia. Enter the town, and the elder will greet you and raise the Big Whale for you. This ship will allow you to travel to the moon. Get inside and touch the crystal in the middle and it will take you to the moon.

Locate the CaveEdit

File:FF4 WT 11b.jpg

There is a plateau that has a ramp downward and will let you enter the set of caves. It is to the upper right of the strange blue crystal towers. Land somewhere on the plateau, and enter the cave below.

Lunar UndergroundEdit

File:FF4 WT 11c.jpg
File:FF4 WT 11d.jpg

Pass through the first cave, heading through the first door you reach. Outside, you will head all the way to the right and enter the next cave. In this cave, go straight ahead. When you exit you will head left, and enter the cave beneath the large blue towers.


File:FF4 WT 11e.jpg

When you enter the home of the Lunarians, on the left will be a tile that will restore HP, and to the right is a tile that will restore MP. Go straight ahead, and a sequence will begin which will result in FuSoYa joining your party.

Return to EarthEdit

File:FF4 WT 11f.jpg

Exit the lair, and return through the caves to the Big Whale. Enter the ship and touch the crystal to return to Earth.

Giant of Babil

Enter the GiantEdit

File:FF4 WT 12a.jpg

As you arrive back at Earth, you will land automatically and all of your friends will arrive to stop the giant in its tracks. This will allow you to get inside the giant. When you regain control of your party, you are inside of the giant.

Inside the GiantEdit

File:FF4 WT 12b.jpg

First head straight ahead and into the staircase, then through the next staircase. In the next large room, follow the path around, until you reach a point where the path forks. Go up and to the left and you will find the next staircase.


File:FF4 WT 12c.jpg

In the stomach, there are three paths ahead of you. Go to the middle path (head to the right, then the first path you reach). Head around the room until you reach the next staircase.

Four ElementsEdit

File:FF4 WT 12d.jpg

In the passage, simply follow the path, use the save point you come to, then go on ahead to the next staircase. Inside the lung, walk forward, and you will be drawn into battle with the 4 elements once again. Use the same weaknesses from earlier in the game (Milon-fire, Cainazzo-Lit, Rubicant-Ice).


File:FF4 WT 12e.jpg

Once you have defeated the 4 elementals again, you can continue on to the next staircase. In that room is the CPU. There is a very specific way you must fight this enemy. First you must kill the small ball on the bottom. This is a defender who will otherwise heal the large CPU. Then you must NOT kill the other small orb, or the large CPU will attack you with a devastating spell. Once the defender and the large CPU is dead, you can kill the last one.

Because the CPU uses Wall and because you can't kill the Attacker orb, Rydia's best spell for this fight is the Sylph summon.


File:FF4 WT 12f.jpg

After defeating the CPU, Golbez will appear in time for FuSoYa to bring him back to normal. He will reveal that Zemus is responsible for controlling him. Finally Kain will get you out of the giant and rejoin your party. The ship will fly back to the moon.

Optional SidequestEdit

This would be a good point to attempt attaining both call spells Odin and Bahamut.

Lunar Subterranean

This walkthrough will explain only the basics of the underground as well as how to get the major weapons and armor in the level. There are many chests along the way that contain useful items, but this walkthrough will not describe each one.

Passage in Lunar HideoutEdit

File:FF4 WT 13a.jpg

Go through the Lunar Path once again, following it the as before, continuing until you reach the Lunar Lair. This time, go behind the platform where FuSoYa was, to the door in the back. In this crystal room, there is a tile in the center. Stand on the tile and you will be transported to the Lunar Subterranean.


File:FF4 WT 13b.jpg

When you reach the underground, go immediately to the left and through a hidden path in the wall. On the otherside is a staircase. Go down these stairs. Continue forward on the path, and you will go down 3 sets of staircases, eventually reaching the podium where the Murasame sword is resting. You will have to fight the Pale Dim to get this sword. He has basic attacks, using the Slow spell occasionally. He counters summon magic with earthquakes, so be sure to cast Float to protect the party. When you defeat the enemy, you can equip Edge with this powerful sword. Return to the entrance of the underground.


File:FF4 WT 13c.jpg

Head down from the entrance, and go through the door. In the next room, follow the hidden path in the wall to the right, collecting the chests along the way if you like. Continue along the path, and you will eventually reach another door, continue through this door. In the next room, head down from where you enter, and take the first door you reach.


File:FF4 WT 13d.jpg

This next room is large, with several levels. From the entrance, head to the right taking the first staircase. On the next level, go all the way to the right and down the staircase. Finally, go to the left and into the first door you reach. In this room, head all the way to the left, and into the only door you see. Finally, go toward the southeast of this room, to go on to the next section.

Continuing to the CoreEdit

File:FF4 WT 13e.jpg

In the next room, go down the staircase, and into the next room, where you will head to the right and through the invisible paths in the wall, finally going through the door you see at the end of the paths. In the next room you will reach the next door you must pass through immediately to your left. Now head to the staircase immediately to your right when you exit the room.

Crystal SwordEdit

File:FF4 WT 13f.jpg

In the next room you reach, you will find two bridges. Go down the one on the left, and cross an invisible bridge all the way on the left. Once across, go down the staircase at the end of another invisible passage at the top left of the island you are on. In the next room, head to the right, until you reach a staircase. Continue on the subsequent stairs all the way until you reach a room with a save point. Save in this room, and prepare to fight a boss.


File:FF4 WT 13g.jpg

Wyvern begins the battle with a meganuke attack that often kills some weaker characters, and then casts Wall on itself. Heal up before attacking in earnest. Never use summon spells on Wyvern, as he counters with more meganuke attacks. Instead, have Rydia cast Quake, since that bypasses Wyvern's Wall. As long as you don't trigger additional meganuke attacks, Wyvern is simple.

Once you defeat this boss, you can have Cecil equip the Crystal sword. Go backwards to the room with the invisible bridge, and the two divergent bridges.

Towards the CoreEdit

File:FF4 WT 13h.jpg

This time take the bridge on the right, and through the door around the path. Go through the door on the right in the next room. Finally you will come upon a save point in the first door you reach. Use this point because it is very important to be healed for the remainder of the game.

White LanceEdit

File:FF4 WT 13i.jpg

Leaving the save point, go into the next room on the right, and you will find the White Lance. Plague is difficult to defeat, as it places a 10 second instant death countdown on all characters. You have to defeat it before your time runs out. Since Plague is a flying enemy, Edge's boomerang weapons, Rosa's arrows, and Kain's spears all do extra damage.

Alternatively, you can exploit the AI. Any time Plague notices a character without the countdown timer, Plague recasts the countdown, but this resets everybody's countdown to 10. Therefore, you can kill and revive a fragile character like Rydia over and over to force Plague to repeatedly refresh everybody's countdown timer.

For winning, you get Kain's most powerful Spear.


File:FF4 WT 13j.jpg

The next room to your right contains two chests. Before you are able to open them, an enemy will attack you. These two dragons are not too difficult to defeat. If you use magic on them, they will remedy themselves, but Rydia's Bahamut is pretty effective, as it is far stronger than the remedy. You can't use magic on them because they cast Wall. Otherwise, simply use the strongest attacks possible. Finally, once you have defeated these enemies you are ready to move on to the final stage of the game in the Lunar Core.

The Final Battle

Descend to the CoreEdit

File:FF4 WT 14a.jpg

Leave the cave that contained the Ribbon chests and head to the right. Go to the right and all the way around the room until you reach the staircase. Go down the stairs and into the opening on the next level. You will finally be inside the Moon's Core. Inside the core, the enemies will be the toughest you have encountered in random battle. Make your way through the room until you reach the staircase, but don't go down it yet, head as far south as possible, and you will find the final weapon to be obtained from the Subterranean.


File:FF4 WT 14b.jpg

Ogopogo is similar to Leviathan, except Ogopogo will use the Big Wave attacks more frequently than Leviathan. There is no real strategy for destroying him, except attacking with the strongest attacks possible, and having Rosa use cure spells every round. Once you have obtained the sword, have Edge equip it.

Down the PassageEdit

File:FF4 WT 14c.jpg

Go back to the staircase you just passed and descend further. In the next room, weave your way around, going to the right, down 2 staircases, then to the left and down a staircase, then to the right again until you get to the next set of stairs. In the next two rooms, follow the same basic strategy, weaving your way through the room, getting any chests you like along the way. Eventually you will enter a room where you will find FuSoYa and Golbez fighting Zemus.


File:FF4 WT 14d.jpg
File:FF4 WT 14e.jpg

As you enter, Golbez and FuSoYa engage Zemus in battle. It appears that they have defeated him, but he transforms and defeats both of them handily. Suddenly, your friends from earlier appear, and begin to heal you, allowing you to recover to fight Zemus yourself. Now you will begin the final boss.


File:FF4 WT 14f.jpg
File:FF4 WT 14g.jpg

The first thing you must do is have Cecil use the Crystal (available from the Item menu) on Zemus. At this point he will transform once more into Zeromus, and you will be ready to attack. Zeromus has several different attacks, including the Big Bang which will attack all of your party at once, as well as the Blk Hole which will remove all status conditions from your party. He will also use some strong Black magic spells on you. The key to this battle is to have Rosa constantly use Cure4 on your entire party. This will ensure that at least most of your party will survive each round. Use an elixir on her when she needs more magic. If you have enough experience, you should be able to defeat Zeromus using this strategy.


File:FF4 WT 14h.jpg

At this point you will see all the people from the game once again as they come to Cecil and Rosa's Wedding. You finished the game. Congratulations!


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Many Years AgoEdit

  • The Lunarians, a race living on the Moon, have an enormous debate about the people of the Earth. One side, led by a man named KluYa, believed that the Earth was a generally good place, whereas the other side, led by Zemus, believed that it was a corrupted place and deserved to be destroyed. Zemus was overruled, however. In desperation he attempted to destroy the Earth himself, but was overthrown. To vow that such a thing would not happen again, the Lunarians sealed themselves into a deep sleep, appointing only a single Lunarian named FuSoYa (KluYa's brother) to watch over them. The sleep is guarded by eight Crystals.
  • KluYa, however, awakens from his sleep, gazes on the earth, and falls in love with an Earth woman. He decides to forsake his race and travel there. He fathers two sons, Cecil and Golbez.


