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Conch are warm-water mollusks related to the snail.[1]



The whole conch lives inside a large, pinkish spiked spiral shell.[2] The meat is sweet in flavor and chewy before tenderizing, somewhat akin to crab or lobster.[1][2]

Selection and storage


Conch meat is available either fresh in-shell, or shelled and frozen or canned.[2] When selecting it, you want to look for white meat with no off or fishy smell.[1] Because it is so perishable, fresh conch meat must be cooked immediately or frozen.[2]



If you're working with a fresh, whole conch, you'll need to break away the outermost layers of shell before using a tool to remove the meat.[2] Afterwards, a sharp knife is used to remove the skin and leave just the meat.[2] Once you have the meat, it's very common to tenderize it, either by pounding it or braising it until softened.[1][2][3]

Conch meat is eaten either raw, as in a salad, or cooked, as in fritters, jumbo, or chowder.[1][2][3] It plays an important part in many Caribbean cuisines.


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