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Mozzarella Cheese

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Mozzarella cheese is a mild soft white cheese, originating in the area of Naples, Italy. Mozzarella cheese is often used:

With the advent of refrigeration and pre-shredded soft cheeses, it has become practical to use mozzarella cheese at the table in place of the strong-smelling Parmesan cheese.

The most authentic mozzarella is made fresh in Italy from raw Water Buffalo milk, formed into balls, and does not last more than about a day: this type of mozzarella cannot be used in cooking as it turns into string instead of melting. World-wide mozzarella is mostly made from pasteurized cow milk, in a form with a longer shelf life: this form of mozzarella is often known to Italians as fiordilatte, and is used in baked dishes. It is sometimes sold processed as String cheese.