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Nigerian-Style Couscous
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Couscous is mostly eaten by the northern people of Nigeria, where it can be eaten at any time of day.

Ingredients edit

Procedure edit

  1. Heat about 2 tbsp vegetable oil in a pot over medium-high heat. Add the chopped liver, fry for about 3 minutes, and remove.
  2. To the hot oil, add half the chopped onions, and fry until softened.
  3. Stir in the curry powder, thyme, and tomato paste. Cook, stirring, for about 3–5 minutes.
  4. Stir in the tomato purée, salt, and stock cube. Add enough water to cook the couscous, and bring to a boil.
  5. Stir in the couscous, and remove the pot from the heat. Cover and let rest until the couscous absorbs all the liquid.
  6. Heat about 2 tbsp vegetable oil in another pan over medium-high heat. Add the remaining onions, habanero pepper, bell pepper, peas, and corn. Season with salt, and cook for about 3 minutes.
  7. Stir the fried liver into the vegetable mixture, and remove from the heat.
  8. Fluff the couscous with a fork, then add the cooked vegetable mixture. Toss well to combine.
  9. Warm the couscous on the stove for about 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and serve hot.