Normal bosses edit

Bosses are powerful enemies that you have to overcome. They may either be a single powerful monster, but they sometimes come with escorts.

Name HP GP Exp Location Notes
Mist Dragon (D.Mist) 465 350 Misty cave Light attack. However, when it turns to mist, it cannot be damaged and retaliates with a slightly more powerful attack hitting both Cecil and Kain.
Officer 221 165 480 Kaipo inn. Doesn't directly attack, but orders his three escorts to attack on his behalf. He flees if they die.

Gold and EXP reflect killing the soldiers only.

Octomammoth 2350 500 1200 Waterfall (Watery pass) Vulnerable to Lit and Cecil's attack. As this monster gets damaged, his speed and attack power decrease.
Ant Lion 1000 800 1500 Antlion cave (easy of Damcyan) Retaliates against physical attacks. Magical attacks or abilities don't get countered, including the Choboco summon.
Mom bomb 10800 555 2460 Mt. Fabul Summit When the monster drops below 10000 hp, it will grow in preparation for an explosion. After a short delay, it detonates hitting all party members before splitting into 3 bombs and 3 gray bombs.

The amount of exp and Gold are maximums, and depend on how many Boms you can kill before they explode.

Milon / Scarmiglione 3100 3300 3800 Mt. Ordeals Bridge Milon attacks, escorted by 4 Ghasts.

Milon can cast Lit-1.

Milon / Scarmiglione 3000 3000 4000 Mt. Ordeals Bridge In spite of being killed, you need to kill him again. He attacks from behind.
Baigan 3500
350 * 2
3000 4840 Castle Baron His three parts can individually make attacks. If you destroy the arms, they can recover after a short time with their 350 HP.

The main body is weak against Lit-3, but when hit with that spell, casts Wall to defend himself.

Kainazzo/Cagnazzo 4000 4000 5500 Castle Baron Attacks with a wave that hits all party members. The body occasionally protects itself by gathering water, which can be negated by lightning. After taking out the watery shield, strike him with Ice. When seriously injured, Kainazzo will also hide in his shell to improve defense and recover health.
Dark Elf 3000 5000 6000 Dark Elf Cave After a set of useless spells, the Dark Elf (with 22000 HP) changes into dragon form (3000 HP).

If you can land weak, you've won the battle.

Cindy, Sandy, Mindy Mindy: 2200
Cindy: 4300
9000 9000 Tower of Zot Sandy casts Wall on Cindy, then Mindy casts an attack spell. This method of attack skips defenses. However, as the battle progresses, Sandy's wall spells will bound off the wall and protect party members, preventing you from healing yourself with spells.

The recommended path is to kill Cindy first, then Mindy, then Sandy. Cindy will revive her dead companions if you do it out-of-order.

When Cindy is down, Sandy will try charming party members.

Valvalis / Barbariccia 6000 5000 9500 Tower of Zot Valvalvis has a spin shield to improve defense - Kain can disrupt this by jumping.

When spinning, casts Weak, Ray (partial stone). Otherwise, she simply uses basic attacks. Note that she makes an attack almost immediately after coming out of spin.

Calbrena 4624 5000 15000 Giott Starts with 3 Cals with 1000 HP in the back, and 3 Brenas with 300HP in the front. If you can kill these, you don't have to fight Calbrena, but it's recommended to wait for the large doll for the exp.

Note: You need to have Cecil and one character alive at the end of the fight.

Golbez 22000 10000 20000 Giott Get Kain to jump right away. Otherwise, he'll be hit with Stop along with the rest of your party.

Golbez opens by paralyzing the party, with Hold Gas, summoning Shadow who Demolishes party members. However, a mist destroys Shadow before he can demolish Cecil.

Note: If you glitch Golbez into losing all health before Rydia arrives, she will still gain exp.

Dr. Lugae + Barnabas/Balnab Balnab: 3927
Lugae: 4416
0 0 Tower of Babil Dr. Lugae is trying to get his creation to attack. This encounter is merely comedic relief as neither opponent does much damage.

If Lugae is defeated first, Balnab will explode and kill one party member; otherwise Lugae will climb into the damaged robot and start controlling it manually, leading into the fight with Balnab-Z.
Barnabas-Z/Balnab-Z 2200 0 0 Tower of Babil This version has stronger attacks than the normal Balnab, but Lugae accidentally makes it explode after about 3-4 attacks. Again, this will kill or seriously injure one party member. Killing Balnab-Z first will prevent it from exploding.
Dr. Lugae/Lugaborg 6600 4000 15000 Tower of Babil Casts Poison (on all), Beam, Laser, and Emission (on all). Counters with Gas.
Rubicante 25200 7000 25000 Upper Tower of Babil Before combat, he heals you.

Rubicant absorbs fire, and a cloak of flame that absorbs Ice as well. He will occasionally hide behind the cloak, where he absorbs magic, but isn't as powerful.

He normally casts Glare after coming out of cloak.

