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Wine is an alcoholic drink commonly used to add flavor in cooking. Many types of cooking will evaporate the alcohol, leaving a nearly non-alcoholic dish. For uncooked usage of wine, see the numerous warnings on the alcoholic drink page.



Wine usually has an alcohol content of between 10 and 15 percent, and is made by fermentation of grape juice. Fruit wines are wine-like beverages made from fruits other than grapes. Fortified wine such as port and sherry is made by adding brandy to wine, increasing the strength to around 20 percent.

Basic types of wine

  • sake, a rice wine used in Japanese cooking
  • red wine, a wine made from red or purple grapes and fermented with the skins
  • white wine, a wine made from green or yellow grapes, fermented without the skins
  • rose or pink wine, a wine made from grapes, following neither the red nor white procedure
  • hard cider, a wine made from apple juice

Recipes using wine include