Cookbook:Meat and Rice-Stuffed Bell Peppers

Meat and Rice-Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Ingredients edit

Procedure edit

  1. Wash peppers. Use a thin and sharp knife to carefully cut around the stem end and form a 5 cm (2 in) circle to open the pepper. Save this piece. Use a spoon or knife cut inside to remove remaining seeds and white membrane. Then rinse again inside and out, and put aside.
  2. Boil rice in a medium pot with 1 cup of water for 15 minutes. Set rice aside.
  3. Cook your meat of choice to fill peppers with, and ensure that the fat is drained, if applicable.
  4. Mix rice, meat, and one tablespoon of sauce together in bowl.
  5. Using your fingers, stuff peppers with mixture until full, cover with pepper top which was set aside.
  6. Place in small pot and ensure they will not tip over, then pour in remaining sauce and leftover meat-rice mixture.
  7. Add water until it covers the peppers two-thirds of the way, then cover with a lid.
  8. Cook under medium to high heat (watch so it does not boil over), about 25 minutes for soft peppers, less if you prefer peppers that are firmer. All ingredients are at this point pre-cooked, and safe to eat.
  9. Remove and plate with sauce from pot.