Cookbook:Tex-Mex Sliders

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Why do they call them sliders? Probably because they slide down so fast!



  1. Preheat an electric griddle to 350 degrees F.
  2. Combine seasonings. Set aside.
  3. Place meat out on a parchment-lined sheet pan and cover with plastic wrap. Roll out with a rolling pin until meat fills pan.
  4. Remove entire sheet of parchment, including meat, from pan. Remove meat and cut into 16 equal patties with a pizza cutter.
  5. Sprinkle both sides of each patty with seasoning mixture. Cook on preheated griddle 1 minute per side, putting cheese on cooked side after flipping.
  6. Meanwhile, spread butter on each bun. Place a patty in each bun and close. Serve warm with desired condiments.