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Recently, interest has been picking up in low-calorie diets, especially for their possible life-extending properties[citation needed].

Studies with laboratory rats fed a nutritionally complete, yet calorie-restricted diet lived far longer than the control group which ate normal amounts[citation needed]. The lean rats also maintained youthful appearances and activity levels well into normal rat middle-age and had similar delays in age-related diseases[citation needed].

A study of rhesus monkeys, genetically more similar to humans, is underway. Though not complete, so far the results support the findings of the earlier rat study. Many people aren't waiting for the final results, but are starting their own restricted regimens[citation needed].


Desserts and snacksEdit

Strawberry Fromage Frais for lighter daysEdit

Category: Dessert
Servings: 6
Energy: 142 kcal/serving
Time: 10 min.
  1. Make in one dessert bowl or portion cups
  2. Strawberry fromaige frais: Soak gelatin in cold water. Mix Fromage Frais and strawberry jam. Beat eggwhites with sugar/sugar replacement until stiff. Mix this with the Fromage Frais & jam.
  3. Take the gelatin sheets out of the water, and dissolve them in boiling water. Stir this carefully into the strawberry mixture. Pour into portion cups or a bowl, and cool for some hours.
  4. Decorate with fresh berries