  • KluYa dies before his time. His sons are orphaned. Cecil is taken in by the king of Baron and raised as his own.
  • Zemus' dormant spirit awakens and tries to awaken his body. To do so he needs the four Crystals of the overworld and four of the underworld, to counteract the eight Lunarian Crystals.
  • Zemus takes control of Golbez and turns him into an evil pawn. Golbez gathers four demons known as Emperors: Milon, Cagnazzo, Valvalis, and Rubicant to help him. Cagnazzo in particular secretly kills the king of Baron and assumes his identity. He appoints a demon named Baigan to be his right-hand man.
  • Cecil excels in the Dark Sword techniques and rises in the ranks of Baron. His best friend, Kain, is better at the Dragon Knight skills, despite his king's urging to be a Dark Knight as well. Cecil is finally promoted to captain of the Red Wings, Baron's elite airship fleet, created by an engineer named Cid. Cecil also falls in love with a White Mage from Baron named Rosa.
  • Having honed the Red Wings' power, Cagnazzo as the king of Baron orders Cecil to steal the Water Crystal from the people of Mysidia, a town of magicians, and destroy any resistance. Expecting war, Cecil prepares for war, only to find a town of unresisting villagers. He takes the Water Crystal, but has doubts about his king.
  • Upon reaching Baron, he delivers the Water Crystal, but Baigan senses his wavering and reports to Cagnazzo. Cagnazzo decides to get Cecil out of his way and get rid of a thorn in his side at the same time. He demotes Cecil from the Red Wings, then sends him and Kain to Mist, a village of Summoners, with a bomb disguised as a package. He intends to destroy the summoners once and for all. While Cecil is gone, Cagnazzo invites Golbez in to take control of the Red Wings.
  • Cecil and Kain travel through the Mist Cave, but a white dragon stops them. They kill the dragon. Upon entering Mist, however, they are surprised when the bomb goes off and sets fire to the entire village. They come upon a girl weeping over the corpse of her mother; she tells them that her mother's dragon was killed, so due to her link with it she died as well. Cecil realizes the enormity of his deeds and attempts to take the girl with him, but she refuses. He tries to take her by force, but she casts a summon spell in defense. When Cecil awakes, Kain is gone and the girl is next to him.
  • Kain is taken by Golbez and brainwashed into being his servant.
  • Cecil takes the girl to the oasis town of Kaipo, where he takes the unconscious girl to the inn. In the night, however, Baron soldiers arrive looking for her. Cecil slays them and the girl finally trusts him, giving her name as Rydia. The next day, Cecil finds Rosa sick in bed in one of the houses in town. She arrived here looking for him. The old man caring for her tells him that only the Light of the Desert, found in Damcyan, can cure her. Cecil and Rydia go off to look for it.
  • They take an Waterways of Baron leading to Damcyan. On the way they come across an old man named Tellah. Tellah's a powerful sage, but can't remember most of his magic. He's also trying to get to Damcyan; his daughter Anna has eloped with a bard named Gilbert, whom he completely disapproves of. However, the way is guarded by a large Octomammoth. Teaming up, Tellah, Cecil, and Rydia get past it to Damcyan.
  • Before being able to enter the castle, however, it's strafed by the Red Wings, who steal the Fire Crystal held there. They go inside to discover Anna dying of her wounds. Tellah goes berserk and attacks the bard, who's actually the prince of Damcyan. Cecil stops him, but Tellah leaves on his own quest to search for the ultimate magic spell, Meteo, determined to kill Golbez for the death of his daughter. Gilbert agrees to take Cecil to the Antlion's Lair, which is where the Light of the Desert resides. He lends him the royal Hovercraft to get over the rocky shoals blocking the way.
  • They find the Antlion, but it attacks them before they can get the Desert Light from its lair. They defeat it and return to Kaipo, where they revive Rosa. Rosa tells them that Golbez is after the four Crystals; they decide that the Wind Crystal in Fabul would be Golbez's next target. Rosa joins them as they travel there.
  • They pass through Mt. Hobs to get to Fabul. On the way they find a monk named Yang beset by monsters. They rescue him and he introduces himself as a member of the Fabul monks. They hurry to Fabul to fight the onslaught Golbez launches their way. They defeat the monsters, but Kain unexpectedly shows up to fight Cecil. He takes the Wind Crystal and returns to Golbez.
  • Yang joins Cecil and crew in their fight against Golbez. Cecil and friends take a ship in an attempt to return to Baron, but on the way they are attacked by Leviathan, a huge Phantom Beast. The crew is scattered.
  • Rydia is taken to the land of the Phantom Beasts, where she is welcome, being a Summoner. Leviathan, king of the Beasts, takes her under his wing. Due to the magical field there, Rydia ages rapidly, becoming a young woman far faster than usual.
  • Yang lands near Baron and is also brainwashed by Golbez, who turns him into a palace guard.
  • Gilbert lands near the city of Troia, badly wounded. The citizens of Troia tend to him.
  • Rosa is captured by Golbez and taken to the Tower of Zot, a skybound tower where Valvalis resides.
  • Cecil lands near Mysidia, where everyone is frightened of him. He manages to get the elder of Mysidia to semi-trust him, but not quite enough. The elder says that a Dark Knight cannot defeat Golbez; Cecil must attempt to become a Paladin through the trials on Mount Ordeals. He appoints a pair of twins, Palom and Porom, to accompany him and to spy on him as well. Palom is a male Black Mage, Porom a female White Mage, both ten years old.
  • Cecil meets up with Tellah on Mount Ordeals. The twins seem to have heard of him. They both journey to the top of the mountain, where they meet Milon. They defeat him, and his undead spirit as well. Cecil continues to the interior of Mt. Ordeals. He meets his own dark side and defeats it by defending. He hears the voice of his father, who grants him the power of the Paladin. Tellah also learns Meteo, and remembers all the spells he had forgotten.
  • Returning to Mysidia, the elder grants Cecil travel using the Devil's Road, a magical passage to Baron. Palom and Porom decide to tag along as well. Reaching Baron, they discover the brainwashed Yang, who attacks them. They defeat him quickly, though, and he regains his memories. He finds the key to Baron's waterway on his body, presumably put there when he was captain of the guards.
  • They use the waterway to infiltrate the castle. Once inside, Baigan pretends to befriend Cecil, but Palom and Porom see through him and a fight ensues. After winning, they proceed to the throne room where they destroy Cagnazzo. After doing so, they meet Cid, who had his own plans to dethrone the king. They all proceed to Cid's secret hiding place for his last airship, the Enterprise. However, before they get there Cagnazzo's last breath traps them in a room with closing walls. Palom and Porom turn themselves to stone to stop the walls from crushing the others.
  • Cecil, Yang, Tellah, and Cid take to the skies on the airship, but are stopped by Kain on a Red Wings airship. Kain tells Cecil that Rosa is in Golbez's power, and proposes a trade - Rosa for the Earth Crystal which resides in Troia. Cecil has no choice but to ask the Clerics of Troia, a female-led city, for the Crystal.
  • They travel via airship to Troia, but discover that the Crystal has been stolen by the Dark Elf who lives in the Magnetic Cavern. They also discover Gilbert, wounded. Gilbert gives them an Echo Harp to allow his music to reach them even in far away places. They harness a flying Black Chocobo to reach the Magnetic Cavern, where the strong magnetic field prevents them from equipping metal armor or weapons. Upon reaching the Elf, he immobilizes the party. However, Gilbert's echoing music destroys the barrier and allows them to re-equip their metal weapons and dispatch the Elf. They take the Crystal.
  • Kain arrives and brings them to the Tower of Zot. When they finally reach the room where Rosa is held, they are met by Kain and Golbez. Tellah, incensed, uses the ultimate magic Meteo on Golbez, but the stress kills Tellah. Golbez is left largely unharmed, but his control of Kain is broken and Kain joins Cecil and Rosa. Before they can leave, though, they are attacked by Valvalis, the Wind Emperor. After defeating her, they head back to Baron.
  • Kain gives Cecil a Magma Stone, which opens the way to the underworld in the town of Agart. Using the airship, they descend the deep hole to reach a dark new world. However, the airship is caught in a battle from the Red Wings. The Enterprise can't travel over the large lava pools underground, so lacking anything else to do they travel to the Dwarf Castle to speak with the king, Giott. Giott tells them that there are four more Crystals underground which Golbez seeks. One is held in the castle.
  • Before Cecil and party can take the Crystal, Giott's daughter Luca notices that her dolls have gone berserk inside the Crystal Room; they are being controlled by Golbez. They defeat the dolls, but Golbez's arm appears and steals the Crystal. Golbez himself then shows up to fight Cecil, and summons a dragon. However, the dragon is destroyed by a black magic spell cast by Rydia, who has returned in adult form from the land of the Phantom Beasts. They drive off Golbez. Cid decides to stay behind to help upgrade the airship with mithril found nearby.
  • Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Yang, and Kain attempt a raid on the Tower of Babel, Rubicant's stronghold which stretches from the bottom of the underworld to the overworld. All of Golbez's Crystals are held there. The Dwarves attack the outside of the Tower using tanks while they sneak in. They find Lugae, Rubicant's mad scientist, and defeat him to receive a key to the tower's weapons controls. Yang destroys the controls but locks himself inside to make sure they are not used to attack the dwarves outside. Cecil and party almost manage to escape, but are trapped by Golbez. Cid rescues them in the Enterprise, though, and deposits them in the overworld. He throws a bomb, causing an avalanche and closing the hole to the underworld, trapping himself there.
  • Cid's assistants attach a hook to the Enterprise to allow them to take hold of the Hovercraft. They attempt another go at the Tower of Babel through Eblan Cave. There, they see Edge, the ninja prince of Eblan, fighting with Rubicant. He loses, but joins Cecil in attempting the seige. They unexpectedly come upon Edge's parents, though, having been mutated by Lugae. After reluctantly defeating them, Rubicant appears and expresses his apologies for his servant's misbehavior. He heals Cecil before fighting him, and loses.
  • Cecil reaches the Crystal Room but is trapped; a hole opens beneath him and his entire party falls through. They uncover an enemy airship and escape on it. Upon returning to the Dwarf Castle, King Giott informs them that the final Crystal is held in the Sealed Cave northwest of the castle. The enemy airship, which can travel over the lava that the Enteprise couldn't, reaches the cave easily. However, right after acquiring it Golbez takes over Kain's mind once more and Kain betrays them yet again, taking the Crystal to his master. With all the Crystals, Golbez's destination is back at the Lunarians' base in the Moon.
  • Returning to the Dwarf Castle, Cid is up and about and has affixed a drill nose to the enemy airship, allowing Cecil to drill up to the overworld again. Cecil speaks to the elder of Mysidia, who prays in the Mysidian Tower. Their prayers awaken the Magical Ship, a vessel which can go straight to the moon.
  • Cecil meets FuSoYa, who introduces himself and explains everything that happened in the past regarding himself, KluYa, and Zemus. He also tells them of Golbez's plan to activate the ancient Babel Giant, a havoc-wreaking device, to hasten Zemus's plans of destroying Earth. They quickly return to Earth to attempt to fight it.
  • They enter the Giant and fight to its control center, but run up against the Four Emperors again. A fierce battle ensues, with Cecil as the winner. Kain arrives with Golbez, but FuSoYa succeeds in breaking Zemus's spell once and for all. Golbez and Kain both regain their consciousnesses. FuSoYa and Golbez go off together to attempt to defeat Zemus, but Cecil is determined to follow them.
  • Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, and Edge speak to the eight Crystals of the Moon, who transport them to the Moon's Core, where Zemus sleeps. They find FuSoYa and Golbez attacking Zemus with Meteo. They succeed in destroying him, but Zemus's alterego of hate, Zeromus, arises from his body. Golbez attempts to use a Crystal to seal Zeromus, but fails because of his alignment with Darkness. He entrusts the Crystal to Cecil. The souls of everyone who helped Cecil from the beginning help him and his party to regain consciousness. Cecil uses the Crystal to reveal Zeromus's true form (rather ugly) and succeeds in defeating it.
  • FuSoYa leaves to go back to eternal sleep, but before he can, Golbez asks to go with him. Cecil finally forgives his brother for his sins and tells him to rest in peace. The party returns to Earth. Cecil and Rosa are crowned King and Queen of Baron, and Edge is crowned King of Eblan. Happy ending.

Side QuestsEdit

  • Cecil can visit the ruins of Eblan Castle and Mist Town for extra treasure.
  • A secret room in the Dwarf Castle leads to a place where all the programmers hang out.
  • A cave in the underworld leads to the Land of Phantom Beasts. If Rydia and her friends fight Queen Ashura and King Leviathan here, she gains their summons. They can also find a Rat Tail here; if they give it to the midget in the island mine near Mithril Town, it will give them Adamant Ore. Giving that to the dwarf smith Kokkol in the underworld will yield the mighty Excalibur sword!
  • A cave in the underworld leads to the land of the Sylphs. Here the party finds Yang, recovering from his wounds in the Tower of Babel, cared for by the Sylphs. They then return to speak to Yang's wife. When they do this, she gives them a Frying Pan to wake Yang up. When they do this, the Sylphs urge Yang to stay. He does, and the Sylphs allow Rydia to summon them. When Cecil returns to Yang's wife and shows her the Frying Pan, she gives him the Cleaver, the strongest throwing dart in the game.
  • In the basement of Baron, in the old throne room, sleeps the spirit of the true king of Baron. Defeating it will allow Rydia to summon Odin.
  • On the moon is a cave called Hummingway Home, which is full of Namingways, the odd little man in yellow who renames your characters when you talk to him. You can buy special Fat Chocobo Whistles here.
  • In a cave on the moon dwells Bahamut, the Phantom Beast God. Defeating him also allows you to summon him.
  • In a room in the Moon's Core, there's a very rare chance of meeting dancing Pink Puffs, who have a very rare chance of dropping a Pink Tail. Taking it to the midget in the Adamant mine results in more Adamant being given you, and taking that to Kokkol results in the forging of the Adamant Armor, strongest in the game.




