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Sage is a herb, the leaf of a perennial plant that can be grown in most climates.

It has a slight peppery flavour and in Western cooking it is used for flavouring fatty meats (especially as part of a marinade), cheeses, and some drinks. In Britain and Flanders, sage is used with onion for poultry or pork stuffing and also in sauces. In French cuisine, sage is used for cooking white meat and in vegetable soups. Germans often use it in sausage dishes. Sage is also common in Italian cooking. In the Balkans and the Middle East, it is used when roasting mutton.

Whole branches of sage may be laid in the bottom of a roasting pan when roasting chicken and other meats, to prevent the meat from sticking to the bottom of the pan. The sage then imparts its flavour to the meat, and other items in the oven. The pan drippings are also infused with sage, making for a delicious gravy.