Final Fantasy IV/Characters/Kain

Kain is a Dragoon of Baron and a close friend of the Dark Knight Cecil. The king assigned him to assist Cecil at the start of the game.

Story edit

When Cecil complains to the King of Baron about the immorality of stealing Crystals from the innocent people of Mysidia, Kain supports Cecil. Both men are stripped of their position by the King and sent to hunt Summoned Monsters in Misty Valley and deliver a Package to the village of Mist.

Stats edit

Like Cecil, he is a physical class, who has strong physical offensive and defensive stats. His only notable ability though is Jump, which does heavy damage only after a long period of time.

  • Main weapons: spears
  • Other weapons: swords, axes, daggers
  • Magic: none
  • Abilities: Jump: Leap into the air for a turn, and attack.
Level Experience HP Str Agil Vit Wis Wil
10 2300 9 11 9 6 12
11 3059