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Required characteristics of the project manager

It is the responsibility of the project manager to:

  1. Ensure the project team is well-organised, adequately staffed, and working well together, i.e. that team members understand and accept their responsibilities.
  2. Keeps team resources focused on developing and executing the plan.
  3. Is responsible for the control over the project and makes timely adjustments to the plan.
  4. Report meaningful metrics for cost, schedule, quality, and risk;
  5. Conduct regular status and design reviews;
  6. Ensure the adequacy of project documentation and testing;
  7. Maintain meaningful communications among project stakeholders;
  8. Manage the project to attain the project goals and achieve stakeholder satisfaction.
  9. Arbitrates and resolves conflicts in the team.

The best project managers are:

  • Good motivators and leaders, coaching, and teaching others on the team.
  • “Big picture-oriented.”
  • Effective communicators.
  • Good organizers.
  • Goal-oriented.
  • Knowledgeable about and committed to the use of project management procedures.

In particular, the project manager is responsible for seeing that the project management process, is effectively executed.

The project manager should be officially announced in writing, with a complete description of the particular role and responsibilities involved. For instance, the announcement from senior management should indicate whether or not the project manager has the authority to make decisions if there is a dispute between team members, or to declare a “breakdown” that invokes assistance from others with authority.

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