Cookbook:Fried Corn

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A pleasantly-surprising recipe encountered in China. Also, a good first attempt for beginning deep-fryers. Makes a good substitute to chips or fries.



  1. If using frozen corn, thaw. If using canned corn, microwave in a glass bowl or gently heat on the stove until warm.
  2. Coat corn with a light layer of egg wash.
  3. Mix salt and pepper into the flour, MSG or other spices optional.
  4. Move corn from the egg wash and cover with flour.
  5. Heat oil to moderate to high heat.
  6. Deep-fry floured corn until golden brown on the outside (less than two minutes).
  7. Serve as a complement to another dish


When a pot of hot oil catches fire, the flames will reach up for 2 or 3 feet. If you must work under flammable cabinets or shelves, be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy. An oil with a high smoke point is less likely to cause problems, including indoor air pollution and fire. See Deep-frying for more warnings.


Substitute moderately-chopped vegetables such as carrots and green beans for additional flavors.