Cookbook:Beans in IP

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This is a recipe to cook beans in Instant Pot multicooker.


  • 3 cups of beans, picked through (optionally, put them in water preferably the night before, this is, for 12 hours; or, in any case, at least for 4 hours).
  • 8 cups of water.
  • ½ onion, peeled.
  • 3 garlic cloves, peeled.
  • Salt.
  • Optionally: ham, diced / chopped.


  • Manual button and Pressure Cook button are the same and so interchangeably named for the different models.
  1. Place the beans, water, garlic, onion and ham pieces in the Instant Pot.
  2. Seal the lid, close the valve, and set the "Manual" (in some models, the "Pressure Cook") button to 35 minutes (8-10 minutes, if put in water the night before).
  3. Use a natural pressure release or the quick pressure release (see how).
  4. When the valve drops, carefully remove the lid.
  5. Put the salt.
  6. Serve or reuse in other recipes that employs beans.