As you play Final Fantasy IV, you will constantly have new characters join your party and old characters leave it. At any time, you can have anywhere from one to five characters in your party, as determined by the plot. In some versions of the game, you can pick which party members face the final boss. Otherwise, it's out of your hands.

Different characters bring their own talents to the table. Furthermore, the game is designed so that your party will be capable of dealing with any challenges it faces where you need to go. Just be sure to learn your characters' new abilities.

Getting AroundEdit

The overworld of Final Fantasy IV consists of a variety of terrain, such as grasslands and forests. Players gain access to various vehicles throughout the course of the game, which may aid them in their travels. When the player reaches a special location, such as a town or a dungeon, the game zooms from the overworld map into a new map for the specific location. This is where most of the notable events in the game occur, including story segments, boss fights, and problem solving. Towns will sell items and equipment, and provide lodging for a small fee to restore your party's health.

When wandering throughout the overworld and in dungeons, you will fight random encounters. The enemies you face in these encounters depend on the area of the world you are currently traveling in and the terrain. Oceans and rivers have their own set of enemies. There are no random encounters while riding on the airship or in towns.


The game may be saved at any time in the overworld. In locations, special spots can be found midway through dungeons and locations. Be sure to save often, especially in dungeons, where a save spot is often a sign of a tough fight coming up.


Combat in Final Fantasy IV uses an Active Time system. Characters charge up a bar over time, and when the bar is full, the player can give them a command. If the game mode is set to Active, the bar charges at all times, even while in menus. Enemies also charge up this way, meaning that players should make their decisions as soon as possible. You can also set the game mode to Wait to halt the flow of battle while in menus.

Although different characters have different abilities, a few commands are common. For instance, all characters can Attack an enemy to inflict physical damage with their weapons or use Items. Characters can Defend to reduce damage taken or use the Row command to either get behind other party members to take less damage, or go in front of other members to maximize physical attack power.

Characters have Health Points, or HP. Battles are won when the enemy's HP are reduced to zero, and they disappear. If a party member loses all their HP, they fall, and cannot fight again until they are healed in or out of battle using specific items or magic.


Super Nintendo PlayStation WonderSwan Color Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Action
D-Pad D-Pad X1, X2, X3, X4 D-Pad D-Pad
  • Move character
  • Move cursor
A X A A A, L
  • Interact/Inspect
  • Talk
  • Confirm
  • Ride/Dismount.
  • Cancel
  • Exit Menu
  • Run.
X T Start, Y1, Y4 Start X
  • Menu
R R1 Y3 L, R Y
  • Switch displayed character
L, R L1, R1 L, R
  • Flip through pages
L + R L1 + R1 Y1 + Y4 L + R R
  • Hold to escape from battle.
Start Start Start Start Start
  • Pause


These are the party members and other characters within Final Fantasy IV.

Party membersEdit

Below is a brief description and the abilities of each party member.

N. Character Class Magic Abilities
1 Cecil Dark Knight
White (7 spells)
2 Kain Dragoon - Jump
3 Rydia Summoner Summon (16), Black (24), White (7) -
4 Tellah Sage White (24), Black (24) Recall
5 Edward Bard - Sing, Heal, Hide
6 Rosa White Mage White (24) Pray, Aim
7 Yang Monk - Kick, Power, Gird
8 Palom Black Mage Black (24), Twin (2) Bluff
9 Porom White Mage White (24), Twin (2) Cry
10 Cid Engineer - Peep
11 Edge Ninja Ninja (6) Sneak, Throw
12 Fusoya Lunarian White (24), Black (24) Regen

Other charactersEdit


1 File:FF4 Overworld p1.png File:FF4 Overworld p2.png
2 File:FF4 Overworld p3.png File:FF4 Overworld p4.png


The starting location.


Connected to Baron by the Mist cave, and home to the Callers.

  • In the North west building, look for a secret behind the fireplace. You can get a Change Rod and Tiera. However, you can only effectively find this after getting the airship.


A small city located near an oasis. Initially, you bring Rydia here after the incident at Myst, and discover that Rose is here as well.

Contains an inn and stores.


A city in the desert north of Kaipo. It gets bombed as you approach, with the crystal taken away. You can use pots of HP and MP recovery here.

It's an intermediate point between Kaipo and Mt. Hobs, as well as the nearby antlion cave.


A city in the far northwest filled with magic users.


A Matriarchy, was guarding the Crystal of Earth before the Dark Elf stole it.

Dark Elf CaveEdit

The cave surrounded by dense forest northeast of Toroia. While traversing this cave, any metallic weapon a character is holding causes them to be paralyzed in battle (same effect as Hold). Bows and arrows, staves, and rods are really the only weapons that can be used here, so it's advisable to run from combat when necessary.

Tower of ZotEdit

Note: You can only visit this place once.


Contains a well that's allegedly bottomless.


Home of the dwarves, located in the underworld.

Tower of BabilEdit

Note: You can visit this place twice, however, you are exploring different sections. You fight Dr. Rugae here, and fight Rubicant in the upper section.

Bahamut CaveEdit

Found on the Lunar Subterrane.

Lunar LairEdit

The final cave of the game.


This is a small ruined castle near the Tower of Zot. It contains a few items, including a Slumber Sword and a Drain Spear in the left and right towers. There is also a backdoor escape route containing an elixer.

Some of the chests are not directly reachable; they are either accessed from hidden stairs, or by walking along the outside of the tower.

Misty ValleyEdit


This set of monsters is obtained from the SNES US version. Bosses are not listed on this page unless they appear in a random encounter.

At the end of each battle, you gain a set amount of Gold and Exp. Gold is added directly to the pool, while EXP is divided among all party members.

Names and stats may differ in the Japanese version.

Name HP Gold Exp Attacks/weakness Locations
Eagle 18 5 40 Nothing special Outside baron
FloatEye 20 9 42 Outside baron
Imp 6 10 20 Outside baron
SwordRat 30 66 30 Counters with Needle Outside baron
Larva <30 Misty dungeon
SandMoth 40 Misty dungeon
Sand Man 20 20 80 Outside Kaipo
Sandpede 60 25 80 Outside Kaipo
SandWorm 60 (75) 25 90 Outside Kaipo
EvilShel 58 30 55 Watery pass
WaterBug 110 80 Casts Remedy. Retreats. Watery pass
Pike 65 35 120 Watery pass
CaveToad 44 25 90 Watery pass
Jelly 35 35 140 Resistant to physical Watery pass
Aligator 150 95 80X Attacks two characters Watery pass
Waterhag 48 ~60 180 Watery pass
Zombie 40 35 120 Undead, resistant to physical attacks. Watery pass
Tinymage 69 ~60 180 Casts Lit-1, Ice-1. Counters attacks with Hold, spells with Psych. Try casting hold on them. Watery pass, Outside Dancyan
Mad Toad 59 Watery pass (waterfall)
Imp Cap. 37 50 150 Antlion cave, East Mt. Fabul
Cream 55 35 150 Resistant to physical. Vulnerable to Lit. Antlion cave
Turtle 150 80 240 Antlion
Basilisk 90 30 120 Antlion
Weeper 100 40 160 Antlion
Skeletion 50 125 240 Mt. Fabul, Ordeals
Spirit 50 125 290 Mt. Fabul
GrayBomb 100 ? ? Mt. Fabul
Bomb 50 ? ? Mt. Fabul
Cocktric 100 120 280 Can petrify
Gargoyle 160 140 320 Casts weak Mt. Fabul + East
Needler 110 55 410 Counters with Needle East Mt. Fabul
Raven 941 740 Mystidia
Red Bone 170 170 320 Mt. Ordeals
Soul 150 165 510 Mt. Ordeals
Ghoul 180 580 Mt. Ordeals
Ghast 120 Mt. Ordeals
Revenant 160 Mt. Ordeals
Lilith 320 Mt. Ordeals
Piranha 105 Under Castle Baron
ElecFish 200 Under Castle Baron
Corcdile 292 Under Castle Baron
AquaWorm 638 Under Castle Baron
Hydra 200 Under Castle Baron
Guard 200 Under Castle Baron
StingRat Near Toroian Castle
Treant Near Toroian Castle
Cave Bat 150 Dark Elf Cave
VampGirl 250 Dark Elf Cave
Panther 285 Dark Elf Cave
Mage 500 Dark Elf Cave
Ogre 865 Dark Elf Cave
Carapace 700 Tower of Zot
Ice Liz 400 Tower of Zot
Slime 50 Tower of Zot, Lunar surface
Centaur 380 or 445 Tower of Zot
IceBeast 380 or 445 Tower of Zot
FlameDog 1221 235 1720 Hits party with Fire. Weak against ice. Tower of Zot
Marion 473 (or 256) Tower of Zot
Puppet 256 (or 473) Tower of Zot
EpeeGirl 390? (could be SwordMan) Tower of Zot
SwordMan 390? (could be EpeeGirl) Tower of Zot
Dark Imp 199 45 388 Underworld
Armadillo 300 195 320 Underworld, Cave Elbana
Black Liz 700 45 260 Underworld, Tower of Babil, Cave Elbana
Tortoise 400 235 340 Underworld, Tower of Babil
Egg 700 Tower of Babil
Chimera 700 Tower of Babil
Flameman 579 Tower of Babil
Alert 1425 Tower of Babil
1221 Summoned by Alert. Tower of Babil
Tofu 102 Weak against ice Tower of Babil, Lunar Surface
Medusa 430 Tower of Babil
Stoneman 445 420 Tower of Babil
Ironman 2500 Tower of Babil
Sorcerer 1000 Tower of Babil
Vamp Bat 399 365 256 Cave Elbana
Iron Back 100 235 220 Cave Elbana
Skull 740 120 316 Cave Elbana
Balloon 600 Upper Tower of Babil, Lunar path
Black Cat 593 Upper Tower of Babil
Egg 1200 Upper Tower of Babil
Mad Ogre 1700 Upper Tower of Babil
Lamia 1200 1210 412 Upper Tower of Babil
Egg 2200 Upper Tower of Babil
Mooncell 980 Lunar Surface
Pudding 1050 Lunar Surface
Juclyote 1700 Lunar Path
Procyote 2200 Lunar Path
Grenade 820 Lunar Path
Red Worm 7000 Lunar Path
Machine 3600 Giant of Babil
Beamer 1800 Fires beam. Giant of Babil
Horseman 3000 Giant of Babil
Searcher 5500 Summons a monster when hit. Giant of Babil
??? 8500 Summoned by Searcher Giant of Babil
D.Machin 15000 Summoned by Searcher. Uses Fire (on all) Giant of Babil
RedGiant 11800 7000 3780 Lunar Lair
Ging-Ryu 7500 19000 5000 Casts Blaze against whole party. Lunar Lair
King-Ryu 8200 23000 6000 Lunar Lair
D. Bone 9000 6750 2820 Lunar Lair
D. Fossil 10000 8100 3020 Weak to Fire. Lunar Lair
Warlock 4250 2400 3460 Will sap all MP. Lunar Lair
Kary ???? 3500 2620 Lunar Lair
Behemoth 16000 65000 11740 Retaliates on physical attacks. Lunar Lair (deep)
Blue D. ???? 40200 7200 Impervious to magic. Lunar Lair (deep)
Red D. ???? 65000 10360 Weak to Ice. Lunar Lair (deep)
Fatal Eye ???? 65200 8000 Casts Count. Lunar Lair (deep)
EvilMask 25500 Casts Wall on self, then Wall on party. Begins casting White as part of delta-attack. Lunar Lair (deep)
Mind 12300 Lunar Lair (deep)


The FloatEye is a flying monster. A trio of them attack the crew of the Red Wings on their return flight from Mysidia to Baron. They are easily dispatched by Cecil with the FireBomb spell.


