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Okoho Soup
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Okoho soup is the main traditional food of the central Nigerian Idoma people. It is frequently served at traditional weddings, burial ceremonies, birthdays and other festivities. The soup is usually prepared with bush meat and best served with pounded yam. It can also be eaten with cooked semolina or eba. This soup is usually prepared without the use of oil.




  1. Wash your meat, and put in a pot.
  2. Blend your pepper and onion bulb into a smooth paste.
  3. Add the paste to the pot, allow to cook for few minutes, then add stockfish and dried fish.
  4. Add your seasoning cube and palm oil.
  5. Cover with water and allow to cook again.
  6. Scrape the okoho stick, hit it hard with a pestle, and shred it. Cover with water, and drain the liquid from the stick.
  7. Pour the liquid into the meat, stir well, and allow to cook.
  8. Serve the soup.