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For the fillingEdit


  1. Fry the onions and the meat together, adding optional flavors spoonful at a time.
  2. Put all the bulgurs in a bowl and fill it with warm water covering the bulgurs over with several cm of water, and leave it for about an hour until bulgur has absorbed part of the water.
  3. Take the bulgur out of the bowl handful at a time and squeeze the extra water out. Set the squeezed bulgur aside until it is all squeezed through, then pour the remaining water off from the bowl and return the squeezed bulgur into it.
  4. Put two cups of semolina, one teaspoon of turmeric, a replete spoon of salt, and one egg in a bowl, and knead everything together until the dough gets a little like chewing gum. Add a little more semolina if the dough is not sticky enough.
  5. Roll big balls out of the dough and set them aside.
  6. Make an opening in the dough balls, insert a spoonful of meat, and close the opening.
  7. In a pot, boil water with little salt and a dash of turmeric. When the water is boiling, flatten the stuffed Kibbeh balls into the shape of a flat full moon in size of a little plate. Put each Kibbeh ball gently down into the boiling water, and boil it until it floats. Floating is a sign of Kibbeh being cooked through, and ready to eat.

Kibbehs can be eaten immediately after they are cooked, or pan fried on both sides.

Absolutely delicious.