The Raven is a flying creature that attacks the Red Wings during their flight from Mysidia to Baron. Cecil destroys it with a Lit-Bolt spell.


Under the description of each item is a table displaying the cost at each Item Shop if it is available.

List of itemsEdit


Cure1 Restores some HP.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
30 30 30 30 30 N/A 30 30 30 30 30 N/A


Cure2 Restores more HP.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 150 150 150 150 150


Cure3 Restores most HP.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway


Life Revives killed player.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
150 150 150 150 150 N/A 150 150 150 150 150 150


Heal Removes all status conditions.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 N/A


Tent Can be used on a Save point inside a dungeon, or outside at any time. Will recover some HP/MP and remove status conditions.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
200 200 200 200 200 N/A 200 200 200 200 200 N/A


Cabin Can be used on a Save point inside a dungeon, or outside at any time. Will recover all HP/MP and remove status conditions.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
N/A N/A N/A 1,000 N/A N/A N/A 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000


Ether1 Restores some MP.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 N/A 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000


Ether2 Restores more MP.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 50,000


Carrot Use in front of a Big Chocobo hideout, and you will be able to give him some items for storage.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
50 50 50 N/A 50 N/A 50 50 50 50 50 N/A


Whistle Use at any time to call a Big Chocobo and take or give items from storage.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 20,000


Elixir Restores all HP and all MP.
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 100,000

Special itemsEdit

These items can't be directly used, but are otherwise important.

Adamant: Give it to the Blacksmith and he will make the Excalibur sword.

Baron: When you return to Baron, Yang will give this to you and you can unlock the secret passage.

Crystal: Use it against Zeromus in the final battle.

Magma: Will open the underground when dropped in the well.

Luca: Key to the Sealed Cave in the Underground

Package: Bring it to Mist, and it will destroy the village.

Pan: Use it on Yang to wake him up

Pink: Use it to get more Adamant from the guy who collects tails.

Rat: Use it to get Adamant from the guy who collects tails.

SandRuby: Get it from the Antlion and use it to heal Rosa.

Tower: Yang will use this to unlock the cannon room in the Tower of Babil.

TwinHarp: Edward will play through this harp to aid you against the Gnome.

Original Japanese versionEdit

In the original version of the game, the cost and types of items were different. In some cases, the changes are better; Life or revive cost was reduced. However, the centralized heal item was split into various individual items that cured one status ailment, requiring much better management of inventory.


PhoenixDown Revives a player
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
100 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


EyeDrop Cures 'blind' status
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
100 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Antidote Cures 'poison' status
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
100 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


GoldNeedle Cures 'Stone' status
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
400 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


MaidensKiss Cures 'Frog' status
Baron Kaipo Fabul Mysidia Toroia Silvera Agart Dwarves Castle Eblan Tomra Cave of Summons Moon Namingway
60 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


There are small differences between the armor parts available in the different versions. The main difference is a slightly different translation of the names. In the 3D version, all the physical evasion rates were raised by 10, so that negative values were removed. Furthermore, in some versions, a handful of parts received minor improvements.

Common armor partsEdit

They can be equipped by any character, except for Dark Knight Cecil (DK in th table).

  • Legend:
    • D: defense (physical)
    • M: magic defense
    • D%: evasion rate (physical attacks)
    • M%: magic evasion rate
Common armor Part Cost Special D M D% M% User Location
Cloth Body 50 - 1 0 0 0 All (not DK) Initial: Cecil (paladin)
Leather cap Head 100 - 1 1 -5 1 All (not DK) Initial: Rydia, Rosa
Prison garb Body 70 Resists sleep 1 1 0 1 All (not DK) Initial: Rosa, Cid
Bard's tunic Body 70 Resists silence 2 1 0 1 All (not DK) Initial: Edward
Ruby ring Arms 1000 Resists pig status 0 3 0 2 All Initial: Edward
Find: Mist, Troia
Buy: Troia
Leather cloth Body 200 - 2 1 0 1 All (not DK) Initial: Rydia, Tellah, Palom & Porom
Black belt gi Body 14000 Str +5, Sta +5 10 3 20 2 All (not DK) Initial: Edge
Find: Dwarven castle
Green beret Head 1000 Str +5, Sta +5 3 1 2 1 All (not DK) Initial: Edge
Find: Babil Tower
Bought set
Kenpo gi Body 4000 Str +3 5 2 10 1 All (not DK) Buy: Baron
Headband Head 450 Resists confuse; Str +5 1 1 0 1 All (not DK) Buy: Baron
Found headgear
Feathered cap Head 330 - 2 3 -4 3 All (not DK) Find: Underground waterway
Buy: Troia
Black cowl Head 2000 Resists sleep; Str +3, Agi +3, Sta +3 5 1 4 1 All (not DK) Find: Sealed cave
Resist set
Adamant armor Body 10 Resists all status ailments and elements; all attributes +15 100 20 0 12 All (not DK) Find: Adamant cave
Ribbon Head 10 Resists all status ailments 9 12 2 12 All (not DK) Find: Lunar underground, Lunar ruins
Win: Worst Malboro, Bog Witch, Dark Sage
Protect ring Arms 6000 Resists fire, ice, lightning; Sta +15 10 12 5 10 All (not DK) Find: Lunar underground
Spoils set
Power sash Body 4000 Str +15 15 0 0 0 All (not DK) Win: Behemoth, King Beheoth
Glass mask Head 30000 - 30 0 -10 0 All (not DK) Win: Deathmask, Proto Phase
Cursed ring Arms 10 Changes elemental resistance into absorption; all attributes -15 0 0 -10 0 All Win: Soul, Spirit, Belphegor, Evil Dreamer, Bone Dragon, Dinozombie, Chimerageist
Crystal ring Arms 6000 Resists sleep, paralyze, confuse, dragons 20 12 5 10 All (not DK) Win: Red Dragon, Crystal Dragon

Light Armor PartsEdit

Can be equipped by up to 9 of the 12 characters; typically, Cecil, Kain and Cid will wear heavy armor instead.

Light armor Part Cost Special D M D% M% Users Location
Gaia gear Body 500 Resists grad.petrify 3 3 0 3 7: Rydia, Tellah, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Cecil, Fusoya Initial: Tellah, Palom & Porom
Sage's miter Head 2000 Spi +5 5 7 -2 7 7: Rydia, Tellah, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Cecil, Fusoya Initial: Fusoya
Buy: Dwarven castle
Diamond armlet Arms 4000 Resists lightning 6 8 0 6 9: Rydia, Tellah, Edward, Rosa, Yang, Palom, Porom, Edge, Fusoya Initial: Fusoya
Buy: Tomra
Intermediate parts
Sage's surplice Body 1200 Spi +5 5 5 0 5 7: Rydia, Tellah, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Cecil, Fusoya Find: Zot Tower
Buy: Dwarven castle
Black robe Body 10000 Int +5 8 7 0 7 4: Rydia, Tellah, Palom, Fusoya Buy: Eblan cave
Wizard's hat Head 700 Spi +3, Int +3 3 5 -3 5 7: Rydia, Tellah, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Cecil, Fusoya Buy: Mysidia
Rune armlet Arms 2000 Resists silence, mages; Int +3, Spi +3 5 8 0 8 9: Rydia, Tellah, Edward, Rosa, Yang, Palom, Porom, Edge, Fusoya Buy: Dwarven castle
Metallic parts
Iron armlet Arms 100 Metallic 2 2 0 1 9: Rydia, Tellah, Edward, Rosa, Yang, Palom, Porom, Edge, Fusoya Initial: Rosa, Rydia, Palom & Porom
Find: Underground waterway
Buy: Kaipo, Agart
Power armlet Arms 760 Str +5; metallic 2 2 0 2 6: Kain, Cecil, Cid, Rydia, Yang, Edge Find: Dwarven castle
Silver armlet Arms 650 Resists ghouls; metallic 4 4 0 4 9: Rydia, Tellah, Edward, Rosa, Yang, Palom, Porom, Edge, Fusoya Find: Troia
Buy: Mysidia, Baron
Gold hairpin Head 20000 Resists lightning, dragons; Int +10; metallic 7 10 0 9 3: Rydia, Rosa, Porom Find: Mist, Lunar ruins
Buy: Tomra
Lunar parts
Luminous robe Body 30000 Resists lightning, undead; Int +5, Spi +5 12 9 0 9 7: Rydia, Tellah, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Cecil, Fusoya Find: Lunar underground
White robe Body 10 Resists blind, ghoul, undead; Spi +15 18 10 0 6 4: Rosa, Tellah, Cecil, Fusoya Find: Lunar underground
Minerva buster Body 40000 Resists paralysis; Str +15, Sta +15, Agi +15; Int -15, Spi -15 20 5 30 5 3: Rydia, Rosa, Porom Find: Lunar underground
Black garb Body 64000 Agi +3 24 15 60 8 1: Edge Find: Lunar underground

Heavy ArmorEdit

Can be equipped by Cecil, Kain and Cid.

