Cookbook:Rolling Pin

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Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is a long cylinder-shaped tool, often with handles on either end, used to roll out dough. Rolling pins can be made from wood, plastic, ceramic or marble.

In choosing a rolling pin, consider that:

  • Handle connections may be impossible to properly clean.
  • When refrigerated before use, ceramic and marble rolling pins help keep cold cookie dough from getting warm and sticky.
  • Ceramic and marble rolling pins are heavy, expensive, and fragile.
  • Similar to wooden cutting boards, wood surfaces never really get clean.
  • A wooden central rod, or wooden handles, may snap during use.
  • Some people prefer fixed handles, and others prefer handles that spin inside the rolling pin.


Alternative approach

If a rolling pin isn't available, then a clean bottle with straight, smooth sides, such as some wine bottles and some resuable water bottles, and be turned on its side and used like a rolling pin. An aluminum soda can, if it's still unopened, can also be used. A tortilla press or a flat-bottomed dinner plate could be used to flatten small amounts of dough.

Like a regular rolling pin, whatever you use should be clean. You can also cover the dough with plastic wrap or parchment paper.