Demon Wall Sealed Cave This wall slowly advances toward the party with the occasional spell. When it gets too close, it begins to cast destruct very quickly.
Elementals 57000 + 47000 20000 102500 Giant of Babel A gauntlet of Scarmiglione, Rubicante, Cagnazzo, and Barbariccia. Use the same strategy as the original elements, although some of their special defences don't exist.

Scarmiglione is vulnerable to fire and healing. He switches to Rubicante once attacked below 40000 hp.
Rubicante is vulnerable to ice and water. He switches to Cagnazzo once attacked below 11000 hp. Further combat applies to the second HP portion.
Cagnazzo is vulnerable to lightning.
Scarmiglione is vulnerable to holy attacks.
Note: Using the delta-attack can prevent Scarmiglione and Rubicante from transforming, thus allowing you to skip the latter half of the fight. However, you get less experience.

CPU 20000 + 2000 + 2000 10333 Varies Giant of Babel Attacker: Hits all party members with Maser. Worth 50000 exp.

Defender: Heals CPU for 2000. Worth 50000 exp. CPU: If attacker and defender are destroyed, uses Globe199 (one-hit kill on a party member), and revives them. Worth 50000 exp.

Zeromus 61000 N/A N/A Lunar Lair The final battle. After initial preparations, use the crystal on Zeromus; he won't attack, but until you do, you can't harm him.

Zeromus attacks with Big Bang, and casts Virus (all, drains hp, reflectable), Black hole (cancells magic and Walls). Retaliates magical attacks with Nuke (which can be reflected) and retaliates summoning with Bio(untested).

If Edge is high enough level, he can sneak Dark Matter from Zeromus to reduce the power of his Big Bang attack.

The first time you bring him below 16000hp, the next attack on him will reset him back to full health. (You can use a delta attack to finish him off at this point.)

Optional bosses edit

Defeating these bosses are not required to complete the game, but makes it easier to do so.

Name HP GP Exp Location Notes
Asura 31,005 20,000 Cave of Summoned monsters Once defeated, you can call Asura for full-party healing.
Leviathan 50,001 28,000 Cave of Summoned monsters Once defeated, you can call Leviathan for a water-attack.
Odin 20,001 18,000 Castle Baron Once defeated, you can call Odin for an instant-kill attack.
Behemoth 23,000 65,000 57,000 Bahamut Cave A demi-boss. Retaliates with physical attacks.
Note: This creature also appears in random encounters.
Bahamut 45,001 35,000 Bahamut Cave Bahamut performs a countdown from 5 to charge his powerful attack. When it reaches 0, he launches a Mega-Flare that inflicts heavy damage (but can be reflected.)
Once defeated, you can call Bahamut for a powerful non-elemental attack.

Special Encounters edit

These fights would appear to be boss fights, but are really special cutscenes. They are mostly there for decoration and are not usually based around the power or abilities of the party.

Name HP Location Notes
Girl 60000 Mist This girl is upset that you killed her mother and burned her village. Out of desperation, she almost immediately calls a Titan to create an earthquake, blocking off a passage.
Edward 60000 Damcyan Tellah attacks Edward in a fit of rage, only to be called off by Anna. This is an auto-combat, and cannot be controlled.
Waterhag 45672 Kaipo After returning to Kaipo, Edward has a short fight with a waterhag. The enemy dies in three attacks. Worth 100 Gil, 800 exp.
Kain 65000 Fabul This battle will end when Cecil is at critical health. Even if you are able to damage Kain between his attacks and inflict the necessary damage, the victory will be overwritten by the following cutscene.
D.Knight 1000 Mt. Ordeals You can defeat your past self through damage, although it's much easier (and less expensive) to simply wait for him to attack three times.
Yang 4000 Baron After an attack by two guards (200 HP each), you need to deal with Yang. After he uses his kick ability twice, make an attack to win the battle. Victory through damage results in the same outcome, but is not feasible for normally leveled characters.
Dark Elf 65000 Dark Elf Cave When you first encounter the Dark Elf, the magnetic field weakens the main attackers in the party, causing him to be victorious. The party will be defeated, whether by combat or by a time limit. If you have the twin harp, your party is healed and the magnetic field is disabled. Otherwise, the game will end.
Golbez 65500 Tower of Zot Tellah engages in an autocombat with Golbez, due to rage with Anna. As such, he tries cast a variety of spells, before landing Meteor.
Rubicant 25200 Cave Elbana Edge engages in auto-combat, only to discover that Rubicant absorbs his most powerful attack. Rubicant retaliates with Glare, knocking out Edge.
Queen and King Eblan 60000 each Upper Tower of Babil The king and queen were changed into mosnters by Dr. Rugae. During this scene, they will recover from the mind control after a few of their attacks. Don't worry about damage unless you are critically low on health; Rubicant will heal you after apologizing about the parents.
Zemus 65000 Lunar Lair An auto combat with Golbez and FuSoYa who pummel with the most powerful spells. They finish with W.Meteo.
Zeromus 65000 Lunar Lair An auto combat with Golbez and FuSoYa who pummel with the most powerful spells. Zeromus absorbs the attacks, and their crystal has no effect. Zeromus retaliates, taking out the two fighters and the rest of the party.