Heavy armor Part Cost Special D M D% M% Users Location
Iron armor Body 600 Metallic 4 1 -10 0 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Initial: Kain
Buy: Agart
Iron helm Head 150 Metallic 3 0 -10 0 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Initial: Kain
Buy: Agart
Iron gloves Arms 130 Metallic 2 0 -10 0 4: Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge Initial: Kain
Buy: Agart
Iron shield Shield 100 Metallic 1 0 20 0 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Initial: Kain
Buy: Agart
Dark knight set
Dark armor Body 1100 Metallic 5 1 -10 0 1: Dark-Cecil Initial: Cecil
Dark helm Head 360 Metallic 4 0 -10 0 1: Dark-Cecil Initial: Cecil
Dark gloves Arms 260 Metallic 2 0 -10 0 1: Dark-Cecil Initial: Cecil
Dark shield Shield 200 Metallic 1 0 22 1 1: Dark-Cecil Initial: Cecil
Hades set
Hades armor Body 2000 Metallic 7 2 -10 0 1: Dark-Cecil Find: Underground waterway
Hades helm Head 360 Metallic 5 1 -10 0 1: Dark-Cecil Find: Underground waterway
Hades gloves Arms 520 Metallic 3 0 -10 0 1: Dark-Cecil Find: Underground waterway
Demon set
Demon armor Body 3000 Metallic 9 3 -10 0 1: Dark-Cecil Buy: Fabul
Demon helm Head 980 Metallic 6 1 -10 1 1: Dark-Cecil Buy: Fabul
Demon gloves Arms 800 Metallic 4 0 -10 1 1: Dark-Cecil Buy: Fabul
Demon shield Shield 700 Metallic 2 0 24 1 1: Dark-Cecil Find: Fabul
Paladin set
Knight's armor Body 8000 Resists undead; Spi +3; metallic 11 3 -10 1 1: Cecil Buy: Mysidia
Lustrous helm Head 4000 Resists undead; Spi +3; metallic 7 2 -10 1 1: Cecil Buy: Mysidia
Gauntlets Arms 3000 Resists undead; metallic 5 1 -10 1 1: Cecil Buy: Mysidia
Lustrous shield Shield 700 Resists undead; Spi +3; metallic 2 1 24 1 1: Cecil Buy: Mysidia
Mithril set
Mithril armor Body 17000 Resists ghouls; metallic 13 4 -10 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Buy: Mithril
Win: Mithril Golem
Mithril helm Head 3000 Resists ghouls; metallic 8 2 -10 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Buy: Mithril
Mithril gloves Arms 2000 Resists ghouls; metallic 6 2 -10 2 4: Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge Buy: Mithril
Initial: Edge
Mithril shield Shield 1000 Resists ghouls; metallic 3 2 26 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Buy: Mithril
Elemental sub-sets
Flame mail Body 30000 Resists ice, weak vs. fire; metallic 15 4 -10 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Zot Tower
Buy: Dwarven castle
Flame shield Shield 1250 Resists ice, weak vs. fire; metallic 3 2 30 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Babil Tower
Buy: Dwarven castle
Ice armor Body 35000 Resists fire, weak vs. ice; metallic 17 4 -10 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Babil Tower
Buy: Eblan cave
Ice shield Shield 10000 Resists fire, weak vs. ice; metallic 3 2 30 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Babil Tower
Buy: Eblan cave
Diamond set
Diamond armor Body 40000 Resists lightning 19 4 -10 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Buy: Tomra
Diamond helm Head 10000 Resists lightning 9 2 -10 2 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Buy: Tomra
Diamond gloves Arms 5000 Resists lightning 7 3 -10 3 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Buy: Tomra
Diamond shield Shield 15000 Resists lightning 4 2 32 3 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Buy: Tomra
Genji set
Genji armor Body 10 - 21 7 -10 4 4: Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge Find: Father's lair
Genji helm Head 10 - 10 6 -10 3 4: Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge Find: Father's lair
Initial: Kain(*)
Genji gloves Arms 10 - 8 5 -10 3 4: Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge Find: Father's lair
Initial: Kain(*)
Genji shield Shield 10 Metallic 5 3 36 4 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Father's lair
Initial: Kain(*)
Partial sub-set
Aegis shield Shield 20000 Resists petrify, grad.petrify, mages; Int +3; metallic 4 5 34 4 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Lunar ruins
Buy: Feymarch
Giant's gloves Arms 10 Resists mini and giants; Str +10, Sta +10 10 0 -10 0 5: Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge, Yang Win: Ogre, Mad Ogre, Steel Golem
Dragon set
Dragon mail Body 10 Resists fire, ice, lightning, dragons 23 8 -10 5 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Lunar underground
Dragon helm Head 10 Resists fire, ice, lightning, dragons 11 7 -10 4 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Lunar underground
Dragon gloves Arms 10 Resists fire, ice, lightning, dragons 9 6 -10 3 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Lunar underground
Dragon shield Shield 10 Resists fire, ice, lightning, dragons 6 3 38 5 3: Cecil, Kain, Cid Find: Lunar underground
Crystal set
Crystal mail Body 10 Resists all status ailments; Spi +3 25 10 -10 6 1: Cecil Find: Lunar underground
Crystal helm Head 10 Resists fire, ice, lightning; Spi +3 12 8 -10 5 1: Cecil Find: Lunar underground
Crystal gloves Arms 10 Resists undead; Spi +3 10 7 -10 4 1: Cecil Find: Lunar underground
Crystal shield Shield 10 Resists undead; Spi +3 7 4 40 6 1: Cecil Find: Lunar underground

Armor parts introduced in the remakesEdit

A series of equipment parts was introduced in the remakes.

Advance & PSP versionEdit

Two bonus dungeons were added in this version. They are full of equipment parts specific for one character each.

Advance armor Part Cost Special D M D% M% User Location
Hero's shield Shield Changes elemental resistance into absorption; all attributes +15; metallic 20 20 55 15 (all) Win: Lunar ruins boss
Caesar's plate Body Resists darkness and holy; Spi +10; metallic 32 14 -10 9 Cecil Find: Lunar ruins
Dragoon gloves Arms Upgrades "jump" to "double-jump" 15 8 -10 8 Kain Find: Lunar ruins
Dragoon plate Body Sta +10 31 15 -10 10 Kain Find: Lunar ruins
Grand helm Head Resists lightning; Agi +5, Spi +5; metallic 14 10 -10 7 Cid Find: Trials cave
Grand armor Body Resists lightning; Sta +15, Spi +15; metallic 28 10 -10 8 Cid Find: Trials cave
Maximilian Body Resists petrify, grad.petrify, machines; Int +10, Spi +10, Sta +10; metallic 35 12 -10 8 Cid Find: Lunar ruins
White tiger mask Head Resists paralysis; Str +5 8 3 6 3 Yang Find: Trials cave
Martial armlet Arms Upgrades "focus" to "deadly" 15 15 6 10 Yang Find: Lunar ruins
Brave suit Body Resists curse; Str +10, Sta +10, Agi +10 22 8 55 2 Yang Find: Trials cave
Battle gear Body Resists curse, toad, pig; Str +10, Sta +10 29 12 30 5 Yang Find: Lunar ruins
Hanzo's gloves Arms Upgrades "steal" to "mug" 15 8 -10 6 Edge Find: Lunar ruins
Assassin's vest Body Resists poison, paralysis, petrify; Str +5, Agi +5 29 20 80 12 Edge Find: Lunar ruins
Red cap Head Resists fire; Sta +10 10 12 10 12 Edward Find: Trials cave
Red jacket Body Resists fire; Str +15, Agi +15 21 12 20 4 Edward Find: Trials cave
Harmony ring Arms Upgrades "sing" to "chant" 15 20 10 12 Edward Find: Lunar ruins
Vishnu vest Body Resists fire, ice, lightning, darkness, holy; Str +10, Sta +10, Agi +10; metallic 30 15 40 6 Edward Find: Lunar ruins
Mist ring Arms Upgrades Mist Dragon and Lunar Dragon 15 18 8 15 Rydia Find: Lunar ruins
Rainbow robe Body Resists fire, ice, lightning, holy; Int +10 25 15 25 10 Rydia Find: Lunar ruins
White ring Arms Upgrades "pray" to "miracle" 15 20 8 15 Rosa Find: Lunar ruins
White dress Body Resists ghouls, undead, silence, berserk; Spi +10 26 20 23 18 Rosa Find: Lunar ruins
Palom & Porom
Hypnocrown Head Resists pig, toad, mini; Int +5 7 16 8 18 Palom Find: Trials cave
Sage's robe Body Resists silence, mages; Int +10, Agi +10 19 15 5 18 Palom Find: Trials cave
Chocobo suit Body Resists poison; Agi +15 28 30 25 15 Palom Find: Lunar ruins
Twin stars Arms Upgrades "Twincast" enabling "Twin Meteor" 15 20 10 12 Palom & Porom Find: Lunar ruins
Cat-ear hood Head Resists ice; Agi +5 7 18 8 16 Porom Find: Trials cave
Robe of lords Body Resists fire, ice, lightning; Spi +10, Sta +10 19 18 5 15 Porom Find: Trials cave
Tabby suit Body Resists poison; Sta +10, Agi +10 28 30 30 15 Porom Find: Lunar ruins

3D versionEdit

A full set of onion armor parts was added in this version. These armor parts grow stronger according to the level (Lv) of the wearer.

Name Part Cost Special D M D% M% User Location
Onion armor Body Int +Lv/3 Lv Lv 0 0 Cecil, Kain, Edge, Rydia, Rosa Trade a tail with collector
Onion helm Head Spd +Lv/3 Lv/10 LV/10 0 0 Cecil, Kain, Edge, Rydia, Rosa Trade a tail with collector
Onion gloves Arms Spi +Lv/3 Lv/5 Lv/5 0 0 Cecil, Kain, Edge, Rydia, Rosa Trade a tail with collector
Onion shield Shield Sta +Lv/3; prevents status ailments Lv/10 0 0 0 Cecil, Kain Trade a tail with collector

Japanese mobile versionEdit

Some extra sub-quest were added, and their prizes are armor parts.

Mobile armor Part Cost Special D M D% M% User Location
Chocobo shield Shield All (except DK) Trade lunar whale with Fat Chocobo
Rabbit-ear hood Head All Collect seven trading cards
Triple-trial headgear
Augustine tiara Head Rosa Clear trial 3 times
Caesar helm Head Cecil Clear trial 3 times
Demon hat Head Palom Clear trial 3 times
Demon helm Head Edge Clear trial 3 times
Dragoon helm Head Kain Clear trial 3 times
Duel mask Head Yang Clear trial 3 times
Philosopher's hat Head Porom Clear trial 3 times
Royal crown Head Edward Clear trial 3 times
Safety met Head Cid Clear trial 3 times
Star of kami kazari Head Rydia Clear trial 3 times
Tail collector trades
Gil band Arms Doubles earned Gils Trade a tail with collector
Level band Arms Raises earned experience by 50% Trade a tail with collector
Provocation ring Arms All enemies attack wearer Trade a tail with collector
Rapid ring Arms Doubles command speed of wearer. Trade a tail with collector
Rare band Arms Increases chance of winning rare items from enemies Trade a tail with collector
Rear ring Arms Ignores back row penalty on attacks Trade a tail with collector
Sage ring Arms Halves MP consumption in battle Trade a tail with collector
Treasure band Arms Increases chance of winning items from enemies Trade a tail with collector


Common weaponsEdit

These weapons can be used by many different characters

  • DK = Dark Knight Cecil
  • Ce = Cecil
  • Ka = Kain
  • Ci = Cid
  • Ry = Rydia
  • Ro = Rosa
  • Po = Porom
  • Pa = Palom
  • Ed = Edge
  • Ew = Edward
  • Ya = Yang
  • Te = Tellah
  • Fu = Fusoya


Swords can be used by Dark Cecil, Cecil and Kain.

All swords are metallic equipment. Two swords are only available in the Japanese "Easy Type" version: the Coral sword (lightning-elemental) and the Piglet sword (inflicts Pig status)

Sword Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Avenger 10 80 45 Sets user to Berserk; no shield;
Str+10, Agl+10, Sta+10; Int-10, Spi-10
DK, Ce, Ka Find: Sylph cave
Win: Behemoth, KingBehemoth
Mythril sword 6000 50 30 Strong vs. Ghouls DK, Ce, Ka Buy: Mythril;
Win: Mythril Golem
Blood sword 13000 45 0 Absorbs damages inflicted;
strong vs. Flans, Giants, Undead;
Str-5, Sta-5, Agl-5, Spi-5, Int-5
DK, Ce, Ka Find: Cave of Eblan
Flame sword 14000 65 30 Element: Flame DK, Ce, Ka Find: Tower of Zot
Buy: Dwarven castle
Win: Flame Knight
Ancient sword 18000 35 27 Inflicts Curse; strong vs. Ghouls DK, Ce, Ka Find: Ancient waterway
Icebrand 26000 75 30 Element: Ice DK, Ce, Ka Find: Tower of Babil
Buy: Cave of Eblan
Sleep blade 26000 55 27 Inflicts Sleep; Casts Sleep DK, Ce, Ka Find: Eblan castle
Stoneblade 34000 77 16 Inflicts Gradual-Petrify DK, Ce, Ka Win: Gorgon, Medusa,
BlackLizard, Catoblepas
Defender 57000 105 40 Casts Protect; Sta+15 DK, Ce, Ka Find: Eidolons Passage


Axes can be used by Cecil, Kain and Cid.

All axes are Metallic equipment. Some are two-handed, i.e. they don't allow to use a shield.

