A Cuisintec-brand "Mini Shabu Shabu" manual multicooker

A multicooker (also written "multi cooker") is an electric kitchen appliance for automated cooking using a timer. A typical multicooker is able to boil, simmer,[1] bake, fry, deep fry,[2] grill[1] roast, stew, steam and brown[3] food.

The device is operated by placing ingredients inside, selecting the corresponding program, and leaving the multicooker to cook according to the program, typically without any need for further user intervention. Some multicookers have an adjustable thermostat.[2][4]

In addition to cooking programs, a multicooker may have functions to keep food warm,[3] reheat it or to cook it at a later time. Some multicookers can also function as slow cookers.[5]

Recipe scripts and other featuresEdit

Modern cookers include electronic time, temperature and pressure controllers and are marketed as "automated multipurpose cooking appliances". The most modern ones include Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities and cooking procedures in recipe scripts, mainly by choosing the temperature, time and pressure in multiple steps, to execute and share. [6][7]

Instant PotEdit

Instant Pot (abbreviated in recipes as IP) is a brand of multicookers. The multicookers are electronically controlled, combined pressure cookers and slow cookers. The original cookers are marketed as 6-in-1 or more appliances designed to consolidate the cooking and preparing of food to one device (multicooker).

Smart Wifi users can operate their Instant Pot from the “Remote Control for Smart Wifi” App and use Alexa or Google Home with it.

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