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This is the traditional pie crust. To ensure a flakey crust (considered desirable), you need to use lard and you need to keep the lard from melting. It's best to use a cold stone rolling pin and surface, and to generally keep everything in the refrigerator until used.



  1. Sift 775 g (a pound and a half) of flour, and take out a quarter for rolling cut in it 110 g of lard (a quarter of a pound), mixed with water and roll it out; cut 110 g (half a pound) of butter, and put it in at two rollings with the flour that was left out.
  2. For making the bottom crust of pies, put 110 g of lard into 450 g of flour, with a little salt, mix it stiff, and grease the plates before you make pies; always make your paste in a cold place and bake it soon. Some persons prefer mixing crust with milk instead of water.

This page incorporates text from the public domain cookbook Household Cyclopedia by Henry Hartshorne.