Axe Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Hand axe 7000 36 0 Str+3 Ce, Ka, Ci (Dummied)
Dwarven axe 15000 62 19 Long ranged. Str+5, Sta+5;
Agi-5, Spi-5, Int-5
Ce, Ka, Ci Find: Dwarven Castle
Buy: Dwarven Castle
Ogrekiller axe 45000 80 19 Strong vs. Giants Ce, Ka, Ci Find: Tower of Babil
Buy: Tomra
Poison axe 94000 95 10 Inflicts Poison, casts Poison;
strong vs. Giants; no shield
Ce, Ka, Ci Win: ArmorConstruct, ArmoredFiend,
Rune axe 123000 100 10 Strong vs. Mages; no shield Ce, Ka, Ci Buy: Lunar Ruins
Win: IronGiant


The Assassin Dagger was originally a dummied item in the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy IV.

Dagger Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Mithril dagger 3000 20 45 Strong vs. Spirits Ce, Ka, Ed, Ry, Ew Buy: Mithril Town
Win: MithrilGolem
Dancing dagger 5000 28 44 Edge can throw it without losing it Ce, Ka, Ed, Ry, Ew Buy: Mist
Mage Masher dagger 13000 35 25 Inflicts Mute; strong vs. Mages; Wis+5 Ce, Ka, Ed, Ry, Ew Find: Sylph Cave
Assassin dagger 42000 130 50 Inflicts Instant-Death; Str+5, Agi+5, Vit+5;
Wis-10, Spi-10
Ce, Ka, Ed, Ry, Ew Buy: Lunar Ruins
Win: ChaoticKnight

Bows & ArrowsEdit

Bows & Arrows are the starting weapon of Rosa the White Mage, who has a special ability specific for these weapons.

Bows and Arrows can also be used by Cecil & Cid (physical warriors), Rosa & Porom (white magic users), Rydia & Palom (black magic users), Edward (bard).

Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Bow 220 10 30 - Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Initial: Rosa
Buy: Kaipo, Agart
Crossbow 700 20 35 - Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Damcyan
Buy: Mysidia, Agart
Great bow 2000 30 40 - Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Troia
Buy: Troia, Dwarven Castle
Killer bow 3000 40 50 - Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Tower of Babil
Buy: Tomra, Cave of Eblan
Elven bow 5000 50 75 Casts Shell; Strong vs.Mages; Int+5 Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Sylph Cave
Yoichi bow 11000 60 60 Str+10 Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Feymarch
Artemis bow 19000 80 70 Str+10, Agl+10, Sta+10; Int-10, Spi-10 Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Win: Moonmaiden
Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Iron arrow 10 5 0 (Metallic) Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Initial: Rosa
Find: Damcyan
Buy: Kaipo, Agart
Holy arrow 20 10 0 Element: Holy Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Damcyan
Buy: Mysidia, Agart
Fire arrow 30 15 0 Element: Fire Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Sylph Cave
Buy: Troia
Win: Chimera, Flamehound,
Ice arrow 30 15 0 Element: Ice Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Sylph Cave, Tower of Babil
Buy: Troia
Win: IceLizard, Frostbeast
Lightning arrow 30 15 0 Element: Lightning Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Sylph Cave
Buy: Troia
Win: StormAnima, LesserMarilith,
Angel arrow 110 40 0 Inflicts Confuse Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Sylph Cave
Buy: Feymarch
Win: LamiaMatriarch, Lamia
Medusa arrow 10 1 0 Inflicts Petrify Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Sylph Cave
Win: Gorgon, Medusa, BlackLizazrd,
StoneGolem, Catoblepas
Blinding arrow 40 20 0 Inflicts Blind Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Buy: Dwarven Castle
Poison arrow 70 30 0 Inflicts Poison Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Buy: Cave of Eblan
Win: Hydra, EttinSnake,
CaveNaga, Naga, KingNaga
Silencing arrow 100 35 0 Inflicts Mute Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Eblan Castle
Buy: Tomra
Yoichi arrow 140 50 0 - Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Feymarch, Giant of Babil
Buy: Kokkol's Forge, Lunar Ruins
Win: Malboro
Artemis arrow 200 75 0 Strong vs. Dragons Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Find: Lunar Subterrane
Win: Gloomwing, BlackFlan,
LunarVirus, Moonmaiden

Class-specific weaponsEdit

Dark Knight's swordsEdit

Dark swords are used by Cecil (Dark Knight).

Dark Blades Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Black blade 700 10 30 - Dark Cecil Initial: Cecil
Shadow blade 1200 20 35 - Dark Cecil Find: Underground passage
Death blade 2000 30 40 Inflicts Instant-Death;
Str+5, Vit+5, Agl+5, Wis+5; Int-10.
Dark Cecil Find: King Fabul

Paladin's swordsEdit

Sword Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Mythgraven blade ? 40 49 Element: Holy; Spi+3 Cecil Initial: Paladin Cecil
Lustrous sword ? 99 49 Element: Holy; Spi+3, Str+3 Cecil Find: Sealed cave
Excalibur ? 160 49 Element: Holy; Str+10 Cecil Find: bring Adamantite to Kokkol's forge
Ragnarok ? 200 49 Element: Holy; Si+15, Str+15, Sta+15 Cecil Win: Dark Bahamut

Dragoon's spearsEdit

Spears are used by Kain the dragoon.

Spear Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Spear 60 8 50 - Kain Initial: Kain, 1st time
Wind spear 7000 50 30 - Kain Initial: Kain, 2nd time
Flame spear 11000 66 30 Casts Fire2; element: Fire Kain Buy: Dwarf Castle
Win: FlameKnight
Blizzard spear 21000 77 30 Casts Ice2; element: Ice Kain Find: Eblana Castle
Buy: Eblana cave
Blood spear 130 86 -28 Drains HP from enemy;
Str-10, Agl-10, Wis-10, Int-10, Vit-10
Kain Find: Eblana castle
Gungnir Lance 100000 92 30 Vit+15 Kain Initial: Kain, 3rd time
Dragon spear 50 99 30 Strong vs. Dragons Kain Win: BlueDragon, RedDragon
Holy spear 74000 109 40 Casts Holy; element: Holy Kain Find: Lunar Underground

Engineer's hammersEdit

Hammers are used by Cid the engineer.

Spear Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Wooden hammer 80 45 25 - Cid Initial: Cid
Mithril hammer 8000 55 25 Strong vs. Spirits Cid Buy: Mithril Town
Win: Armadillo, HellTurtle,
IronDress, MagmaTurtle
Earth hammer 12000 67 25 Casts Quake; element: Earth; Str+5 Cid Find: Tower of Zott
Win: SteelGolem

Ninja's katanas, shurikens and boomerangsEdit

Katanas and throwing weapons can only be used by Edge the ninja.

Katanas Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Kunai katana 4000 25 40 - Edge Initial: Edge (x2)
Ashura katana 7000 32 40 - Edge Find: Tower of Babil
Buy: Tomera
Kotetsu katana 11000 40 40 - Edge Find: Sealed cave (x2)
Buy: Phantom World
Kiku-Ichimonji katana 18000 49 40 Str+5 Edge Find: Cave of Phantom World
Murasame katana 22000 56 50 Str+5, Wis+5; Agi-5, Vit-5, Int-5 Edge Find: Lunar undergorund
Masamune katana 23000 65 50 Casts Haste; Agi+3 Edge Find: Moon core
Boomerangs Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Boomerang 3000 20 30 Long ranged Edge Buy: Agalt, Eblana cave
Moonring blade 9000 40 45 Long ranged Edge Find: Sylph cave
Shurikens Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Shuriken 20000 40 99 Throw only Edge Buy: Kokuro's house;
Win: BlueDragon;
Find: Eblana Cave (x2), Tower
of Babil, Sealed Cave, Babil Giant
Hellwind shuriken 50000 80 99 Throw only Edge Buy: Kokuro's house;
Win: PinkPuff;
Find: Sealed Cave, Lunar
Underground (x2), Moon Core (x2)
Kitchen knife 10000 255 99 Throw only;
always deals 9999 damage
Edge Find: Yang's home (trade in Fry Pan)

Bows & ArrowsEdit

Monk's clawsEdit

Claws are the only weapon that can be used by Yang the monk; they can also be used by Edge the ninja.

Claw Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Fire claw 350 0 30 Element: fire Ya, Ed Initial: Yang
Buy: Fabul, Baron
Ice claw 450 0 30 Element: ice Ya, Ed Buy: Fabul, Baron
Thunder claw 550 0 30 Element: lightning Ya, Ed Buy: Fabul, Baron
Fairy claw 600 0 0 Inflicts condfusion; strong vs. Giants; Agl +3 Ya, Ed Find: Lodestone cave
Hell claw 650 0 40 Inflicts poison; Str +3 Ya, Ed Find: Tower of Zot, Sylph cave
Cat claw 700 0 55 Inflicts sleep; Str +5, Agl +5 Ya, Ed Find: Tower of Babil, Sylph cave
Win: Cait Sith, Coeurl

Bard's harpEdit

Harps are used by Edward the bard. When equipped with a harp, Edward can use the Sing command, that inflicts a random status ailment on the enemies; if Edward is turned into a toad, the Sing command turns opponents into toads as well.

Harp Cost Atk Atk% Effect Location
Dream Harp ? 8 35% Inflicts Sleep Initial: Edward
Lamia Harp ? 18 40% Inflicts Confuse Find: Antlion's Den
Win/Steal: Lamia, LamiaMatriarch

Summoner's whipsEdit

Whips can only be used by Rydia the summoner.

Whip Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Whip 3000 20 0 Inflicts paralysis Rydia Initial: Rydia
Buy: Mist, Phantom World
Chain whip 6000 30 5 Inflicts paralysis Rydia Buy: Tomera, Phantom World
Electric whip 10000 40 10 Inflicts paralysis; element: lightning Rydia Buy: Phantom World
Fire lash 16000 52 15 Inflicts paralysis; element: fire Rydia Find: Lunar Underground
Dragon whisker 31000 57 25 Inflicts paralysis; strong vs. dragons;
Str +5, Agl +5, Vit +5, Int +5, Wis +5
Rydia Win: Blue Dragon

Black Mage's rodsEdit

Rods are the main weapon that Palom the black mage can use. The two sages, Tellah and Fusoya can only use staves and rods. Rods can also be used by Rydia.

Weapon Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Rod 100 3 -10 Casts MagicArrow Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Buy: Kaipo, Agalt;
Win: SorcerLady, TinyMage
Ice rod 220 5 -5 Casts Ice1; element: ice Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Find: Underground passage;
Buy: Mysidia
Flame rod 380 7 -5 Casts Fire1; element: fire Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Buy: Mysidia
Thunder rod 700 10 0 Casts Lit1; element: lightning; Wis+3 Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Buy: Baron
Lilith rod 1100 13 -40 Drains HP from enemy; Casts Osmose; Wis+5 Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Win: Lilith
Apparite rod 1250 15 0 Casts Piggy; Wis+5 Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Find: Mist village
Fairy rod 5000 30 5 Inflicts Confuse; casts Confuse; Wis+10 Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Find: Sylph cave
Buy: Phantom World
Stardust rod 11000 45 0 Casts Meteor; Wis+5 Ry-Pa, Te-Fu Find: Lunar underground

White Mage's stavesEdit

Staves are the main weapon that Porom the white mage can use. The two sages, Tellah and Fusoya can only use staves and rods. Staves can also be used by Rosa, Cecil and child Rydia.

