Cookbook:Dum ka Qimah (Spiced Minced Meat)

Dum ka Qimah (Spiced Minced Meat)

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Ingredients edit

Procedure edit

  1. Heat oil in a heavy-based saucepan. Add onions and, stirring frequently, fry for 8–10 minutes to a light golden color.
  2. Remove onions from oil and fry the whole chillies just for a moment, otherwise they will burn.
  3. Reserve the oil, put the onions and whole chillies in a chopper or food processor, and blend to a smooth paste without using water.
  4. Thoroughly wash the minced meat, and squeeze out any water.
  5. Put the minced meat in a bowl. Add onion paste, ginger paste, salt, garam masala and yogurt. Knead the mixture really well for a few minutes with your hands until it is smooth.
  6. Cover and leave to marinate at room temperature for about 3–4 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. One hour before cooking, mix in the ground papaya.
  7. Put the charcoal over medium flame, and wait until the coal is fully red and is covered by white ash.
  8. Meanwhile place the meat mixture in a metal pan. Make a well in the center. Put a small piece of aluminum foil in it. Place the burned coal over it and put 2–3 drops of oil on it. Cover it at once with a tight fitting lid and put aside for 20–25 minutes.
  9. Take out ½ cup of oil from the reserved oil. Reheat the oil in a heavy based pan. Discard the charcoal, and fry the mince over low heat for 4-5 minutes. Cover with a tight fitting lid and cook for 15–20 minutes or until all excess moisture has been absorbed.
  10. Transfer to a serving dish and decorate with onion ring, green chilli, and coriander leaves.