Weapon Gil A. A% Effects Users Location
Staff 160 4 -5 Casts Antidote Ro-Po, Te-Fu; Ce Buy: Kaipo, Agalt
Healing staff 480 8 0 Casts Cure on all Ro-Po, Te-Fu; Ce Buy: Mysidia, Baron;
Win: Marionette, Sorcerer, Summoner
Mithril staff 4000 12 5 Strong vs. Spirits; Int+3 Ro-Po, Te-Fu; Ce Buy: Mithril town
Power staff 2000 32 50 Casts berserk; Str+10 Ro-Po, Te-Fu Buy: Eblana cave
Energy staff 7000 36 10 - Ro-Po, Te-Fu Initial: Fusoya;
Buy: Phantom World
Silence staff 15000 52 10 Casts Silence; Int+10 Ro-Po, Te-Fu Win: Marionette, Sorcerer, Summoner
Sage staff 22000 48 15 Casts Raise Ro-Po, Te-Fu Find: Lunar underground

Advance equipment

In Final Fantasy IV and subsequent releases, two optional dungeons were added. In there, many equipment parts can be found. Each equipment is specific for one single character. Their attack and defense power are very high, but their most important characteristics are their unique special effects.

Note that Tellah and Fusoya have no special Advance equipment.

  • Reward = equipment won from a boss;
  • Sets = equipping the weapon sets a status on the wielder;
  • Inflicts = attacking with the weapon also inflicts a status on the enemy;
  • Casts = use the weapon/armor from the Item menu to cast a spell;
  • Resists = the armor reduces damage from some elements;
  • Prevents = the armor makes the wearer immune to some status;
  • Upgrade = the armor changes one command ability;
Equipment Type Users Effects Location
Hog Call sword Weapon Cecil, Kain Inflicts Pig Lunar Ruins
Gigant axe Weapon Cecil, Kain, Cid Inflicts Poison; no shield allowed; Str+15 Lunar Ruins
Hero's shield Shield Everybody Absorbs elements; Str+15, Agl+15, Sta+15, Int+15, Spi+15 Lunar Ruins (reward)

Cecil the PaladinEdit

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Excalipoor sword Weapon Cecil - Lunar Ruins
Index Finger sword Weapon Cecil Strong vs. Flans Lunar Ruins
Lightbringer sword Weapon Cecil Automatically casts Holy; element: Holy; Str+15, Sta+15, Agl+15 Lunar Ruins (reward)
Caesar's plate Body armor Cecil Resists Darkness, Holy; Spi+10 Lunar Ruins

Kain the DragoonEdit

Jump allows perfect defense and double strength for one turn; Double Jump is faster and further increases strength.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Abel's lance Weapon Kain Automatically casts Tornado; element: lightning; Str+15, Sta+15, Agl+15 Lunar Ruins
Dragoon plate Body armor Kain Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Dragoon gloves Gloves Kain Upgrades Jump to Double-Jump Lunar Ruins (reward)

Cid the EngineerEdit

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Thor's hammer Weapon Cid Casts Blitz; element: Lightning; Str+15 Cave of Trials (reward)
Flare sledgehammer Weapon Cid Automatically casts Flare; element: Ice;
Str+15, Sta+15, Int+15, Spi+15
Cave of Trials (reward)
Grand armor Body armor Cid Resists Lightning; Sta+10, Spi+10 Cave of Trials
Maximilian armor Body armor Cid Prevents Petrify; Sta+10, Spi+10, Int+10 Lunar Ruins
Grand helm Headgear Cid Resists Lightning; Agl+5, Spi+5 Cave of Trials

Edge the NinjaEdit

Steal takes an item from an opponent; Mug robs and hits an enemy at the same time.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Sasuke's katana Weapon Edge Agl+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Mutsonokami katana Weapon Edge Casts Blink; Str+10, Agl+10 Lunar Ruins
Scrap metal shuriken Weapon Edge - Lunar Ruins
Rising sun boomerang Weapon Edge Spd+10 Lunar Ruins
Assassin's vest Body armor Edge Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning; Str+10, Sta+10, Agl+10 Lunar Ruins
Hanzo's gloves Gloves Edge Upgrades Steal to Mug Lunar Ruins (reward)

Yang the MonkEdit

Focus temporarily increases Yang's power; Deadly either instantly defeats an opponent or misses.

The Tiger Mask headgear is probably a tribute to the famous manga and anime of the same name, starring a wrestler.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Tiger Fang claw Weapon Yang Inflicts Paralyze; Sta+10, Agl+10 Lunar Ruins
Dragon claws Weapon Yang Strong vs. Dragons; Str+10, Spi+10 Lunar Ruins
Godhand claw Weapon Yang Element: Holy; Str+10, Sta+10, Agl+10 Cave of Trials (reward)
Brave suit Body armor Yang Prevents Curse; Str+10, Sta+10, Agl+10 Cave of Trials
Battle gear Body armor Yang Prevents Curse, Pig, Toad; Str+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
White Tiger Mask Headgear Yang Prevents Paralysis; Str+5 Cave of Trials
Martial armlet Gloves Yang Upgrades Focus to Deadly Lunar Ruins (reward)

Edward the BardEdit

Sing inflicts a random status ailment on all enemies; Chant increases magic and elemental defense of all allies.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Apollo's harp Weapon Edward Element: Fire; Strong vs. Dragons; Str+15, Agl+15, Spi+15 Cave of Trials
Requiem harp Weapon Edward Used to get Loki's Lute; Str-5, Agl-5, Sta-5, Spi-5, Int-5 Lunar Ruins
Loki's lute Weapon Edward Strong vs. all enemies; Str+15, Agl+15, Sta+15 Lunar Ruins (reward)
Red jacket Body armor Edward Resists Fire; Str+15, Agl+10 Cave of Trials
Vishnu vest Body armor Edward Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning; Str+15, Agl+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Red Cap Headgear Edward Resists Fire; Sta+10 Cave of Trials
Harmony ring Gloves Edward Upgrades Sing to Chant Lunar Ruins (reward)

Rydia the SummonerEdit

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Rainbow robe Body armor Rydia Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy; Int+10 Lunar Ruins
Mist ring Gloves Rydia Upgrades Mist Dragon adding Blink status Lunar Ruins (reward)

Palom the Black MageEdit

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Triton's dagger Weapon Palom Casts Flood; Int+15 Cave of Trials (reward)
Asura's rod Weapon Palom Casts Holy; element: Holy; Int+15, Spi+15 Lunar Ruins
Chocobo suit Body armor Palom Prevents Poison; Agl+15 Lunar Ruins
Sage's robe Body armor Palom Resists Mages, Prevents Silence; Agl+10, Int+10 Cave of Trials
Hypnocrown Headgear Palom Prevents Pig, Toad, Mini; Int+5 Cave of Trials
Twin stars Gloves Porom & Palom Upgrades Twincast enabling Twin Meteor Lunar Ruins (reward)

Porom the White MageEdit

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Seraphim's mace Weapon Porom Casts Esuna; Spi+15 Cave of Trials (reward)
Nirvana staff Weapon Porom Casts Reflect; Spi+15, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Tabby suit Body armor Porom Prevents Poison; Str+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Robe of Lords Body armor Porom Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning; Sta+10, Spi+10 Cave of Trials
Cat-Ear hood Headgear Porom Resists Ice; Agl+5 Cave of Trials
Twin stars Gloves Porom & Palom Upgrades Twincast enabling Twin Meteor Lunar Ruins (reward)

Rosa the White MageEdit

Pray has a 50% chance of either restore HP to all allies or fail, Miracle has 50% chance of either restore HP and status to all or fail.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Perseus bow Weapon Rosa Spi+15 Lunar Ruins
Perseus arrow Weapon Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Inflicts Confuse; strong vs. Giants Lunar Ruins
White dress Body armor Rosa Resists Ghouls, Undead; Prevents Silence, Berserk; Spi+10 Lunar Ruins
White ring Gloves Rosa Upgrades Pray to Miracle Lunar Ruins (reward)

Black Magic

Black magic users:

  • Rydia (Summoner)
  • Palom (Black mage)
  • Tellah (Sage; initially he uses random spells, later he learns all white & black magic at once)
  • Fusoya (Lunarian; starts with all white & black magic, but has low MP)

Spell types:

  • Field: spells that can be used outside battle;
  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Disable: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell listEdit

Spell MP Type Target Effect Ry. Pa. Image
Warp 4 Field All Go to previous floor in a dungeon. L12 L29 File:FF4 Warp.jpg
Support/disable spells
Toad 7 Support/Disable All/one Cures or inflicts Toad status. L13 L22 File:FF4 Toad.jpg
Piggy 1 Support/Disable All/one Cures or inflicts Piggy status. L20 L11 File:FF4 Piggy.jpg
Disabling spells
Sleep 12 Disable One Inflicts Sleep status. L08 L01 File:FF4 Sleep.jpg
Stop 15 Disable One Enemy cannot act for a few turns. L15 L14 File:FF4 Stop.jpg
Psych 0 Disable One Drains MP and restores caster's MP. L31 L40 File:FF4 Psych.jpg
Attack spells 1: elemental
Ice1 5 Attack All/one Element: ice. L02 L01 File:FF4 Ice1.jpg
Ice2 15 Attack All/one Element: ice. Adult L11 File:FF4 Ice2.jpg
Ice3 30 Attack All/one Element: ice. L38 L32 File:FF4 Ice3.jpg
Lit1 5 Attack All/one Element: lightning. L05 L01 File:FF4 Lit1.jpg
Lit2 15 Attack All/one Element: lightning. Adult L13 File:FF4 Lit2.jpg
Lit3 30 Attack All/one Element: lightning L45 L34 File:FF4 Lit3.jpg
Fire1 5 Attack All/one Element: fire. Mt. Hobs L01 File:FF4 Fire1.jpg
Fire2 15 Attack All/one Element: fire. Adult L12 File:FF4 Fire2.jpg
Fire3 30 Attack All/one Element: fire. L40 L33 File:FF4 Fire3.jpg
Venom 2 Attack One Inflicts Poison status; element: bio. L10 L01 File:FF4 Venom.jpg
Virus 20 Attack All/one Element: bio. L25 L19 File:FF4 Virus.jpg
Quake 30 Attack All Element: earth. L44 L23 File:FF4 Quake.jpg
Attack spells 2: instant-defeat
Stone 15 Attack One Instant-defeat attack (petrify). L46 L36 File:FF4 Stone.jpg
Fatal 35 Attack One Instant-defeat attack. L49 L46 File:FF4 Fatal.jpg
Attack spells 3: non-elemental
Drain 18 Attack One Drains HP and restores caster's HP. L35 L26 File:FF4 Drain.jpg
Weak 30 Attack One Reduces target HP to single-digit. L48 L48 File:FF4 Weak.jpg
Nuke 50 Attack One Non-elemental attack. L50 L50 File:FF4 Nuke.jpg
Meteo 99 Attack All Non-elemental attack. L60 L52 File:FF4 Meteo.jpg

Black Magic/FireBomb

FireBomb is a spell cast by the Dark Knight Cecil. It is an extremely destructive use of black magic that targets all of the Dark Knight's foes with a fire attack. Cecil uses it on a trio of FloatEyes to destroy them.

Black Magic/Lit-Bolt

The Lit-Bolt spell is a destructive magic cast by the Dark Knight Cecil. It uses lightning elemental magic to strike all foes, overloading their nervous systems with electrical energy. The Raven is Cecil's first target of this spell.

White Magic

White magic users:

  • Cecil (Paladin)
  • Rydia (Summoner, child)
  • Rosa (White mage)
  • Porom (White mage)
  • Tellah (Sage; initially he uses random spells, later he learns all white & black magic at once)
  • Fusoya (Lunarian; starts with all white & black magic, but has low MP)

Spell types:

  • Field: spells that can be used outside battle;
  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Disable: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell listEdit

Spell MP Type Target Effect Ry. Ro. Ce. Po. Image
Healing spells
Cure1 7 Healing All/one Restores health points L03 L01 L01 L01 File:FF4 Cure1.jpg
Cure2 9 Healing All/one Restores health points N/A L13 L15 L13 File:FF4 Cure2.jpg
Cure3 18 Healing All/one Restores health points N/A L28 N/A L33 File:FF4 Cure3.jpg
Cure4 40 Healing All/one Restores health points N/A L38 N/A L48 File:FF4 Cure4.jpg
Life1 8 Healing One Cures death N/A L11 N/A L11 File:FF4 Life1.jpg
Life2 52 Healing One Cures death N/A L42 N/A L56 File:FF4 Life2.jpg
Heal 20 Healing One Cures any status ailment N/A L18 L24 L20 File:FF4 Heal.jpg
Field spells
Float 8 Field/support All Protects from dangerous terrain
(or from earth attacks)
N/A L32 N/A L40 File:FF4 Float.jpg
Exit 10 Field/support All Exit dungeon
(or escape battle)
N/A Zot Tower L19 L19 File:FF4 Exit.jpg
Sight 2 Field All Shows map L04 L01 L03 L01 File:FF4 Sight.jpg
Support spells
Protect 9 Support All/one Increases defense N/A L12 N/A L12 File:FF4 Protect.jpg
Bersk 18 Support One Causes "berserk" status N/A L20 N/A L18 File:FF4 Bersk.jpg
Blink 8 Support One Increases evasion N/A L23 N/A L23 File:FF4 Blink.jpg
Shell 10 Support All/one Increases magic defense N/A L29 N/A L29 File:FF4 Shell.jpg
Size 6 Support/Disable One Causes or cures "mini" status N/A L29 N/A L32 File:FF4 Size.jpg
Fast 25 Support One Increases speed N/A L30 N/A L38 File:FF4 Fast.jpg
Wall 30 Support One Causes "reflect" status N/A L34 N/A L44 File:FF4 Wall.jpg
Disabling spells
Peep 1 Disable All/one Shows enemy HP and weakness N/A L01 L03 L01 File:FF4 Peep.jpg
Hold 5 Disable One Causes "paralyze" status L07 L01 N/A L01 File:FF4 Hold.jpg
Mute 5 Disable One Causes "mute" status L07 L01 N/A L01 File:FF4 Mute.jpg
Slow 14 Disable One Decreases speed N/A L01 N/A L01 File:FF4 Slow.jpg
Charm 10 Disable One Causes "confuse" status N/A L24 N/A L25 File:FF4 Charm.jpg
Dispel 12 Disable One Removes status upgrades N/A L31 N/A L31 File:FF4 Dispel.jpg
Attack spell
White 46 Attack One Direct attack N/A L49 N/A L52 File:FF4 White.jpg

Ninja Magic

Ninja magic user:

  • Edge (Ninja; he starts with all ninja spells)

Spell types:

  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Debuff: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell listEdit

Spell MP Type Target Effect Image
Pin 5 Debuff One Stops one enemy File:FF4 Pin.jpg
Image 6 Support One Invulnerable for two turns File:FF4 Image.jpg
Smoke 10 Support All Escape from battle File:FF4 Smoke.jpg
Flame 15 Attack All Element: fire File:FF4 Flame.jpg
Flood 20 Attack All Element: water File:FF4 Flood.jpg
Blitz 25 Attack All Element: lightning File:FF4 Blitz.jpg

Call Magic

Call magic user:

  • Rydia (Summoner)

Spell types:

  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Debuff: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell listEdit

The mist ring is an item introduced in the Advance port.

In order to learn some summons you need to get the items from those monster by the same name. For example, to get the Bomb summon, you need to fight Bombs until they drop a "Bomb Item" which lets you learn Bomb Summon.

Summon MP Type Target Effect Learn Image
Chocobo 7 Attack One Non-elemental Child File:FF4 Chocobo.jpg
Mist Dragon 20 Attack/support All Element: holy;
if Mist Ring (GBA) is equipped,
also casts Blink on allies
Adult File:FF4 Mist.jpg
Shiva 30 Attack All Element: ice Adult File:FF4 Shiva.jpg
30 Attack All Element: lightning Adult File:FF4 Indra.jpg
30 Attack All Element: fire Adult File:FF4 Jinn.jpg
Titan 40 Attack All Element: earth Adult File:FF4 Titan.jpg
Event spells
Sylph 25 Attack/support One Drains HP and heals all allies Find Yang File:FF4 Sylph.jpg
Odin 45 Attack All Instantly defeats enemies Defeat Odin File:FF4 Odin.jpg
Asura 50 Support All Either cures, revives or shields allies Defeat Asura File:FF4 Asura.jpg
Leviathan 50 Attack All Element: water Defeat Leviathan File:FF4 Leviathan.jpg
Bahamut 60 Attack All Non-elemental Defeat Bahamut File:FF4 Bahamut.jpg
Advance spells
Goblin 1 Attack One Damages goblins only From an item occasionally
dropped by Goblins
File:FF4 Goblin.jpg
Bomb 10 Attack One Damage depends on caster's HP From an item occasionally
dropped by Bombs
File:FF4 Bomb.jpg
Cockatrice 15 Attack One Instantly defeats enemies (petrify) From an item occasionally
dropped by Cockatrices
File:FF4 Cockatrice.jpg
Mindflayer 18 Attack/debuff One Attacks and causes "paralyze" status From an item occasionally
dropped by Mindflayers
File:FF4 Mindflayer.jpg

From Final Fantasy 3 to Final Fantasy 4Edit

Summons were introduced in the previous title of the series, Final Fantasy 3. There were eight of them: five could be purhcased as soon as the Evoker/Summoner job is unlocked, the last three could be obtained by defeating the summon. The same scheme is repeated here in Final Fantasy 4.

Eight Summons from Final Fantasy 3:

  • Chocobo (start)
  • Shiva (start)
  • Ramuh (start)
  • Ifrit (start)
  • Titan (start)
  • Odin (fight)
  • Leviathan (fight)
  • Bahamut (fight)

Three new summons were introduced in the original version of Final Fantasy 4:

  • Mist Dragon (start)
  • Sylph (event)
  • Asura (fight)

Further four summons were introduced in the GBA and subsequent remakes of Final Fantasy 4:

  • Goblin
  • Bomb
  • Cockatrice
  • Mindflayer

Twin Magic

These two spells can be cast when Palom and Porom use their "Twin" Ability. Both must be alive from when the spell is cast until when it is completed, or else it will fail.

Spell Caster MP Type Target Effect Image
Comet Porom 20 Attack All This spell is a mini version of the spell Meteo(r). File:FF4 ST Comet.jpg
Flare Palom 10 Attack All This spell is a mini version of the spell Nuke. File:FF4 ST Flare.jpg

Crystal of Water

The Crystal of Water is one of the four elemental crystals. It was originally held by the people of Mysidia, but was taken by the Red Wings of Baron at the command of the King of Baron. Three wizards were slain by the crew of the Red Wings in their capture of the Crystal of Water.

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Red Wings

The Red Wings are the elite air force of Baron. They are the primary weapon that the King of Baron uses to enforce his will across the world. They are captained by Cecil, a Dark Knight.

They are currently engaged in retrieval of the Crystals, including the Crystal of Water from Mysidia. This mission has caused most of the crew of the Red Wings to object. Even Cecil expresses doubt, causing his removal as captain of the airships.

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Extra ItemsEdit

On the U.S. SNES version entitled Final Fantasy II, the items held in a character's left and right hands can be duplicated. When in battle, select the Item option. Move the cursor down to an empty slot in the item bag, and select the empty slot. Then, move the cursor all the way up until the character's equipped items appear, and select one; it is important to select an empty slot from the item bag before selecting the character's equipment. The equipped item will then be switched with the empty slot. (Note: Both of the character's equipped items can be unequipped this way, one after the other, and they can both be duplicated as a result.) Next, finish the battle. After the battle is over, access the menu screen and go to the Equip menu. When the equipment is given back to the character, the numeral 2 appears on the right. Immediately remove the equipment, and there will be two of them in the item bag. The character can have their equipment back, and the duplicated item will now stay in the item bag. This trick is especially useful for duplicating rare or expensive items. Valuable items can be sold to shops, or simply given to another character who can equip it. Also, duplicating powerful weapons can be useful for Edge's throwing ability.

*Note: It is no longer possible to duplicate weapons and shields during battle in the Nintendo DS version, iOS, Android, and PC Steam versions.

Sylph Bug?Edit

Also in the U.S. SNES Final Fantasy II, Rydia's Sylph summon (obtained from the Sylph Cave sidequest) does not use any MP. This spell damages all enemies, and simultaneously heals all allies.

Milking ExpEdit

When you cast life on a dead opponent, it is revived with HP=Vit *5. Since enemies have 0 vitality, they instantly die again without the body reappearing. [1] This may be difficult because of timing issues, but can be well worth the benefit on some opponents.

You can try this trick on Alert or Searcher, and repeat to get a massive exp bonus for a single battle. The Weak spell is your friend, as it quickly drains a target's HP.

However, this trick will not work on bosses.

Level up trickEdit

In the SNES version of Final Fantasy 4. You can quickly get Cecil leveled up after he becomes Paladin, first of all kill off your allies in the battle you know will leave your party for good, then have Cecil fight enemies alone. You can go to the North end fields of Mt. Ordeals and fight stronger enemies from the fields of Troia. You can quickly get Cecil up to level 30 or higher.

Later on in the Tower of Zot you can fight Marionetteer who summons Marionettes, fight the Marionettes for much experience and leave Cecil the only one alive in battle. You can also fight the Magus Sisters, Mindy and Sandy and get Cecils levels 50 or higher and alot of Gil. You can do this before Kain and Rosa, Rydia joins you. However Edge will still start off at his initial level 25.

Note: In the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, PC Steam versions. The Marionetteers will retreat right after they summon a Marionette. Also if you level up Cecil, this no longer affect the level ups that Kain, Rosa, Rydia and Edge has so you'll have to level each of them up manually.

When you fight Trapdoors in the Sealed Cave, you kill the Trapdoor by first getting to Rosa's turn, once he targets one of your players quickly cast Wall on that targeted player and the Trapdoor will cast Ninth Dimension and it will backfire and kill Trapdoor.

When you fight the CPU boss in the SNES version you can kill the Attacker and Defender for 50,000 experience points. However in the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and PC Steam. This is no longer possible.

In the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and PC Steam version, you can get an ability called Level Lust from the Moon and earn 1.5 times the experience after every battle.

Earning GilEdit

In the original Final Fantasy 4 for SNES, you could duplicate weapons and sell them for money. However in the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android and PC Steam it is no longer possible to so. There are other ways to get money.

  • You can unequip characters you know will leave your party such as Kain, Tellah, Edward, and Cecil as Dark Knight before he becomes Paladin. And sell the equipment for Gil.
  • In the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, PC Steam, When you get a members pass in Troia for 100,000. You can go to the dressing room to obtain Gil Farmer and use it on one of your party members to earn more money in battles.
  • You can fight the Magus Sisters, Mindy and Sandy for 3000 gil apiece.
  • You can have Edge steal Flame lances from Flame Knights at the Tower of Babil sell them for 5500 gil, or Gaia Hammers from Steel Golems for 6000 gil, or Artemis Arrows from Moonmaidens for 10,000 gil. Keep in mind Edges Steal success rate is low and can go up to 39 percent chance and it'll take many tries before you successfully steal one.

Defeating Dr. LungeEdit

When you fight Dr. Lunge and his robot Barnabas. Dr. Lunge will appear in his second form. Quickly use 2 elixirs on him and the battle will be won but make sure it damages him, otherwise you'll end up healing him.

Using Draw and Counter on CecilEdit

As soon as you get the Counter and Draw abilities use it on Cecil. It works much better than Cover. The enemies will attack Cecil and Cecil will counterattack them. This makes it easier on the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and PC Steam when the enemies are much harder to defeat.

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Pro action Replay codesEdit

Code Result
7E1039FF Maxes EXP of middle character slot.